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April 21, 2012

As a website owner, I am constantly bombarded with SEO marketers trying to get me to hire them. It is really annoying. But took a different approach. They didn’t try to sell me services I didn’t need. They actually reviewed my website and pointed out a few issues. They even told me things I could do myself to fix them. But of course, they were hoping I’d hire them for something. Knowing my websites weaknesses, I gave in and hired them for things which I knew I could not do myself. One service I needed was a professional Pet Auto video.

Here is the video they did and I must say I am extremely pleased. When I hired them I thought it would just be a slideshow with music and a bit of commentary. But the person who did my video took an extra step and filmed cars on the roadway. He even added a few other images which fit the theme. Every penny I paid was worth it.

Watch and tell us what you think of our Pet Auto commercial video.

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