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September 28, 2013
Maya ClickIt Utility Dog Seat Belt

Maya makes the ClickIt Utility dog seat belt look good!

It’s here! It’s finally here!!! This has got to be the best pet car harness yet. The ClickIt Utility is different from any other pet car harness we’ve ever had in one major way – Dogs are secured with three anchor points.

How the ClickIt Utility Dog Seat Belt Provides Superior Safety

How do three anchor points make a difference? There is less side-to-side tossing. Also, three attachment points help to evenly distribute pressure in a crash and help to restrain both the upper and lower portions of your dog’s body. According to the crash test studies completed by Sleepypod, the two anchor points also help to keep your dog from bearing too much tension by breaking away at high impacts. Don’t worry though, the third anchor point in the back stays in place to make sure your dog is not propelled forward off the seat in a frontal crash.

A third thing also helps to dissipate pressure in a crash and that is the broad padded chest piece of the ClickIt Utility pet car harness. This is a safety feature recognized by a number of dog seat belt manufacturers including our Kurgo and Bergan brands.

Why Other Brands May Be Different

If three anchor points are safer and if it is safer to have your dog restrained as much as possible, why do so many dog seat belt manufacturers have only one anchor point and long tethers? I suspect there are two reasons for this. First of all, while many manufacturers tested the strength and fit of their products, they may not have fully understood the dynamics of a car crash and the possible effects on the dog. Thank goodness the Center for Pet Safety (CPS), who has been significantly funded by Subaru, has the means to do a full evaluation. Sleepypod was able to use the information from CPS and combine it with their six years of experience with crash testing products. (If you have a small pet, you should seriously take a look at the Sleepypod pet car seats.)

The second reason why manufacturers may be using longer tethers and only have one anchor point is because of the nature of dogs themselves. This is a very important reason that everyone should consider before purchasing a pet car harness. Let’s consider my two dogs.

Important Things to Consider

Pierson sits still in the car. He doesn’t move around too much at all. He is quiet and calm. So the ClickIt Utility is perfect for him. Maya, on the other hand, will not hold still. She has to stand up and look around. She wants to know where she is going and the only thing I can do to keep her calm is to remember to use the Travel Calm beforehand. Even then, she still wants to stand up.

Despite Maya’s strong desire to move around, the ClickIt did an excellent job of keeping her still. She could not stand up or turn around like she normally can. This is a good thing because this restrictiveness is what will help her stay in her seat in the event of a car crash. Maya sat and was even able to lie down while wearing the ClickIt. I was extremely happy with it.

However, this restrictiveness may be too much for some dogs. Little dogs might be able to stand up and turn around in it, thereby getting tangled. And any dog can chew through the straps. I would strongly suggest that you consider how your dog will react to being so confined before you purchase this.

There is one another limitation to the ClickIt Utility pet car harness to consider. It can only be used in the back seat and only in vehicles that have the latch system anchors between the cushions. The latch system is used to secure baby seats. The good news is that all vehicles 2001 and later have these latchbars. A few older cars may have them too.

I also noticed that the small and extra-small are not really all that small. The chest piece is 9 inches long. This may be way too long for little dogs, especially if they have a short body. I’d say the extra-small is more suited to a larger toy breed while the small is more suited to a smaller medium-sized dog. Be sure to measure your dog before purchasing one. Sleepypod is aware of this and says that smaller dogs are safer in a secured pet carrier such as the crash tested Sleepypod pet car seats.

My Opinion and Our Conclusion

All-in-all, the ClickIt Utility pet car harness is a fantastic product. It is very well made and the safety features are awesome. I have to say with complete honesty that this is is the best dog seat belt I have ever seen! Just be sure to consider the nature of your dog before you purchase it or understand that training may be needed before your dog will wear it effectively. If you think this is the right product for you and your dog, feel free to visit our retail site and buy one. We are currently offering free shipping and you can also use the discount code, petsafeblogger, for 10% off. Keep an eye out for a giveaway in October!


Sleepypod ClickIt Utility and Pet Car Seats

Main products from Sleepypod – pet car seats and the ClickIt Utility dog seat belt, all of which have been crash tested.


