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Be a Responsible Pet Owner and Spread the Word About Pet Auto Safety

Last but not least, a pet auto safety belt shows you to be a responsible and caring pet owner as well as a responsible driver.  Friends and strangers will be impressed with your thoughtfulness and foresight.  They in turn, may consider getting a pet safety restraint for their own dog.  You can be indirectly responsible for saving another dog’s life.

As you can see, all ten reasons are excellent reasons for your dog to wear a pet safety restraint.  Any argument against it are easily outweighed by the examples above.  Some dogs may not care for a pet safety restraint but practicing pet travel safety is best for you and your pet.

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The Comfort of a Pet Auto Seat Belt

A pet auto seat belt can actually be quite comfortable once the dog gets used to it.  Dogs can have a difficult time laying down in the seat of the car because of the turning, speeding up, slowing down, and stopping movements.  With a pet auto seat belt, a dog can stand, sit, or lay down comfortably and not have to worry about bracing themselves against car maneuvers.

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Great Christmas Dog Videos

Author: MayaAndPierson
December 25, 2011

Visit our American Dog Blog for several Christmas dog videos including videos from a cute Yorkie name Dexter, a dog being wrapped as a Christmas present, and dogs decorating a Christmas Tree.

Click HERE to visit the American Dog Blog post on Christmas Eve.

Click HERE to visit the American Dog Blog post on Christmas day.

Have a Merry Doggy Christmas!!!

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December 24, 2011

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Laws Regarding Pet Auto Safety

While it is not against the law to have your dog unrestrained in the vehicle, you can be ticketed for unsafe driving or for anything which an officer deems as a potential distraction which could lead to unsafe driving. Also, while it is not currently the law to have your dog wear a pet safety restraint in the car, it might soon be. California is coming close to such legislation. Purchase a pet safety restraint now and avoid those businesses that might raise their prices to take advantage of the law requirements.

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Lola Driving the Car

Easier for Emergency Personnel to Help Your Dog

Many dogs will run or even bite if frightened.  What if you and your pet happen to be in a serous auto accident?  Your dog is going to be terrified.  If there is a means of escape, the dog may get out of the car and run.  And where are they most likely to run?  It would be a terrible thing to survive an auto accident only to get hit by a car or get lost.  Even if there is no way for the dog to escape, he may need medical attention.  An injured dog may react defensively by tying to bite someone who is actually trying to help them.  A dog that is wearing a pet safety restraint, however, is easier to muzzle and therefore, easier to attend to.

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Airbags are Dangerous for Dogs

A dog should be in the back seat away from airbags. Airbags are not safe for children and they are not safe for dogs. Keep your dog in the back seat with a dog car seat belt or other pet safety restraint.

For more information, check out our previous article, Dogs and Airbags do not Mix.

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Keep Your Dog from Jumping Out the Window

Not only will the dog not be able to put their head out the window, they won’t be able to get their body out either.  Dogs are instinctive creatures and if something catches their attention, such as another dog, a squirrel, or other animal, they may go after it without a thought.  Perhaps your dog is too smart to do this, but why take the chance?

I had a dog about 15 years ago who jumped out the car window while we were on a dirt road and passing a bunch of cows. Thankfully he wasn’t hurt. I was going slow because I was on a dirt road. It was a short time after this when I bought pet safety restraint products for the first time.

This is reason #5 about why your dog should wear a pet safety restraint. See previous blog posts for the first four, then stay tuned for the remaining five.

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Comfortable and Safe Pet Travel

Don’t Let Your Dog Put His Head Out the Window

A dog wearing a pet safety restraint won’t be able to put his head out the window.  Did you know that even a tiny spec of flying debris can do serious damage to the dog’s eye or nose?  Many dogs love to put their heads out the window, but it can be an equally pleasant experience if they are sitting in a pet safety restraint by an open window.  They won’t be able to put their heads out, but they can still get a whiff of the multiple odors zipping by. Also, a dog with his head out the window is subject to choking or to getting thrown out the window should you have to suddenly swerve your car or make a sudden stop.

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Pet Auto Safety Products as a Gift?

Author: MayaAndPierson
December 3, 2011


Giving someone a pet auto safety product as a gift for their dog could be interpreted in the same way as giving someone exercise equipment or a cook book for beginners. These gifts say you need to lose weight or you can’t cook. So does giving a pet auto safety product say you need to properly care for your dog?

It might. It depends on what you are giving, who you are giving it to, and why. First, let’s examine the what. A dog car harness may send the wrong message. But what if it’s a stylish dog car harness that they can also walk their dog with? Then the gift might be considered more thoughtful. A pet car seat could also be considered a thoughtful gift for someone who loves to pamper their small dog.

Who you are giving the gift to can also make a difference on what message you are sending. If you are giving a dog car harness to your son or daughter, it’s okay. Giving hints about what they should and shouldn’t do is expected from a parent. But giving a pet auto safety product to a co-worker may not be considered as thoughtful unless you are good friends and you happen to have heard that co-worker talk about getting a pet auto safety product for their dog in the past.

Are you giving a pet auto safety product to someone because you saw their dog hanging out the car window too many times? Or are you giving it to them because you know they really care about their dog? Perhaps they never thought about a pet auto safety product for their dog before, right?

Giving the gift of a pet auto safety product to your close friend or family member can be a thoughtful gift. If you are concerned about how they might interpret the gift, try bringing up pet auto safety casually in a conversation. This way you get a sense for how they feel about pet auto safety products. And if you have talked to them previously, then they may be flattered that you remembered what they told you in that conversation.

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