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February 28, 2012

Pierson Wearing his Bergan Dog Car Harness 1
Pierson Photo 1

This is my new dog Pierson wearing his new Bergan dog car harness. As you may know, I lost my beloved Sephi this past November. I still have my wonderful dog Maya, but I really missed having two dogs. In January, I had the opportunity to rescue an Australian Shepherd mix who had been living at a park as a stray for nearly a month. I named him Pierson after the park and he has fit in very nicely with his new family. Pierson and Maya get along great. Pierson is very intelligent and is quickly learning manners and basic commands. He also rides well in the car. But just like Sephi & Maya, he has to wear a dog car harness.

I selected the Bergan dog car harness for Pierson. It is a relatively new product for Pet Auto so I wanted to try it out to see how it works. As you can see from the photos, it fits Pierson very nicely and looks very comfortable. I have posted three different photos of Pierson here. Please feel free to comment on which photo looks cuter and more professional. I’d like to use one of his photos and a photo of Maya wearing her dog car harness for a commercial which Pet Auto is having made.

Pierson Wearing his Bergan Dog Car Harness 2
Pierson Photo 2
Pierson in a Bergan Dog Car Harness 3
Pierson Photo 3
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Compare Dog Car Harness Brands

Author: MayaAndPierson
February 25, 2012


There is no one company that has tested and rated all the dog car harness brands. Each company uses their own testers and testing methods. Since each company is different, all we can do as consumers is rate the brands we have tried and check out dog seat belt reviews from other purchasers. We here at have experience with four dog car harness brands and have compared them below.

Our rating is based on the chest padding of each dog seat belt and is listed from the best padded to the least.


  1. Guardian Gear / Cruising Companion padded styles (includes the plaid, Houndstooth, and Ride Right styles)
  2. Bergan
  3. Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Dog Car Harness
  4. Pet Buckle
  5. Guardian Gear / Cruising Companion non-padded styles

Tether Tangling & Twisting
For dogs that like to move around a lot in the car, the tether of certain dog seat belt brands can cause tangling and twisting. We have listed the brands from least likely to tangle to the most likely.


  1. Guardian Gear / Cruising Companion padded and non-padded styles – no tangling, very little twisting
  2. Bergan – no tangling but tends to get twisted
  3. Pet Buckle – twisting with Kwik-Connect tether, tangling without
  4. Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Dog Car Harness – tangling and twisting can occur

We have listed our dog seat belt brands from least expensive to most expensive.


  1. Guardian Gear / Cruising Companion non-padded styles
  2. Guardian Gear / Cruising Companion padded styles
  3. Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Dog Car Harness
  4. Bergan
  5. Pet Buckle

As previously stated, each company uses their own testing methods. And each claims to have the best testing methods. We have looked into each testing method of our four dog seat belt brands and have done the best we can to determine who has the most extensive testing. The dog car harness brands here have been listed from the most extensively tested to the least.


  1. Pet Buckle – has done strength, durability, comfort, and actual crash testing
  2. Bergan & Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Dog Car Harness – has done strength, durability, and comfort testing, but no actual crash testing.
  3. Guardian Gear / Cruising Companion – has done no testing but the company has been selling this product for many years and claims to have no complaints regarding safety.

Ease of Use
All our dog car harness brands have about the same level of ease when it comes to putting it on your dog. They all work basically the same way in that your dog steps through, you buckle the clips, then you put your dog in the car and secure the tether.

Best for Very Small Dogs or Very Large Dogs
The Guardian Gear / Cruising Companion non-padded styles will fit the smallest dogs while the Bergan dog car harness will fit the largest dogs.

Since there are so many dog car harness brands to choose from, it can be difficult to make a choice. Consider your dog and what is most important to you and compare. We apologize for not being able to provide information on other dog seat belt brands. If you have experience with any of these or other brands, feel free to share.

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February 21, 2012

Bergan Replacement Tether for a Dog Car Harness

We here at Pet Auto have had some customers concerned about the length of the tethers for their dog car harness. A two foot tether for a large dog seems too short. But there is one very good safety reason for why the tethers are no longer than 24 inches.

Imagine getting in a car accident with your dog. In this car accident, your dog is likely to get tossed around quite a bit. Therefore, the shorter the tether, the less tossing, and the less likely your dog is to be injured. All the manufacturers advise to keep the tethers on the dog car harness as short as comfortably possible for your dog. You may want to give your dog freedom to move around, but you also want to make sure you are not compromising his safety.