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Follow Up Friday #13

Author: MayaAndPierson
September 27, 2013


Follow Up Friday Banner Logo

Welcome to the Follow Up Friday blog hop where bloggers recap events of the week. This week’s follow up is hosted by Jodi with Heart Like a Dog and Sue from The Golden Life. Thanks Jodi and Sue! 🙂

It’s been a fun week for me with the Responsible Pet Owner’s Day event held last Sunday. And by the time this follow up posts, I will also have attended the Mutt Mixer event at the Lawrence Humane Society last evening. I will tell you more about the Mutt Mixer next week. For now, let’s start with comments from last week’s Follow Up Friday.

Follow Up Friday #12

Flea with Dog Treat Web for Jones Natural Chews says, “Pierson is the prettiest. He should get all the attention. All the time.” Of all the info from the follow up and she only notices Pierson’s photo! 😀 I can’t blame her. He really is such a pretty boy. Not that Maya’s not pretty too. But there is just something about a dog with long silky hair. Pierson is the Fabio of the dog world. This one’s for you, Flea:

Pierson in a Tux

“I’m too sexy for my shirt, so I wear a tux-dickey instead.” (Honestly, I think he likes the dickey better than his pet car harness.)

Flea also mentioned that we should stop in Tulsa on our next trip to Texas. My husband and I go from Kansas to Texas and back once a year to go visit my parents. We go right through Oklahoma and Tulsa would only be an hour off course. We generally break our 11 hour trip up into a two-day drive so Tulsa sounds like a great place to rest up and visit. So Flea, how does either just before or just after Christmas sound?

2BrownDawgs also commented on Pierson, “Awe that picture of Pierson on the first day is so cute. I think he knew he had found a new home.” He was scared when he first came here. I think he looks a little nervous in this photo. Pierson warmed up quickly, though. BTW, if you all don’t know Pierson’s story, read The Reward of Rescuing a Dog on my personal dog blog.

Jodi with Heart Like a Dog said, “It is so true that people are stealing dogs. Personally, I can’t be careful enough.” This was in response to the information we posted that heat is not the only danger to dogs being left in the car. So it doesn’t matter what the temperature is outside; it is never a good idea to leave your dog in the car.

Mr. N’s mom with Tenacious Little Terrier says she’s interested in the ClickIt because Mr. N. keeps trying to jump out of his car seat. Well, good news! The ClickIt Utility pet car harness is here! Visit our retail site for lots of great information and videos and come back to our blog tomorrow for our personal take on it.

ClickIt Utility Pet Car Harness

The New Sleepypod ClickIt Utility Pet Car Harness

The Yellow Ribbon

Callie, Shadow, and Ducky’s mom Sue with The Golden Life agreed the yellow ribbon was a good idea and also agreed that some people still aren’t going to respect it and that we should still be responsible with our dogs. Jodi with Heart Like a Dog agreed too. Jodi also mentioned how dropping Delilah’s leash helps with her leash reactive behavior because she no longer feels trapped. I agree that this can work with some dogs. They are fine off a leash, but put that leash on and they go nuts! Pierson, however, is not good with other dogs whether he is on a leash or not. So letting go of his leash is not a good idea at all. I believe it is due to his breed mix tendencies. As a herding dog, his job is to not only herd but also to guard. So he has a very high prey drive and guarding instinct. We are working on these issues and making progress. But he still has a long ways to go.

Responsible Pet Owner’s Day Event

There were lots of comments about the dogs on this post. Many people liked the cute puppy Mia. SnowyDay with Life of Drool said, “I WANT MIA!“, Mollie and Alfie from Mollies Dog Treats said they liked the last photo (which was of Mia), and Lindsay with That Mutt said, “Oh my gosh, that puppy in that last photo is among the cutest dogs I’ve ever seen.” I agree. She is so cute! Here is another adorable picture of her:

Mia The Cutest PUppy Ever 2

Mia! Mia!

Jackie with Pooch Smooches thought all the pups were good-looking. Bailey with Sheltie Times thought the event looked great. Maya and I had a good time at the event. We met so many wonderful people and dogs. For some reason, however, Maya was scared to death of the Dobermans. She hid under the table when they came by. They were nice dogs so I’m not sure why. Interesting.

A couple of people commented on the Wynn Dixie dog. Flea thought the dog in the dog from the movie was a mutt. And Donna with Donna and the Dogs never heard of the Berger Picard before. The owner of the dog told me, “Most people think the Wynn Dixie dog was a mutt,” and “There are only about 500 Berger Picards in the US.” I’m paraphrasing, but that is about what he said. Here is another photo of him.

