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December 29, 2012

It’s almost time for the new year – 2013! What is your New Year’s resolution? Me, I’m going to try to exercise more and eat healthier. I get plenty of walks with the dogs but I need to do more. My dogs Maya and Pierson want to learn more tricks. Pierson also wants to keep his teeth cleaner so that I will stop brushing them. So what is your New Year’s resolution?

How about keeping your pets safer in the car? Perhaps your dog is good in the car, like my Pierson. Pierson just sits there very quietly. But he is my baby boy and I want to keep him safe for in case I have to stop suddenly or swerve out of the way of something in the road or away from a crazy driver. Pierson wears his Bergan dog car harness and I have the back seat floor covered with the Kurgo Backseat Bridge.


Pierson is wearing the Bergan dog car harness. The Backseat Bridge covers the floor of the car.


Perhaps your dog is crazy in the car like my Labrador Maya. Maya LOVES to ride in the car. Even if I am taking her to the vet, she is super excited both on the ride there and on the ride back. She wears the Kurgo Tru-Fit smart dog seat belt but uses the Bergan replacement tether. I like the Bergan replacement tether because Maya likes to move around a lot and will get herself tangled in the loop tether provided with the Kurgo Tru-Fit.


Maya is wearing a red Kurgo Tru-Fit car harness.


If your dog is crazy in the car like my Maya, consider the Bergan brand dog car harness or even the Pet Buckle brand. For a small dog, make sure to get the one with the Kwik Connect tether included. Otherwise it uses a loop tether similar to the one from Kurgo. For a large dog, our large Pet Buckle travel kit comes with both the harness and the Kwik Connect tether.


The Pet Buckle dog seat belt and Kwik-Connect tether.


If you don’t think your dog will tolerate a dog seat belt, consider a pet travel crate strapped in with the safety tested kennel restraints from Pet Buckle. Or use a pet car barrier. After all, our pets are family. We want to keep them safe like family. And pet travel safety supplies are easier than ever to get and most of them have been safety tested.


A pet crate strapped in with kennel restraints helps to protect your dog or cat in the car.


So practice pet travel safety and have a Happy New Year with your pets!

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December 28, 2012

New Year’s Resolution – Protect your four-legged family member in the car with a dog seat belt. Enter to win a Kurgo Tru-Fit dog car harness or a Bergan dog car harness for your dog by entering the Rafflecopter entries below. Comment, like, and follow your way to a safer pet. Open to US entrants only. The contest ends on Sunday, January 20th at 11:59pm. One winner will be chosen at random on the 21st and announced between the 21st and 23rd. The winner can select from the available sizes of either a Kurgo Tru-Fit brand or Bergan brand dog seat belt.

Sephi is wearing the Kurgo dog car harness.

Maya is wearing a red Kurgo Tru-Fit car harness.

The Kurgo Tru-Fit brand uses a loop system tether. The seat belt of your car goes through the loop on the harness in order to secure your pet in the car. The loop system keeps your dog more secure. It doesn’t allow for your dog to move around much so if your dog will try to move around while wearing the Kurgo brand, he may get tangled in the loop system. This brand is best for dogs that simply like to sit or lay down in the car. The Kurgo harness is slightly padded. Red is shown above with our dog Maya but we only have black available at this time for this contest. BTW, Maya has to use a Bergan tether with her Kurgo harness because she does like to move around a lot in the car.

Pierson is wearing the Bergan dog car harness.

The Bergan tether attaches to the seat belt of your car.

The padded chest piece of the Bergan brand is a little longer than that of the Kurgo brand. The tether of the Bergan brand attaches directly to the seat belt webbing of your car. This allows your dog to move around more. The shorter you keep the tether (which is adjustable in length) the safer your dog. But if your dog likes to move around a lot despite the harness, the Bergan tether may be better for them than the Kurgo loop tether.

Both the Kurgo and the Bergan have been safety tested for strength. Feel free to check out their pages for more information on each brand – Kurgo and Bergan. If you are not a winner but would like to purchase a dog seat belt, feel free to use discount code petfriend for 10% off.

Thanks for entering!

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December 26, 2012

Be sure to check out my last post about visiting my mom and stepdad in Missouri. I ended up going by myself because my husband’s boss wouldn’t let him have Monday or Wednesday off. Since it is a 5 hour drive, it didn’t make much sense to drive there and only visit for one day. Besides, I had that Dixie Stampede to take my mom and stepdad to on Sunday. That is a lot of driving back and forth. So my husband stayed behind and took care of Maya & Pierson. Here are the photos I took on my visit to my mom’s:

Me petting Sandy the goat. She loves for her chin and cheeks to be scratched.

My mom’s 10 chickens. There is Pixie, Cochise, and I don’t remember the names of the others.

This is one of my mom’s rabbits, Buck.

My mom’s dog Solo. She is such a sweetie!

Rocky is getting old. He is 10 years old and resting here on the bed.

