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September 26, 2008
Pet ramps

Hip dysplasia is a common degenerative joint disease seen in dogs. Hip dysplasia is caused by the abnormal development of a young dog’s hip joint. It can affect one or both of a dog’s hips. Laxity in the muscles, connective tissue and ligaments forms an unstable support for the hip, and over time that lack of support can result in dysplasia.

A dog suffering from hip dysplasia may show discomfort or pain during and after intense exercise. Eventually, the condition will worsen to the point at which everyday activities become painful. If the condition persists without intervention for more than a couple of years the dog could lose the ability to walk.

Treatments for hip dysplasia include; corrective surgery, weight management, physician-specified exercise, massage and physical therapy. Dogs suffering from this condition tend to have trouble getting up stairs. Pet ramps work well to help a dog navigate his way up or down stairs.

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