Berger Picard French Herding Dog

The Wynn Dixie dog – Berger Picard, a herding dog of France.

Well, that’s all I have. Is it enough? 😀 More than enough, I’d say. I hope I didn’t bore you. If you want to hear more, though, come back tomorrow and check out the ClickIt Utility pet car harness!

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September 25, 2013

On Sunday, Maya and I went to the Responsible Pet Owner’s Day event at Crystal K9 in Lawrence, Kansas. I had one table there for our pet travel supplies and Maya came with me to show off her Kurgo Go-Tech dog safety seat belt. The event was the first one ever held by Crystal K9 so it was a small event. But it was a lot of fun. There were several enjoyable activities, some of which Maya got to participate in. And there were other local pet supply vendors. Here are some photos I took of the event:

Adoptable Dog Responsible Pet Owner's Day 2013

There were adoptable dogs at the event, including this sweet girl.

Berger Picard Responsible Pet Owner's Day

This is the Wynn Dixie dog breed, the Berger Picard. This adorable guy is about 5 months old. Just look at those ears!

English Setter Responsible Pet Owner's Day

This is the first English Setter I have ever seen in person. Isn’t he gorgeous?

Havanese Responsible Pet Owner's Day

I think this guy is a Havanese. Sorry, I can’t remember for certain. I met so many adorable dogs at the Responsible Pet Owner’s Day event.

Keeshond Responsible Pet Owner's Day

I learned how to say Keeshond properly when I met this beautiful girl and her bigger fluffier brother at the Responsible Pet Owner’s Day event.

Dog in Purse at the Responsible Pet Owner's Day

This little guy belongs to the exectutive director of the Lawrence Humane Society. He loves to stay in his purse and he was quite comfortable there too.

Maya in the Way Responsible Pet Owner's Day

My Maya got in the way of a lot of photos at the Responsible Pet Owner’s Day event.

Maya Making Friends Responsible Pet Owner's Day

Maya loved meeting all the dogs at the Responsible Pet Owner’s Day event.

Maya Won Dish Responsible Pet Owner's Day

Maya won this dog dish in one of the activities at the event. The activity was a doggie version of musical chairs where the dog who took the longest to sit was out. Maya got 2nd place out of 10 dogs. I’m so proud!

Pembroke Welsh Corgi Responsible Pet Owner's Day

A Pembroke Welsh Corgi at the Responsible Pet Owner’s Day event. He was with a Cardigan Welsh Corgi too, but I didn’t get a good photo.

Responsible Pet Owner's Day Crystal K9

Lots of people and dogs hanging out at the Responsible Pet Owner’s Day event held out in front of Crystal K9.

Dog Giselle Dog Safety Seat Belt

I think this girl’s name is Giselle. She was adopted from the Lawrence Humane Society a few months ago. Here, she bought the Kurgo Go-Tech dog safety seat belt from me at the Responsible Pet Owner’s Day event.

Cute Little Puppy Responsible Pet Owner's Day

This cute little girl is named Mia and she was at the Responsible Pet Owner’s Day event too. Isn’t she just the cutest little thing?

For more great pet photos, check out the Wordless Wednesday blog hop below:


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September 21, 2013

Some of you may have heard of this already, but if you see a dog with a yellow ribbon on their leash, it means the dog needs his space and you should not approach him. A dog can need extra space for a variety of reasons. Perhaps he is shy, is frightened of certain people or young children, just had surgery, has a tendency to snap, is working on obedience, or has leash reactive issues.

Yellow Ribbon Infographic

I only just recently heard of using a yellow ribbon for such dogs and can’t believe I haven’t heard of it before. Most people who read my personal blog know that my dog Pierson has leash reactive issues. He does not do well when he sees other dogs. A yellow ribbon might be a useful tool if more people knew what it meant.

If I am walking Pierson and we come across someone else walking their dog, I cross the street and I divert his attention with the “look” command and a treat in hopes that he will learn to associate seeing the other dog with good stuff.

Pierson on Leash Look Command

I also take Pierson on group walks where everyone in the group has a dog with a similar problem and we have all agreed to certain rules regarding our dogs’ interactions. While we walk together as a group, we walk spaced apart to whatever our own dog’s threshold level is. In Pierson’s case, he has to be at the end of the line. At first he had to be several yards behind but over time he has been able to get within a few feet of the dog in front.

