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Super Fun Puppy Bowl IX App & Subaru

Author: MayaAndPierson
January 31, 2013

Dog Tested. Dog Approved.™

You’ve seen those funny and cute Subaru dog commercials, haven’t you? You know, the dogs driving a subaru to go camping and skiing, or driving a Subaru to the grocery store only to have a cat driving another Subaru steal their parking spot (that’s my favorite). Well, Subaru has more great commercials for you. And this year, they are associated with the Puppy Bowl IX.

There are four new commercials that we are aware of. And this year, it’s not just about the dogs. Grant Weber, is a human Subaru Canine Sales Associate who specializes in selling the Subaru to dogs. He makes an appearance in a most of the commercials but our favorite is the one with the dogs Toby and Keys getting ready for a tailgate party:

We just love this Subaru commercial:

If you have never seen the Puppy Bowl before, it is a MUST SEE for dog lovers. Imagine a bunch of cute adoptable puppies on a mini football field romping around and having a good time. You can watch the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet on February 3rd, 3pm p/e time.

Want to make watching the Puppy Bowl an even better experience? Download this app on your tablet or mobile phone:

The app can be downloaded now but won’t activate until the start of the Puppy Bowl. Watch the Puppy Bowl in unison with your app, see additional cuteness content, and interact with the show! The app also brings in new hilarious Subaru Dog tested. Dog approved.™ commercials.

Remember, you can download the app now but it only becomes available at 3pm e/p on February 3rd. If you miss that airing, Animal Planet replays the show throughout the rest of the day.

This post is sponsored by Subaru, Dog Tested. Dog Approved™ campaign. Yes, we here at are being compensated for this post. But please note that we agreed with this arrangement because we love that Subaru goes out of their way to be dog friendly, because we love their hilarious dog commercials, because we love the adoptable dogs in the Puppy Bowl, and because we love the message of the Puppy Bowl. I personally, can’t wait to use this app myself on February 3rd!

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January 30, 2013

No pet auto safety theme today. I just want to share some cute photos of my pups. Maya & Pierson don’t just help me in promoting safety in the car, the also provide me with boundless entertainment.

Maya and Pierson love to play together… although it does look like Pierson is having more fun in this photo than Maya.

Here is one of them playing outside. (Our grass is terribly brown this winter.)

When they are not playing, they are sleeping in the strangest positions.

Pierson too.

Maya loves to swim. (This was taken at the end of summer.)

She also loves baths (wierd).

Pierson likes to dress up. (not really, but he’ll do anything for a cookie.)

This is what Pierson does while I fill up his food bowl. First thing in the morning is potty break, then breakfast.

Synchronized spinning – see more on my American Dog Blog which can be found in the blog hop below.

Those are my pups. See how cute and entertaining they are? No wonder I make them buckle up when they are in the car.

For more adorable pet photos, visit the Wordless Wednesday blog hop.

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January 23, 2013

You know those funny Subaru dog commercials? Here is a bloopers one… hilarious!

I just saw this Subaru dog commerical for the first time recently:

Seeing the bloopers video made me realize there were a few other Subaru dog commercials I missed.

Hey, there’s no words in these Subaru dog commercials so this counts as Wordless Wednesday, right?

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We hear a lot from other dog-lovers about how their dogs hate riding in the car. They whine, pant, and want to pace. We want pet auto safety but it can be difficult if the dog is too nervous to sit still in his dog seatbelt. What can we do to help these poor dogs that get nervous in the car? One product we discovered recently is a mist spray called Travel Calm. But there is another product that is even more popular and better known. It is the Thunder shirt.

How Does the Thundershirt Work?
Studies have shown that it improves the behavior of 80% of dogs in stressful situations. This does mean that it might not work for your dog, but the chances are good that it will. For the 20% it doesn’t work for, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. Shipping refund is not included but for $6, it is worth a try. It has worked for thousands of dogs all over the world. It might help your dog too.

This is a Lab like my Maya, but this photo is not of Maya.

The Thunder shirt for dogs works by putting gentle pressure on your dog. Scientific studies and common applications of pressure for certain situations have shown that this sort of gentle pressure has a good calming effect. They believe pressure works by encouraging the body to release calming endorphins. Consider a baby that calms down after being wrapped in swaddling. Also, some people with autism use pressure techniques to help them through stressful situations.

