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Hot Dog Summer Scorcher

Author: MayaAndPierson
July 28, 2012

Hot car reenactment from an actress… imagine what it would be like for your dog.

Please, please, please, PLEASE don’t leave your dog alone in the car – not even for a minute. It is freakin’ hot outside and so it is even hotter inside your car. I know you love your dog and you want to take him with you. But you don’t want him to die, right? Can you imagine going into the store for just a few minutes only to find your dog having a heat stroke when you come out? That would be beyond terrible!!!

I know you think it is only just for a moment. But what if you get stuck in line? What if you’re going inside a fast food place just for a second only to find it’s lunch rush-hour and getting your food is taking longer than you thought? Was it really worth it to bring your dog with you? I don’t think so.

Death isn’t the only danger of leaving your dog in the car. Your dog could suffer brain damage too. Or your dog could be stolen. Someone noticing your dog left in the car could be taking your dog to help save him from your stupidity or just for the sake of stealing your dog and trying to get you to pay money for him later.

Check out PETA’s article on the subject by clicking HERE. They also have a video on the subject which we featured a week or so ago. PETA says that even on a 78-degree day, the temperature inside your car can get to over 100-degrees in just a few minutes. Please don’t subject your beloved pet to this torture.

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July 25, 2012

At the Pawsh Wash then U-Wash-Puppy for Suds of Fun

The dogs don’t like bath time any more than I do. But when they get stinky, too bad. Rather than give them a bath at home and clog my drains, I take my dogs to a self-wash-your-dog place. The one in Lawrence, KS is Pawsh Wash. Here is Maya making the best of it.

Before Maya gets her bath, she plays with Hercules and Bean.


Maya likes the towel-drying part the most.

When I lived in Overland Park, KS, I took Sephi and Maya to U-Wash-Puppy. So when I found out U-Wash-Puppy was going to have an event called Suds of Fun to benefit the Humane Society of Greater Kansas City, I signed up to have a booth to sell some of my dog car harnesses from The event was held this Sunday. I was going to take Pierson to get his bath but it was over 100 degrees that day. So I just took pictures of other people washing their dogs.

Lots of people & dogs visiting the Suds of Fun event at U-Wash-Puppy.


This is Lady. She runs the place. Right now she is begging for some goodies.


Bath time is easier but still no fun.


After the bath, it is time for the blow drying.


This is our new friend Porter who helped his family establish Porter’s Pet Pantry.


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The Center for Pet Safety is an independent organization which has done testing on a few dog car harness brands. Their report has been completed. All four brands tested have failed to some degree. And three of the four brands tested claim to have already tested their dog car harnesses. Read more about this report HERE.

Unfortunately, the Center for Pet Safety is not allowed to tell us or any consumers what four brands were tested. However, Pet Buckle has reviewed the report and determined based on the designs shown in the four videos that their dog car harness was not one of the ones tested by the Center for Pet Safety. Kurgo responded with their own video which concludes that their harnesses do not break. Bergan has replied back and confirms their testing holds up to the V9DT standards. These standards indicate that the harnesses can withstand a lot of pounds of pressure (800lbs for a small, 1,500lbs for a medium, 2,500lbs for a large, and 4,400 for an extra large). All three of these companies are continuously testing their products and making improvements.

So if this test did not have favorable results for dog car harnesses, why should you buy one? For one, having some safety in place is better than none. Not only is it still possible that your pet has some form of protection in a car accident, but it may also keep your dog from escaping the car after a car accident. Most dogs will try to run away from what hurt them. And if they are unrestrained, they may escape out of a broken window. They could then get lost, hit by another vehicle, or die from the injuries because no one was able to get them medical attention.

At the very least, a dog car harness keeps your dog from being a distraction to the driver. At the most, it is possible that a dog car harness can protect your dog in minor collisions. Any protection has got to be better than none at all. Seat belts for people have been proven to save lives depending on the severity of the car accident. A seat belt for dos is likely to increase your pet’s survival as well. You can also consider keeping your pet safe in a secured pet crate instead of a dog car harness. We hope this report by the Center for Pet Safety inspires the makers of dog car harnesses to do more research.

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Watch as Elisabetta Canalis reenacts what it would be like to be locked in a car on a warm day. The windows are down, but it is still evident that it gets very hot in a very short amount of time. This video was presented by PETA and they encourage you to leave your dog at home in the summer unless you are going someplace where your dog doesn’t have to wait for you in the car.

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Pet Travel Bowls for Dogs on the Go!