Pierson Group Dog Walk

Look how close Pierson is able to get to other dogs now that we’ve been working with this dog walking group.

But what about cases where another person still let’s their dog approach Pierson? This has happened to me a few times. In two of the situations, the other dogs were not on leashes. In one situation, the person did not understand why I was crossing the street away from her and her dog and she really wanted to meet Pierson.

If more people knew about the yellow ribbons, perhaps the yellow ribbon could have given them advance notice. Some people are concerned about the negative view a yellow caution ribbon might mean. But if we help people understand it could be for a variety of reasons, not just aggression, I think it is a good idea. What do you think?

Keep in mind, however, that the yellow ribbon should not be used as an excuse to not do proper training. Pierson’s issue is being worked with and it will be much easier for me to alleviate his leash reactive behavior if I have complete control over who does and who doesn’t approach him. Another thing the yellow ribbon should not be used for is as a waiver of liability. If Pierson has a yellow ribbon on his leash and he still ends up hurting another dog, I am still liable.

The top infographic was found on Incidentally, gulahund means yellow dog in Swedish.

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Follow Up Friday #12

Author: MayaAndPierson
September 20, 2013

Follow Up Friday Banner Logo

It’s time for another edition of Follow Up Friday where we recap the past week’s activities. This edition is hosted by Heart Like a Dog and 2 Brown Dawgs.

Comments from Follow Up Friday #11

Jodi with Heart Like a Dog saw someone driving while their dog had his whole upper body hanging out the window. How scary, Jodi! I hate it when I see something like that. 🙁

Oz the Terrier says, “Oh I so want one of the Clickits by Sleepypod. I don’t think we have the best harness for safety in the car at the moment…but we are trying.” Something is better than nothing, Oz so your efforts are pawsome! I think what I am going to do after we get the Sleepypod ClickIt is give one away. So keep an eye out!

By the way, I don’t think the Sleepypod ClickIt will make it on the Center for Pet Safety (CPS) report coming in October. It is too new so I doubt CPS has had a chance to test it. But Sleepypod has tested it. And the ClickIt was designed based on testing results from CPS.

We Life in a Flat says, “If we don’t let kids stick their heads out of the car window, why should we let dogs” Good point. Unfortunately, not everyone thinks of their dogs as family. Those of us that do, though, sometimes fall victim to the “It won’t happen to me” mentality.

Upcoming Pet Events

Sue with Talking-Dogs says she adopted her first dog at the Lawrence Humane Society (LHS). How pawsome is that!?! After Sephi passed on, my husband and I looked through the LHS for a new family member. All the dogs there were wonderful and well cared for. But none of them clicked. I ended up finding a stray (Pierson) instead. Excellent bargain, don’t you think?

Pierson January 10, 2012

This photo was taken on the day I brought Pierson to his new home. He was a scared pup. He was also thin and full of fleas and ticks. He doesn’t look thin. It’s all the hair. It was January 10, 2012 when I got him.

In regards to pet events, our first one this fall is coming up on Sunday. The event is outdoors and thankfully it looks like the weather is going to hold up. I’ll be sure to post photos the following Wednesday for Wordless Wednesday.

Pet Travel Destination Tuesday

Donna and the Dogs says “I try to take mine out places too, but like you, only if I don’t need to leave them unattended. Especially my Lab, Toby, and my Vizlsa, Medi, because I’m afraid someone will steal them.” That’s something else to think about besides the heat. Someone could steal your dog. Even if you live in a nice neighborhood, do you really trust that some unsavory person isn’t visiting your nice town and looking for some easy pickings? I also worry about people who don’t like dogs and what they will do to tease my dog if I am not there to watch them.

Lindsay with That Mutt says, “There is a dog bakery near us, and I am thinking about taking Ace there this week just for an excuse to get him a treat.” Sounds fun. I bet Ace will love it. I forgot to mention dog boutiques in my list. Maya has been to Lucky Paws Bakery in downtown Lawrence a number of times. There also used to be a place called The Dog House that we frequented.

Lucky Paws Bakery 002

Maya and other dogs at the Lucky Paws Bakery located in Downtown Lawrence.

