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June 3, 2008

Lola Driving the CarBefore you travel in the car with your dog this summer, the most important thing you should do is consult your dog’s veterinarian to make sure your dog is healthy enough to go on a road trip. It is very important to take any health problems your dog may have into account and make sure the trip will not aggravate these health issues. You will also want to consider your dog’s temperament. A dog with a nervous tendency, for example, may not enjoy a long ride in the car. Health problems can occur if a nervous dog is exposed to stress for a long period. If you are unsure how your dog will handle a car ride, take him with you on several small local trips, such as to the park or the pet store. This will not only get them used to a car ride but it will also help them associate it with something fun. Just remember to use a dog seat belt and don’t leave your dog alone in the car.

If the road trip requires overnight stops, check with the hotels or motels you will be staying at to make sure that your dog is welcome. Be sure you pack all the necessary items your dog will need such as food and water, leashes, comfortable bedding, medication, and a first-aid kit. Also be sure to carry your vet’s information with you and see if they can provide you with a 24 hour emergency number. You will also want to make sure your dog is wearing his ID tags and that the information on the tags is legible. Carry a photo of your dog for in case your he gets loose and lost.

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