Author: MayaAndPierson
July 14, 2012

Pet Auto Safety currently has four different kinds of pet travel bowls for your dog. All of them are great, it just depends on your needs and preferences. Here is a brief overview of the four kinds we have available:

Collaps-a-Bowl from Kurgo (top left)
* Made from a safe rubber material which easily folds flat.
* Holds 24oz of water and can be used for food too.
* Comes in light blue only.
* $9.99 + $5 shipping (as of the date of this post).

Handi-Drink Water Dish (top right)
* Portable water dish comes with its own bottle.
* Easily folds open to dispense water for your dog.
* Holds 17oz of water.
* Clips to your belt loop.
* Comes in light blue only.
* $9.99 + $5 shipping (as of the date of this post).

Outward Hound Pet Travel Bowls (bottom left)
* Water resistant.
* Easily folds and can be put in your pocket.
* Holds 24oz of food or water.
* Comes in hunter green or red while supplies last.
* $9.99 + $5 shipping (as of the date of this post).

Bergan Pet Travel Bowls (bottom right)
* Zips up to keep food fresh.
* Waterproof.
* Clips to your belt loop.
* Can be folded and put into larger pockets.
* Holds 40oz of food or water.
* Comes in black or red.
* $10.99 + $5 shipping (as of the date of this post).

Travel safe and keep your pet hydrated this summer with a pet travel water dish. (Just a special note, the photo of the black and white dog drinking from the Collaps-a-Bowl is our dog Pierson!)

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Lost Dog Reunited with Owner

Author: MayaAndPierson
July 11, 2012

We love happy endings! You know all the warnings sent about dogs and fireworks? Well, this dog Shiera was in her own yard when she escaped and ran off in fear. Her mom saw her one moment and the next Shiera was gone. Our friend’s friend found her at about 11pm and got in touch with me. I took her in that night. Then the next morning contacted the shelter, posted her photo on FB, Twitter, and Craig’s list.

I am happy to say that Shiera is now home with her family. It was a very happy reunion. Here are a few photos of Shiera’s short stay.


Shiera is the black dog. She is laying under my desk at my feet along with my Labrador Maya.


From the moment I learned and said Shiera's name, she perked up and knew it was time to go home. We are waiting in the car to meet her mom. Shiera wore my dog Pierson's car harness for the ride.


Mom and son are so happy that Shiera's safe. And Shiera is happy to be going home.


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How Hot is the Car for Your Dog?

Author: MayaAndPierson
July 7, 2012

I saw this great chart on Facebook and had to share it. I think it came from a similar chart found on PetSavers in New Jersey. Based on our experience with getting into our cars on a relatively warm day, we know it is much hotter inside than outside. And this chart shows us how much hotter it gets and in such a short time. Knowing this, do you really want to leave your dog alone in the car for even five minutes?

Besides the facts in the chart above, a study by Stanford University shows that even on a day that is only 72 degrees, the inside of a car get as hot as 116 degrees in an hour. Check out their article HERE. (Their numbers in their article is written in Celsius so you will have to convert them to Fahrenheit.)

Another great site for information is called My Dog is Cool. Check it out HERE. This website is dedicated to educating the public about the danger of leaving dogs in cars.

What to do about it
First of all, don’t ever leave your dog alone in the car. Even on cool days, it can get hot in your car. And don’t forget about people being able to steal your dog. Plus, it can also be considered animal cruelty. If you see someone else who has left their dog in the car call the police or animal control. If you don’t have their number on hand, don’t hesitate to call 911. You can also get some really cool fliers that you can put in people’s car. The My Dog is Cool has a great flier that can be easily downloaded. It says, “A hot oven or a hot car, it’s the same thing.” One woman went so far as to break a car window to get the dog out. Her story can be read HERE. This is illegal and thankfully the other party did not press charges.

Another thing you can do is go inside the store where you believe the owner went into and ask the manager to make an announcement over the intercom. Some store managers won’t but it might be worth a try. And it might be worth mentioning that it is against the law to leave an animal alone in the car.

I know you love your dog. But love him by leaving him at home if you plan on going somewhere he can’t go. Please don’t leave him in the car.

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July 4, 2012

We’re taking our dogs on a 4th of July picnic but they are going back home before we watch the fireworks. Maya and Pierson are celebrating the picnic already!

Pierson says, "No, I do not think this is cute at all!"


Maya says, "I agree, Little Brother. If I wasn't getting a treat for this, I would greatly protest."

Happy 4th of July!!!

Enjoy more pet 4th of July photos from the Wordless Wednesday blog hop:

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