This is a photo of one of the horses at the Dixie Stampede. They did not allow us to take photos of the show itself. 🙁

As I said, my husband had to stay behind because of work. It was very sad. But it looks like he had a good time with Maya & Pierson. And our friends Sha Sha and Jinbo were there too.

Here is my husband with Pierson. It looks like they had a great time without me. 😉

Our friend Jinbo has Maya & Pierson doing tricks. They got lots of holiday treats too!

For other great pet photos for Wordless Wednesday, check out the blog hop below!

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December 22, 2012

Solo and Rocky chilling out on the porch.

By the time you read this, we are already on the road to visit my mom and stepdad in Missouri. It is a five hour drive so it is not as long as when we went to my dad’s in Texas. Sadly, Maya & Pierson are staying behind with our friends Sha Sha and Jinbo. We decided not to take them with us to Missouri this year for two reasons:

The Dixie Stampede
My mother has just finished all her treatments for lung cancer and she is now officially cancer free! To celebrate, we are going to take her to Branson, Missouri to see the Dixie Stampede. My mother is a huge Dolly Parton fan (she won 2nd place in a Dolly look-a-like contest when she was younger) and the Dixie Stampede is somehow associated with Dolly Parton. Branson, Missouri does not have very many pet friendly accommodations and the Dixie Stampede is no exception.

My Mom’s Dog Solo
Solo absolutely hates other dogs. The last time we came for a visit with the dogs, Rocky and Solo had to take turns with Maya and Pierson being outside because they couldn’t be inside together. And since Branson is about two hours away from my mom’s house, we would have to keep two dogs outside for several hours at a time while we are gone. I don’t want to do that to them. Sha Sha and Jinbo have taken good care of Maya and Pierson before and love them almost as much as we do so we are confident that they will be in good hands.

Are your pets going with you for the holidays or will they have to stay behind? We’d love to hear about how you and your pets are spending this week.

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The most traveling we do with our dogs is done during the holiday season. This is because we are traveling long distances to see our family. To prepare for long winter travel with our pets, we make sure that the vehicle is not only comfortable but safe. Here are some photos of my dogs riding in the car during winter travel.

This is Sephi on the heated pet car seat cover.

Maya in the back seat. She is wearing her dog seat belt but the tether allows her to move around a bit and she can put her head between the seats. She is resting on the backseat bridge which covers the floor and she is covered with a dog blanket.

Maya & Pierson ride in the back of the Ford Escape that we rented for our trip to Texas this November. They have a nice comfy bed and a blanket.

This wasn’t taken in winter and Emma isn’t our dog, but she rides very comfortably and warmly in the Snoozer pet car seat.

Pierson in the car with a blanket… not that he really needs a blanket with that nice thick coat of his.

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December 17, 2012

Thank you to everyone who entered the dog car harness giveaway! Our winner is Janet K… Congratulations!!! Janet, you will receive an email shortly. Although this contest is over, we will start a new one in January. Please stay tuned to our blog, Facebook, and Twitter pages. In the meantime, feel free to use discount code holidaypet for 15% off! This discount is good on all our products except the BreezeGuard window screens.

Thanks again for entering! 🙂

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Caring for your pet on a long trip

Author: MayaAndPierson
December 11, 2012

During vacation periods it can be necessary to take a beloved pet along for the ride.  Good pet-sitters can be hard to find, and anyway, a holiday is much more fun in the company of a loyal, furry friend.

Traveling with pets on a long trip need not be too stressful for the animal or the driver, if good planning and preparations are in place.  Dogs and cats differ when it comes to road travel, dogs being far more amenable to the whole experience.  Dogs seem to enjoy traveling with their owners, so getting them into a car tends not to be a big deal.  Cats however, being of an independent nature, are more accustomed to traveling under their own steam and do not take kindly to being transported in a loud, metal box on wheels.  Many cats head for the hills at the mere sight of a pet-carrier, so owners need to approach the whole travel issue carefully.

Cat travel tips
It is safer to keep a cat contained in a well-ventilated carrier or crate for the duration of the journey, as a panicked cat leaping around the car’s interior is dangerous.  Carriers should be well secured so they do not shift with the motion of the car.

Sticking to a cat’s routine reduces anxiety so keeping meal time regular is important – giving kitty his favorite canned cat food is reassuring while on the move, and the familiar taste is comforting.  Heightened stress levels can lead to cats becoming dehydrated more quickly, so regular drinks of water should be offered.  Plan frequent rest stops during the journey so that food, water and toilet needs can be taken care of.

Some cats travel better if mildly sedated, and this is something that should be discussed with the animal’s veterinarian in advance.

Dog travel tips
Our canine companions are far more accustomed to joining us on road trips.  Whether it’s just around the corner or across country, many dogs simply love the thrill of the open road.  However, if the planned journey is a long distance affair, it is wise to take the dog on a few short jaunts beforehand, gradually getting it used to longer trips.  Make sure a dog has plenty of room inside its carrier to easily turn around and move about.  If they do not respond well to being confined, some canines can be secured using specially designed dog seat belts and pet car booster seats.