What About Cats?
We all know cats have to ride in the car sometimes too. And we also know that most cats really really hate the experience. So we have Thunder shirts for cats too!

My Labrador Maya gets excited in the car. She exhibits some of the characteristics of nervousness (panting, pacing, whining), but it is excitement. The Thundershirt did not work to help with Maya’s excitement.

Pierson had to go to the vet yesterday for his annual shots. He is terrified of the vet and the last time he went, he peed on himself. Trust me when I say this is very unusual for him. So this time when he went I had him wear his Thundershirt. He did great in it.

Here is another dog that did well in the Thunder shirt.

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January 19, 2013

We’re posting adorable dogs for Super Dog Sunday. These dogs are up for adoption at!


Lucky is a nine month old boy with lots to offer a new family.

He would love an active family to play with and walk with.  Lucky loves to play, it is his favorite thing besides being with people.  Lucky is a wonderful and sweet boy, young enough to train your way. Find out more about Lucky on –


Crosby is a purebred 3 year old Vizsla. He is a very loving and affectionate dog and has a calm disposition for a Vizsla.

He’s also well trained and obedient. His only negative is that he does not do well with new people. We are seeking a new home for him because he is the younger of 2 Vizslas in our household and now that we are empty nesters we cannot give them both the attention they deserve. For more information on Crosby, check him out on –


Lewis is a very petite beagle. He is full grown and only weighs 16 lbs.

When he came to us he had a “cherry eye” that had to be repaired. He has completely recovered and you can’t even tell anything was ever wrong with his eye. We think Lewis might have a problem with his distance sight. He can see, we just aren’t sure how well. When he looks at people at a distance he nevers looks directly at you. He is a beautiful little guy who loves attention and gives little kisses.He is good with other dogs and is fine with cats. Housetraining is going well, he only has a couple of accidents a month now. He loves to play with all dogs, but when it comes to crating, he does best with a female dog. He will do best in an active household and pet parents that don’t mind an active dog. For more info on Louie, visit his profile page on –


Mac is a darling 3 1/2 month old Maltese/Yorkshire Terrier mix.

He is potty pad trained and very nicely socialized. Mac may be deaf. For more information about cute little Mac, visit his profile page at

All these dogs can be found on They are being presented here today as part of the Super Dog Sunday even coming up tomorrow. Check out more on this event by clicking the image below:

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January 16, 2013

Catch that football Maya!

Pierson is doing the touchdown dance for Super Dog Sunday.

Maya & Pierson tackling a football player for Super Dog Sunday.

What is Super Dog Sunday? Click this image to find out more.


For more Wordless Wednesday pet photos, check out the blog hop below.


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January 12, 2013

We’ve been looking at this dog car harness for some time. The company that makes them has been around for nearly 20 years. And their products have been safety tested, with a new and improved version now available. We’re not sure what took us so long to finally offer this product but the Ruff Rider Roadie is finally here!

Benefits for Your Pet

* Designed to put pressure on your dog’s chest rather than his throat.

* Safety, strength, and crash tested by two auto safety institutions.

* Pleating on the harness part under your dog’s legs to reduce chaffing.

* Design input for both ease of use and safety from a veterinary orthopedic surgeon.

* No plastic parts.

* Tether strap has two length options.

Visit our dog car harness page and click on the picture of the white dog wearing the Ruff Rider Roadie (also pictured above). Compare it to our other safety and crash tested dog car harness brands. If you choose to buy it, use discount code petfriend to get 10% off!

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January 10, 2013

This may seem like a wacky idea from the get-go. Though, if you are already in a blog that talks about everything related to dogs, it must be because you, like me, love your furry friends and take great care of them; and there’s no harm in that! We are used to getting strange looks when we spend a lot of money getting the-best-of-the-best food, toys, snacks for our dogs, and we deal with it because at the end of the day, it’s your dog who is healthy and happy and it comes all comes down to that. That’s how you treat a member of your family, right? And that’s exactly what they are!

So, when it comes to unexpected situations, such as accidents or diseases, you wouldn’t think twice about getting the best care for your pet. However, this may set you way behind when it comes to footing the bill. That’s where dog insurance comes into place.

