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April 24, 2012


Emma in her Lookout Deluxe Car Seat for Dogs

Taking your dog on a road trip this spring? Help make their long car travel more comfortable with fashionable and comfortable car seats for dogs from Lookout. The company which makes the Lookout pet car seat has been around for 25 years. Their pet seats have been safety tested and the company is continuously working to improve the design for safety and customer satisfaction.

We have five sizes to fit your needs and each of these sizes comes in 1 of 15 colors. Perhaps choose the small console pet car seat in baby pink or hot pink vinyl for 7lb or under dogs, the larger console pet seat in grey quilt for 12lb or under dogs, the small Lookout in azure plaid for dogs 18lbs and under, the medium Lookout in denim for dogs 25lbs and under, or the My Buddy car seat for dogs 30lbs and under. Other colors include black quilt or black vinyl, khaki quilt or khaki vinyl, grey quilt or grey vinyl, leopard quilt, and other plaid colors such as colonial, highland, blackwatch, and O’Donnell plaid.


Available Lookout Pet Car Seat Colors

These car seats for dogs are very well padded for comfort. However, be aware that the added comfort may also add unnecessary warmth for warm weather. If you use a Lookout pet car seat, be sure your dog has plenty of cool air. You can even consider wrapping an ice pack and putting it in the seat to help your dog keep cool.

Dogs are protected in the Lookout car seats for dogs with an included tether. Clip the tether onto your dog’s harness, not on his collar. The console car seats are secured in your car with straps which wrap around the center console while the Lookouts and My Buddy are secured with the seat belt of your car. Be aware of airbags in the car. Airbags are not designed to protect dogs. If you are putting your pet car seat in front of an airbag, either disable the airbag or push the seat as far away from the airbag as possible.

My Buddy pet seatsĀ are on sale. A couple of them are discounted even more. Check out Pet Auto Safety for the various Lookout pet car seat colors and sizes as well as other car seats for dogs. Then feel free to email us with your opinion and pictures of your dog enjoying his.

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