If your dog is sitting or resting, the tethers can be kept very short without interfering with your dog’s comfort. But if your dog is standing the tether seems too short because the dog car harness may pull to the side. The manufacturers assure us that this does not interfere with the safety of the harness. It is safer for your dog to teach him to sit or lay down with a short tether or to let the harness pull slightly to the side than it is to give him a long tether.

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February 18, 2012


Juliette, who recently bought and reviewed the Bergan dog car harness, liked it so much that she has decided to sell it too. Juliette lives in the UK which means that if you are in Europe, the Bergan dog car harness is now available to you. If you are in the UK, you sadly can’t get this fantastic product through Pet Auto It costs as much to ship it as it does to buy it. But if you buy with through Juliette’s site, the shipping is less because she has purchased in bulk, and buying bulk is less expensive. Check out Juliette’s dog Dougie in the Bergan dog car harness. And if you are in the UK, visit her website –

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February 14, 2012


Many dogs love to ride in the car. You see them with their heads out the window and tongue’s-a-lolling. But not all dogs love to ride in the car. My new dog Pierson does okay in the car, but he doesn’t love it like my dog Maya does. So what can I do? What can you do so that your dog loves to ride in the car?

Take Short Trips
Take your dog to the pet store, drive-through bank, drive-through food, dog park, just to name a few. Stay close to home so that your dog doesn’t get car sick.

Go Somewhere Fun
Your dog would love to get a treat at the pet store or run around in the dog park. Go as often as the weather allows. If you have a friend your dog plays well with, take your dog when you visit your friend.

No Food Beforehand
Try not to give your dog his meal one to two hours before a car trip. Your dog may be okay on short trips, but not always.

Don’t Sooth Your Dog
By consoling your dog on the trip, you aren’t reassuring him that everything is okay. You are confirming his beliefs that a car trip is bad. Ignore his behavior or talk in a normal voice. If your dog is used to the radio, turn it on. Otherwise leave it off.

Don’t Yell at Your Dog
Likewise, don’t yell at your dog when he is in the car. Yelling just confirms his belief that riding in the car is a bad thing. If he is misbehaving, ignore him. If you can’t ignore him because he is all over the car, consider putting him in a dog car harness.

Allow Your Dog to Look Out the Window
If you have a small dog, don’t put him on your lap so he can see out the window. That is not safe for either you or your dog. Put him in a pet car booster seat. If you have a large dog, you may have a hard time looking out the window if he is huddled in his seat. Open a window to encourage him to look out. Don’t force him. As he gets more used to the car, he may eventually be tempted by a scent outside and lift his nose to look out. The more he looks out the window, the less likely he is to get car sick. Don’t force him to look out, though.

Give Your Dog Something that is His
To help my new dog Pierson enjoy the car, I give him his favorite blanket. It has his scent all over it and it smells like home. I could give him a toy too, but I’d prefer that he look out the window so he won’t get car sick.

With time and patience, your dog will come to love riding in the car. Then both you and your dog can enjoy those trips to the dog park. You may even be able to take him on longer trips when you go on vacation. I speak from experience when I say that vacationing with my dogs is much more enjoyable (and less expensive) than leaving them behind.

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As you may know from our other blog,, we have a new dog in the family. His name is Pierson and he is a sweet Border Collie and/or Australian Shepherd mix. He and my other dog Maya get along great and Pierson is fitting right in with the family. Here is a cute photo of Maya and Pierson playing.


Visit some other great dog blogs for Mutt Monday!

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February 11, 2012

kurgo_black_hammock.jpgAuto Zip Line for a Dog Car Harness 2 

The manufacturer of our Kurgo brand pet travel products is so confident of the quality of their products that they have instituted a lifetime guarantee on almost all of their products. Since we carry many of the pet travel products from Kurgo, we get to pass on this fantastic Lifetime Guarantee.

The Kurgo pet travel products that fall under this lifetime guarantee include the Tru-Fit dog car harness, the Auto Zip Line for a dog car harness, Car Door Guards, Kennel Straps (also called Carrier Keeper), Backseat Barrier, Backseat Bridge, Skybox Booster pet car seat, Cargo Liner Cape, the Wander Hammock, and others. All the ones we have just listed here are available at Pet Auto

The best part about the Lifetime Guarantee from Kurgo is that it covers all sorts of damage. Not only does it cover natural wear and tear, but it also covers chewing damage and soiling damage. So if your dog chews his dog car harness or leaves an ugly poo stain on the Wander Hammock, then Kurgo will repair or replace it.