What is it and how does it work?
It’s the same concept as any regular insurance, where you sign up and pay a monthly fee (maybe every two months, depending on the company), you choose a deductible and you’re covered when/if an unexpected situation demands health care.
You pick a licensed vet, have your dog taken care of without worrying about what’s going to happen next. Then you take the invoice to your insurance carrier and, depending on the deductible you chose before, you will get a refund of between 70% to 100% of the total bill.

What does it cover?
That’s the beauty of it, many things can happen to your dog that you can’t even think of, ranging from a silly house accident, to allergies, poisoning, cancer or any serious illness. Getting a dog insurance allows you to rest assure that you will only have to rush to the vet of your choice and not worry about the bill.

Puppies or Adults?
This is a common question because you tend to compare it with regular insurance or health care, where the age of the person actually counts for the plan they end up getting. However, this is not the case. You can get your puppy insured (from 7 weeks and on) and you can get the same for an adult dog. This is a normal concern for many reasons: for one thing, many adult dog owners are only just now learning about this and want to get it; but also many people adopt rescue dogs that are adults and want to take care of them as well!
A thing to consider though, is that if you have a senior dog, you might want to get a plan that only covers cancer since adult dogs are less exposed to other illnesses and accidents. A puppy that’s only beginning to explore the world should be completely covered!

How much does it cost?
The plans will range according to the company, the deductibles and the coverage, but it won’t go higher than $25 a month. If you really think about it, you can probably fit that into your budget!

About the author:
Eugenia Sincovich is an Argentinean writer that can’t seem to stay in one place! She loves everything that reminds her that she’s alive and does her best to convey those feelings into her texts. She currently writes for iNetGiant.

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January 9, 2013

Sorry, my Wordless Wednesday blog posts are almost never wordless. They’re less wordy, but not wordless. 😉

We had a visitor recently who will be returning again in the middle of the month. Her name is Mau and Mau is a patched tabby cat. BTW, Mau is the Chinese word for cat. Mau is staying with us because her mom is going out of town. She could take Mau with her but Mau, like many cats, is not good at traveling. She hates being confined so a long road trip or airline flight would have been extremely stressful for her.

So mom brought Mau to our house. Mau rode safely in the short car ride because she rode in her pet travel carrier. Once Mau got here, she was very happy to get out of the carrier and into our basement. Our basement is fairly large and is completely finished with carpeting, furniture, and everything. She had plenty of places to investigate and space for all her belongings. It was just like being at home.

Mau in the basement hiding under a chair.

Mau is investigating the basement where she will be staying for a two-week visit.


By the end of her visit, Mau walked around like she owned the place.


Mau is sitting under the table. She is probably looking outside the sliding glass door window which is directly across from her.


Mau had to stay in the basement because of Pierson’s high prey drive. Pierson knows the cat is down there and kept guard at the door.


Here is a picture I drew of Mau about a year-and-a-half ago when she was still a kitten. She loves boxes.

Here is a video of Mau bullying Maya. This was on another visit from Mau before I got Pierson so Mau was allowed upstairs.


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This is Emma, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, in her Lookout pet car seat from Snoozer. The Lookout line from Snoozer includes several sized car seats for dogs. Emma is in the medium sized Lookout but there are also really small sizes such as the console pet car seats, and a larger size, the My Buddy. There are also the bench seats which are designed for larger dogs. Besides the various sizes and styles, here are more reasons to love Snoozer:

These car seats for dogs come in various designer fabrics. There are five vinyl colors. Some people really like the vinyl because they are easy to wipe clean and do not absorb dirt like the fabric colors do. But some people like the fabric ones because the covers can be removed and are easier to wash in a washing machine. Plus the fabric ones come in seven designer colors.

All the Lookouts, My Buddy, bench seats, and console seats can be strapped into your car and they come with a tether so that you can clip it onto your dog’s harness for security (do not clip onto your dog’s collar as this could cause choking in a sudden stop).

The Snoozer pet car seats are the most comfortable pet seats available. They have a 2.5 inch foam padding. This padding is on the bottom and the sides. The interior of the Snoozer car seats for dogs have lamb wool lining. This is great for both comfort and warmth. So if you are traveling with your dog this winter, help him be comfortable, safe, and warm with one of these fashionable pet car seats.

We have a couple of My Buddys in vinyl design on sale. Plus, you can use discount code petfriend to get an additional 10% off! The discount code is all one word and all lowercase.

Have a safe and happy 2013 with your pet!

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