Buster & Pierson at The Dog House

Pierson met Buster at The Dog House. Pierson looks happy, but really, he is not happy that Buster is getting attention.

Mollie with Mollies Dog Treats says, “Mommy takes me with her but we never had ice cream this summer.. must make a note.” Hurry Mollie, before it’s too cold for ice cream. 🙂

Gizmo with Terrier Torrent says, “Gizmo loves car rides, even if it’s just a quick errand…he’s totally comfy in the car, which does make things easy.” Good job, Gizmo! Maya loves car rides too but she is so totally not easy to deal with in the car. Have you all seen this video?

Imagine this for the first 15 to 20 minutes of our annual road trip to Texas. She calms down eventually, but starts up all over again every time we make a pit stop. She is wearing her seat belt in this video but I have to keep the tether long so she won’t get tangled when she tries to move around. A shorter tether is safer, but Maya is a good example of how optimum safety is not always possible.

I discovered a new product last year that helped Maya with her excitement. The product is Travel Calm and it works well for nervous dogs too. The only time Maya whined on the last trip was when she recognized we were pulling into my parent’s neighborhood. After that trip, I made arrangements with the company that makes it to sell some on my own site.

Jodi with Heart Like a Dog says, “I sure hope they seek certification, I for one would be far more likely to purchase one that had been certified over one that had not. It might give a manufacturer an edge over a competitor.” It certainly will. I can’t imagine any company not wanting to get certification. If they choose not to, it will make me wonder if they have something to hide. The certification process is still a while away, though. First is their report in October. Then they will start working on a certification process.

Well, that’s all I have for this week. Gotta go and write a post for tomorrow, then pack up my stuff for the pet event this Sunday. I hope you all have a great weekend. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

Dawn with Maya & Pierson

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September 17, 2013

Even though I don’t have much of an opportunity to travel with my dogs, we go places together all the time. Traveling is a great way to bond and to get out of the house for some adventure. It is also helpful in making sure Maya and Pierson enjoy car rides. Because if the only time your dog rides in the car is when he is going to the vet, he is not going to like riding in the car much.

Maya Vet Caption

Actually, Maya loves the vet. She’s weird.

Visiting places around town is also a great way to help socialize your dog. While Pierson still has dog aggression issues, his ventures away from home have really helped lessen his reactions. He is more comfortable going to new places now that it is part of his regular routine. So if you enjoy spending time with your dogs as much as I enjoy spending time with mine, here are some great places you can go that are just around town.

I never take my dogs with me if I have to leave them in the car. But there are places I can go where I don’t have to worry about leaving them unattended. Let’s say I am craving ice cream. Well, Maya & Pierson, let’s go to Sonic! I can get ice cream for me and a free ice cream doggie dish for them. If you don’t have a Sonic, there’s always Dairy Queen, Sheridan’s, Andy’s, and other such places. Not all of them have a free sample for the dogs but it wouldn’t hurt to ask. If you don’t care for ice cream, go to another fast food drive-through for a hamburger and fries. Share a fry or two with your dogs. Just a little bit, though. You want to make sure your dog doesn’t get too fat for his dog car harness or pet travel carrier!

My Dog Pierson Eating Sonic Ice Cream

Pierson enjoys a free dog dish from Sonic!

Sometimes I will take my dogs to the bank too. Lots of banking transactions are online, but there are still plenty of times when I need to go to the bank. Most times when we use the teller drive-through, they give Maya & Pierson a dog biscuit!

If you have prescriptions you need to pick up, why not take your dogs and use the prescription drive-through? Or the drive-through dry cleaners. Can you think of any other errands around town that have a drive-through service?

My dogs’ most favorite places to visit around town are the parks. There’s not just an abundance of city parks but there are also some great nearby county and state parks. Maya loves Shawnee Mission Park which is a park in Johnson County, about a 45 minute drive from here. We don’t go there often because Clinton State Park is closer and nearly as nice.

Shawnee Mission Park

Shawnee Mission Park

Maya and Pierson at Clinton Lake

Maya and Pierson at Clinton Lake

Off-Leash Dog Parks
If your dog gets along well with other dogs, take him to a dog park. If he doesn’t have a good recall, make sure it is a fenced dog park. There is a nice dog park that Maya goes to near Clinton Lake. It isn’t fenced, but Maya is good about coming when called. She loves this particular dog park because but there is also a nearby stream for her to swim in.

