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The Center for Pet Safety is an independent organization which has done testing on a few dog car harness brands. Their report has been completed. All four brands tested have failed to some degree. And three of the four brands tested claim to have already tested their dog car harnesses. Read more about this report HERE.

Unfortunately, the Center for Pet Safety is not allowed to tell us or any consumers what four brands were tested. However, Pet Buckle has reviewed the report and determined based on the designs shown in the four videos that their dog car harness was not one of the ones tested by the Center for Pet Safety. Kurgo responded with their own video which concludes that their harnesses do not break. Bergan has replied back and confirms their testing holds up to the V9DT standards. These standards indicate that the harnesses can withstand a lot of pounds of pressure (800lbs for a small, 1,500lbs for a medium, 2,500lbs for a large, and 4,400 for an extra large). All three of these companies are continuously testing their products and making improvements.

So if this test did not have favorable results for dog car harnesses, why should you buy one? For one, having some safety in place is better than none. Not only is it still possible that your pet has some form of protection in a car accident, but it may also keep your dog from escaping the car after a car accident. Most dogs will try to run away from what hurt them. And if they are unrestrained, they may escape out of a broken window. They could then get lost, hit by another vehicle, or die from the injuries because no one was able to get them medical attention.

At the very least, a dog car harness keeps your dog from being a distraction to the driver. At the most, it is possible that a dog car harness can protect your dog in minor collisions. Any protection has got to be better than none at all. Seat belts for people have been proven to save lives depending on the severity of the car accident. A seat belt for dos is likely to increase your pet’s survival as well. You can also consider keeping your pet safe in a secured pet crate instead of a dog car harness. We hope this report by the Center for Pet Safety inspires the makers of dog car harnesses to do more research.

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One Response to “Dog Car Harness Test Results from the Center for Pet Safety”

  1. Joanne:

    It is good that independent testing is being carried out on dog car harnesses, both those sold as tested and un-tested. Many of our customers (we have a dog product website in the UK) tell us they thought all car harnesses for dogs were required by law to be tested in order to be sold for the purpose of dog car safety. Certainly here in the UK car harness manufacturers have for too long hidden behind broad claims on their products, such as ‘designed by a vet’ or ‘developed by the RAC’ which have been misleading the public for a long time.