As with cats, routine is everything and regular stops for drinks and toilet breaks should be factored in.  Packing a few familiar items such as toys or blankets will be comforting for a dog and help him to relax.  Remember to take along any medications the dog is on, and carry contact details of his veterinarian just in case.  Microchips and identity tags should be in place in case the pooch takes off in unfamiliar surroundings.

Don’t be put off taking a pet companion on a long road trip.  With good preparation it can turn in to a positive and fun experience.  We miss them so much when they aren’t there – so why not take them along with us?

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December 8, 2012

This article is paraphrased from an article we wrote on our American Dog Blog. It was a good article and worth repeating. Pets are great, but they may not be the best Christmas gifts. Here is why and what you can do instead of giving a puppy or kitten instead:

Picking out a Pet is a Family Event
If you are considering giving your child or loved one a puppy or kitten for Christmas, consider giving a gift certificate or a promise note instead. This way the entire family can get together and decide which pet is perfect for everyone. If done after Christmas, this will also help all the pets which have ended up in the shelter because they were given as gifts and not wanted. This happens more often than you think so waiting until the entire family is ready and can decide together helps both your family and the pets that found themselves homeless.

Picking out a Pet is a Personal Experience
You wouldn’t go pick out someone else’s wedding dress, would you? The puppy or kitten you think is perfect may not be the ideal pet for the person you are picking it out for. Even if that person described every detail about what they want in a pet, it’s like finding the perfect wedding dress – the right pet is chosen based not just on a description but also on emotion. Also, that person may not really be ready for a pet. By giving a promise note instead, they can choose when the time is most right for them. The holidays are already overwhelming. It might be best not to overwhelm things more with a little fur-ball of mischief.

Give a Stuffed Animal with a Promise Note Instead
If you know for a fact that a certain person really wants a puppy or kitten for Christmas, giving a stuffed one along with a promise note instead is a very creative idea. This allows them to pick out a real live pet themselves and you have still given a gift on that very special day.

Give a Donation in Someone’s Name
Now that you know how many pets are abandoned after the holidays because people weren’t really ready for them, you can give homeless pets and a person you care about a gift by donating in their name to a shelter or rescue group. If someone you know lost a pet recently, giving the gift in their pet’s name is an even better idea.

Promise to Volunteer
If a good friend or family member wants a pet but you are concerned a pet may be too much for them to handle, give the gift of agreeing to volunteer at an animal shelter together. This way, the person can see how much work is involved in caring for a pet. They might discover they don’t really want a puppy or kitten after all, or they might find out they are allergic to animals. Also, if the person doesn’t have time to get together with you, this might be a sign that they wouldn’t have time for a puppy or kitten either.

Please don’t buy a pet for Christmas this year. Consider the above alternatives instead and save one of the animals who were given up because someone wasn’t ready.

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December 5, 2012


Beloved Jinger.

Bernal purchased the Snoozer pet car seat from us for his new dog Teddy. He was very happy with the car seat and our customer service, and shared his lovely story of Jinger and Teddy with us.

After his dog Jinger passed away in April 2012, Bernal wasn’t sure if he wanted another dog. But after meeting his granddaughter’s new dog Sasha, he decided to look around for a new best friend. He started at and ended up at the Almost Home Humane Society of North Central Iowa. There he saw a Bichon Frise mix named Koby and knew he was the one. Koby was matted and malnourished from his previous experience before rescue. Bernal took over his care, renamed him Teddy, and gave him a brand new start on life.

Teddy (Koby) before.

Teddy after. Cute, right?

Teddy is a cherished member of the family.

Teddy has made himself right at home.

If you want to know more details on this story, visit Bernal’s article on We love rescue stories!!!

Thank you Bernal for sharing the beautiful pet photos of Jinger and Teddy. Thank you for sharing Teddy’s story, and thank you for the wonderful compliments!

For more great Wordless Wednesday pet photos, check out the blog hop below.

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Sephi is wearing the Kurgo dog car harness.

Pierson is wearing the Bergan dog car harness.

December’s giveaway will be relatively short since the contest ends at 11:59pm, December 16th. We will choose a winner on the 17th because we want the winner to receive their prize before Christmas!

A winner will be chosen at random by our Rafflecopter below. Enter by posting a comment, following us on Twitter, liking us on Facebook, or tweeting about the giveaway. You can tween multiple times for multiple entries. US residents only, please. Sorry, we don’t ship outside the continental US.

The winner will get to choose from any size of either the Kurgo brand or Began brand dog car harness. We will ship the prize to the winner via USPS Priority Mail in hopes that it will arrive before Christmas.

If you are not a winner, feel free to use discount code holidaypet to receive 15% off your purchase. That is holidaypet, all lowercase and all one word.

Paws up for good luck!
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