Maya at Clinton Lake in Lawrence, KS

Maya really likes the stream at the dog park in Lawrence, Kansas. (Part of Clinton Lake)

Hiking Trails
A lot of parks have nice walking or hiking trails. Hiking is a fun on-leash activity that Pierson really loves. There are so many scents and sights to check out. He recently went to the Rotary Arboretum here in Lawrence and had a great time. Except for the lady who had two small dogs running around off-leash, it was a great experience for him. For the most part, he didn’t react to seeing other dogs around. (But I did have to pick him up away from the small dogs so that he wouldn’t hurt them.)

Pierson Group Walk 003

This is another hiking trail in Lawrence. We are on a group walk organized just for helping to train leash reactive dogs.

Pet Store
Feel a need to spoil your dog? Let’s go to the pet store and buy a new toy! When Maya and Pierson get low on food, I take Maya with me for a trip to the pet store. Sometimes I take Pierson, but I have to be careful with him because he doesn’t like other dogs. Both love the pet store. Even though I go to get food, most times I end up getting a dog toy too. The main pet stores here in Lawrence where I take my dogs are Petco and Pawsh Wash. The people at Pawsh Wash are awesome and know Maya and Pierson on sight. Sometimes they recognize me too. 😉

Dogs at Pawsh Wash Lawrence

Maya plays with Hercules and Bean at Pawsh Wash.

Pet Events
Your local humane society most likely participates in a number of events for dogs all throughout the year. Perhaps they have a gathering for adoptions or microchipping. Whatever the main theme, you will also probably find food and drinks for you and treats for the dogs. There may even be some fun dog activities going on. Check out my previous post on the three upcoming pet events that Maya gets to go to this fall. One of them will have a dog park like setting for her to run around and socialize in. The other one has lots of fun activities like dog agility and disc dogs. I bet your community has several pet events a year too.

Dogtoberfest 2012 003

This is a photo I took to show how crowded it was at Dogtoberfest 2012 despite the chilly weather. The Greyhound Rescue was right next to us.

Don’t be bored at home. Enjoy life and enjoy it more with your dog. You won’t regret it!

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September 14, 2013

Sorry, I don’t have a Pet Safety Saturday theme prepared this week. We have a lot going on and some fun upcoming pet events to get ready for. With the weather getting cooler, but hopefully not too cool, it is the perfect time for gatherings. If you live anywhere near Lawrence, Kansas come by and see us at these special events:

On Sunday, September 22nd, we will be at Crystal K9 from 12:00pm – 4:00pm. Crystal K9 is a doggie day care and pet grooming facility located at 3115 W. 6th street in Lawrence. The event is being held for Responsible Pet Owner’s Day and proceeds will be collected for the Lawrence Humane Society. I’m not sure of all the happenings at this event, but I’m sure it will be one where a lot of pet care information is shared. We will be there as a vendor. And there is likely to be a few fun activities.

On Thursday, September 26th, we will be at the Lawrence Humane Society from 5:00pm – 7:00pm. The Mutt Mixer is held every two months except in winter so this is the last Mutt Mixer event until next year. We didn’t make it to the previous Mutt Mixer event in July because we were in a car accident along the way. Let’s hope there is no rain on this event day and we have a safe drive this time around! There will be food and drinks at the Mutt Mixer. Bring your dog and have them run around with other dogs in the fenced in outdoor areas. It’s like a dog park social event with adoptable dogs as the focus. A few local vendors, including myself, will be there selling our pet wares.

On Sunday, October 6th, we will be at South Park in Downtown Lawrence from 10:00am – 3:00 pm for the Dogtoberfest event. This event is held every year in October and this is the 2nd year in a row where I have been on the committee to help organize the Dogtoberfest event (although admittedly I haven’t contributed as much effort as the other fantastic committee members). It is the third year in a row where I have had a vendor booth at the event. There will be a walk-a-fest, costume contest, disc dogs, agility dogs, vendors, food, and lots of adoptable dogs from various rescue groups from around town.

Dogtoberfest with Logo 1

This is a photo from the Dogtoberfest in 2011.