There is a nominal fee for this service. The Tru-Fit dog car harness, Auto Zip Line, Car Door Guards, and Kennel Straps will cost $6 to repair or replace while the Backseat Barrier, Backseat Bridge, Skybox Booster pet car seat, Cargo Liner Cape, and Wander Hammock costs $10 to repair or replace. Please note that the shipping cost is also charged. But the shipping cost is not inflated. Kurgo will charge the exact same shipping charge to you as it costs for them to ship it. No packaging or handling fees.

So if you have one of these Kurgo pet travel products and need it repaired, we will get you in contact with Kurgo for instructions. They will need you to complete a return and exchange form and ship the Kurgo pet travel product to them. It doesn’t matter how long ago you bought it. And it doesn’t matter whether you bought the Kurgo pet travel product directly from them or from any of their distributors (including Pet Auto

To find these great pet travel products from Kurgo on our website, enter ‘Kurgo’ in the search field. Please note that other pet travel products may show up in the search. Clicking on the specific pet travel product will bring you to the product description page. This page will tell you if that particular pet travel product is from Kurgo and if it has the Lifetime Guarantee.

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February 7, 2012


AAA has done a pet travel safety survey in conjunction with Kurgo pet products. Since we sell Kurgo’s products, we decided to share the interesting pet travel safety information with you. This survey was done by interviewing 1,000 dog owners who travel with their pets.

But first, let’s share some scientific study information regarding unrestrained pets in the car. A dog weighing 10 pounds will exert about 500 pounds of force in a 50 mph car accident. Likewise, an 80 pound dog will exert about 2,400 pounds of force in a 30 mph car accident. Knowing this information, why do only 160 people out of the 1,000 asked use some form of pet restraint for their dogs in the car?

According to the pet travel safety survey conducted by AAA, about 42% of the 840 people who do not use a pet restraint said they didn’t think their dog needed a pet restraint since they were calm in the car. 39% said that they never considered a pet restraint for their dog. 29% of the people said they didn’t think their dog would need it since they only go on short trips. And the remaining people said they wanted to let their dog put their head out the window, a restraint is too much trouble, they want their dog to have fun in the car, or they want to be able to hold their dog.

About 560 of these same 1,000 people said they travel with their dog at least once per month. And approximately 290 of them admitted that their pets were sometimes a distraction in the car. With a pet restraint, your dog is less likely to be a distraction and he will be less likely to become a dangerous projectile. The various pet restraint types to consider are dog car harnesses, secured pet travel crate, car seat for dogs, and pet barriers.

This is just a small sample of the information gathered in the pet travel safety survey conducted by AAA. For more information, visit the AAA Newsroom.

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February 4, 2012


Customers have great things to say about the Pet Net Brand Safety Car Barrier. Check out their reviews below:

“Ready for the Road” from Jill B. in New York
The perfect product for us and for our new VW Sportwagon. Our dog is able to see through the net and doesn’t feel the need to crawl over. Since we leave it in place, other passengers appreciate the open feel and don’t feel like they’re in the doghouse!

“Traveling Safer…Love the Pet Net!,” from Jaline in Massachusettes
I love, love, love Pet Net! I have an Expedition EL and it is plenty big enough. I have it directly behind the driver/passenger seats, hooked around the handles in the 2nd row. I keep it a bit low so I don’t see it in the mirror, but it’s still enough to keep my two black labs from coming into the front seat. I like that when I need to remove it to accommodate human passengers it’s easy to remove and store! It’s nice not to have a bulky metal gate to deal with….and if I do have to brake quickly, my dogs don’t slam into a metal frame. Also, the Net was shipped and arrived quickly. The Net comes in a mesh bag and all bungees are included. Highly recommended!!!

The Pet Net Brand Safety Car Barrier comes in a standard size which works great in cars and the large size Pet Net Brand Safety Car Barrier which works in both cars and SUVs.

If you have used a pet travel product, feel free to share your review. You can post a comment on this blog post or send your reviews to It doesn’t have to be a pet travel product that you purchased from our website.

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