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You can keep your dog safe in the car while at the same time making him/her look like a King or Queen with the Queenstown pet car booster seat from Kurgo. Your dog can relax like royalty while you act as his chauffeur!

The blue and brown Queenstown pet car booster seat is the same design as the orange and brown Skybox dog car seat and they are both from Kurgo. Since both these pet car booster seat styles are made by Kurgo, they both have the same safety features and the same lifetime guarantee.

Safety Features:
– Allows your dog to see out the window without allowing him to put his head out the window.
– Allows your dog to be close by without being a distraction to the driver.
– No weight in the seat means airbags will not harm your dog.
– Strong tether included with the dog car booster seat will keep your pet in the seat.
* Do not attach the tether to your dog’s collar. Attach to a vehicle-safe harness such as the Kurgo Tru-Fit dog car harness (also has a lifetime guarantee).

Lifetime Guarantee:
If your dog chews the dog car seat, soils it, or just wears down the material from excessive use, you can get the Queenstown pet car booster seat repaired or replaced for just $10 plus shipping.

This great dog car seat has additional quality features. It is machine washable, collapses for easy storage, and is secured to the seat of your car with relative ease. You know your dog is the real ruler of the house. Protect him while making him feels special at the same!

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