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September 14, 2008

cardog2.jpgIt is recommended for any dog who rides in the car to be secured in some way. There are many great products out on the market made just for the safety of traveling pets including dog car seat belts, dog car safety seats, carriers, and auto barriers. Before taking your dog for a ride in the car, it is a good idea to get them used to the auto safety device you are going to use.

Dog car seat belts can generally also be used as a harness for walking. Use the harness for this purpose as much as possible. You can even allow the dog to wear it around the house while under your supervision.  Once they are used to wearing it, they are less likely to try to struggle out of it.

If you are going to use a dog car safety seat, allow your pet to use it as a pet bed first.  Then when they use it in the car, they will feel more comfortable because they are in a familiary place.  Pet car seats should be used with a harness so also get them used to wearing this device as described above.

For dogs who are going to ride in a travel carrier, try crate training them first. Once the crate becomes a second home for your pet, putting them in the crate during a car ride will be much less stressful for them.

An auto barrier would be the simplest for your dog to get used to.  Simply install the device and take your dog for a ride.  If it makes them anxious because they can’t be close to you, take them for short rides at first to places they would love to go.  Evenutally, they will be less anxious about the barrier.

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