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June 9, 2012

For the longest time, we only had wire pet cages available. But now we’ve finally found a supplier for plastic pet carriers. Keeping your dog in a plastic pet crate while he is traveling in the car is safer than using no car restraint at all. Plus it has the added benefit of providing your dog with a comfortable place to rest.

Many dogs like the secure feeling of a ‘den’. If your dog is already crate trained but doesn’t like the car, he may have less anxiety if he rides in his crate while in the car. Plus you can put his dog bed in the carrier along with his favorite toys.

If your dog is in a plastic pet crate, he won’t get tossed around as much in the car as he would if he were not in a carrier. For additional safety, plastic pet carriers can be strapped in with the kennel restraints from Pet Buckle.

We currently have two plastic carrier styles – the Sportsman’s Choice which is brown over hunter green and the Protective portable dog kennel which is khaki over maroon for the smaller sizes and solid khaki for the larger sizes. We will also be getting in Precision brand pet crates sometime over the next week or two, and possibly another more colorful brand.

Check out our pet carriers page by clicking HERE or the image above.

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