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August 25, 2012

A pet crate that is strapped in with kennel restraints is a very safe way for your dog or cat to travel.

Is it safe for your dog to travel in a plastic pet carrier? There is no formal testing. But think about this, if you are in a car accident would you rather your dog get tossed around the entire car and possibly escape the wreck and get lost or hit? Or would you rather he get tossed around in a smaller enclosure, such as his pet crate?

If the pet carrier is strapped in, there is likely to be less tossing about. And he is prevented from flying forward and injuring the people passengers or from flying through the windshield. Kennel restraints made from the same webbing as the seat belts of cars is a very good way to secure your dog’s carrier in the car. Riding in a dog crate secured with kennel restraints also helps to prevent your dog from being a distraction to the driver.

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