My Maya will be at all three of these events, but Pierson has to stay home. He does not get along well with other dogs. Maya can be a bit hard to handle at the beginning because she is so excited. But once her initial enthusiasm wears off, she is a perfect lady. She will most likely show off her Kurgo Go-Tech pet car harness. Or if the Sleepypod ClickIt has arrived, she will show off that one.

I know many of you reading this are probably not in the Lawrence, Kansas area. Don’t worry, though. I will share pictures! 🙂

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Follow Up Friday #11

Author: MayaAndPierson
September 13, 2013

Follow Up Friday Banner Logo

Welcome to another edition of Follow Up Friday. This week’s event is hosted by Jodi with HeartLikeADog and Flea from DogTreatWeb for Jones Natural Chews.

Comments from Follow Up Friday #10
Sue at says, “No dog heads out our windows. Ever. Way too dangerous.” Not many people realize there is a danger. It reminds me of the danger of dogs playing with sticks. The activity is just so fun. It’s hard to believe there is a risk to it.

I suppose there is a risk to everything fun. Heck, just going outside can be dangerous. Think of poisonous snakes or, in Hawk‘s case, gators. We can’t eliminate all risks or life will be no fun at all. But we can avoid or minimize some dangers.

Donna’s mom from WeLiveInAFlat and Sue both enjoyed the Pooch Plunge event that Maya got to go to. I posted a photo on the last Follow Up Friday and directed you to go check out my other blog on Saturday for a video. For in case you missed it, here is that video:

Mr. N with TenaciousLittleTerrier asked about the SleepyPod ClickIt dog seat belt. He wanted to know what sizes the ClickIt will come in. The sizes are large, medium, small, and extra small. The extra small, which is what I’m sure Mr. N will need, can fit a dog with both a neck and chest size measuring a total of 31-36 inches. To measure, use a tape measure to start at the top of your dog’s back between the shoulder blades, wrap the tape measure around your dog’s chest, and then bring the tape measure around your dog’s neck, like a figure-8. This is a bit different than measurements indicated for other dog seat belt harnesses.

ClickIt Harness Sizing

BTW, Mr. N your email subscription button isn’t working. 🙁  I’d love to visit your blog regularly but the only way I will remember to do so is if I can get email alerts. If you get the email subscription button fixed, can you let me know by sending me an email at naturebydawn at gmail dot com?

Mollie and Alfie from were really glad Jet was found and reminded everyone to buckle up – “remember CLUNK CLICK every trip.”

Comments from The Center for Pet Safety Update
Carol with FidoseOfReality got to meet with The Center for Pet Safety at Blog Paws. How awesome is that! I’ve talked to them, but have not had the opportunity to meet with them face-to-face.

Lindsay with ThatMutt can’t wait for their new report to come out. I can’t either. 🙂

Another comment is from JJ. I’m pretty sure this was a spam comment since the website link was to a blog that looked more like advertising than content (link deleted). But it was a legitimate question. He asks, ” What about cats?”

Well, JJ. It is no secret that most cats hate riding in the car. It reminds me of a funny photo caption where two dogs in the back seat are excited about the car ride, but the cat has a look of terror on his face and says, “We are all going to die”. 😀 It is also highly unlikely that a cat will wear a dog car harness. So what do you do with your cat if you need to drive him to the vet? How can you protect his safety and not endanger yourself by allowing your cat to roam free in the car?

Ask Glogirly! She has two cats, Katie and Waffles. If you’ve never been to her blog, you should go check it out. It is hilariously fun. The recent video of Waffles chasing the red dot had me laughing so hard that I was crying.

Anyway, Glogirly also has her cats ride in a pet carrier when they are in the car. And not just any carrier, the Sleepypod Air pet carrier. This is a really nice product and it comes in a variety of cool colors. It is perfect for cats and small dogs because it is just the right size for them and it is comfortable. The best part about it, though, is that it can be buckled up in the car and it is crash tested. Although Glogirly did not get her Sleepypod from us, we do have the Sleepypod Air pet carrier available on our retail site (click the red link above). Sleepypod saw Glogirly’s post and is offering to give one away through Glogirly’s site. Visit her website to enter and win one. Hurry! The contest ends on September 16th.

Sleepypod Air Pet Carrier OrangeSleepypod Air Pet Carrier with Seatbelt

Comments from the Paw Prints Pet Seat Covers
There were no comments on the post about the paw print pet seat covers because this was more of a promotional post. I’ve been selling (and using) these covers for some time. Now there is something new and exciting about them – they have a lifetime guarantee! They didn’t always have one. Their warranty used to be for only 30 days. This was really irritating if one happened to break. And one did after 45 days. I replaced it for the customer at no charge, but I had to go back and forth with the manufacturer on my end. I almost stopped selling them at that point. However, I realized that one broken seat cover was just a fluke. It happens on occasion with any product. So I still sell the paw print pet seat covers. And I’m even more enthusiastic about selling it now that it has a lifetime guarantee.

Thanks everyone for stopping by. Have a great weekend! 🙂

Dawn with Maya & Pierson

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September 11, 2013

Paw Print Dog Seat Covers

Pet Car Seat Covers to Protect Your Car from Your Dog

No, seat covers don’t protect your dog but they can help protect your car. Do you have a dog that drools? Do you want to take your dog for a swim at the lake but hate the idea of wet muddy paws all over your seat cushions? Is your dog a big shedder? Do not despair! Adorable paw print dog seat covers are here.

The Black, Gray, Brown, or Tan Dog Seat Covers Are Embroidered with Paw Prints

Paw print pet car seat covers come in more cool colors than ever – black, charcoal gray, brown, and tan. Bench or single seat covers are also available. (We don’t have the tan ones on our site yet, though.) The best part about these covers is that they have embroidered paw prints on them. The paw prints are stitched on, not ironed on or painted on. Stitched.

Soft & Machine Washable
The material on these covers is so soft. They are slightly padded to add to the comfort of the velvety material. They are machine washable, but you would need to lay flat to dry. I made the mistake of putting the brown paw print one Sephi and Maya had in the dryer. It didn’t ruin it for use, but the cover didn’t look as good anymore.

Fits Most Seats
These dog seat covers will fit the seats of most standard sized vehicles. For the bench seats, there are four corner straps and several clips that can be used to fit the cover to the car. For the bucket seats, there are two corner straps on the bottom and one strap to go around the head rest at the top. There are also a few clips to help with securing the cover in place.

Lifetime Guarantee!
Guardian Gear is the brand of these dog seat covers. And now Guardian Gear offers a lifetime guarantee on their seat covers! This means they are built to last. But if they break at any time during normal use, you can get a replacement at no charge.

My favorite color is the charcoal. It’s perfect for Maya and Pierson. You can’t see Pierson’s hair much on this color. You can still see Maya’s blond hair, but not as much as you would see it on the black or the brown! Which color is your favorite?

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September 7, 2013

I am keeping an eye out for the upcoming report on the recent study completed by the Center for Pet Safety (CPS). As you may know, they conducted a preliminary test on four dog car harness brands in 2011 and that test did not have promising results. But not to worry, there’s hope. Thanks to some funding help from Subaru, CPS has been busy doing further studies. They will have a full report available in early October.

So what if you want a dog car harness now? After all, having your dog use some sort of restraint is better than not using one at all (see our August 24th post about the dangers of an unrestrained pet in the car). Thankfully, CPS has some great tips for you. Please go visit their page at and get answers to questions such as, “How do I find a good harness for my dog?” or “Can I use a longer tether?”

They’ve also answered a couple of questions for us as retailers. Firstly, they strongly advise us not to make claims beyond those of the manufacturer. That stands to reason. I hope you have found our website and blog to be honest and forthcoming.

CPS also advises us that they do not specifically endorse any product. This might mean their October report will only contain information about safety features to look for in a dog car harness. I am hoping the report will also tell us which products they’ve found to be the safest, but that would be a form of endorsement. I guess we’ll see in October.

CPS may not be endorsing specific products, but they will be developing a safety certification seal. I believe the certifications will come out later after the report in October. And the certifications will not be issued unless the manufacturer seeks to obtain the certification and passes the certification requirements. This means there will be some manufacturers who will not seek certification. I hope all the brands we sell will seek certification. If they don’t… well, you might see some changes on our retail site.

As soon as we get new information we will be sure to share it. So sign up to our blog. Also, feel free to comment below with questions, news, or any other information you want to share about pet travel safety.

Thanks and have a great weekend!

Dawn with Maya & Pierson

P.S. Go visit our other blog to see the video of Maya swimming at the Pooch Plunge event.

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