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November 7, 2011

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Help Find Cooper

Driving with your dog unrestrained in the car is extremely dangerous, as your dog, the driver and any passengers can get hurt if there’s an accident, but here’s a sorry tail from last Sunday and we are hoping you can help find Cooper the silver Yorkie.

Deborah Gandy was driving in the car on her way to a business appointment with her two dogs Cooper and Ricky, both loose in the car in Hartsville. Ricky was in the front passengers seat (very dangerous as if air bags are fitted and an accident happens and they come into action, a dog could be severely injured) and Cooper was in the back.  Was in the back until he decided to jump out of the open car window…he’s been missing since Sunday.  Cooper jumped out near the First Baptist Church in Hartsville.

The owner had taken his dog collar off and had it with her in the car but Cooper not only jumped out of the car, but is also unidentifiable regards ownership, without collar and dog ID tags or chipped. Sadly Cooper is also blind, on meds and has food allergies so it is imperative he is reunited with his owner and medications asap.

Sightings have reported that a woman was seen picking him up and put Cooper in her car, probably concerned for his welfare, as he appeared to be limping – this was reported happening near the Sonic Drive In on last Sunday, the same day Cooper jumped from the car.

A good friend of Deborah’s kindly made flyers which are posted up all over Hartsville and other friends have posted Cooper’s pic on Facebook in the hope that someone can help find him and get him back home. Facebook people are doing their utmostin the bid to find Cooper and bring him back home.

Deborah Gandy is certain her little dog is still alive and has pleaded for help to have her dog home safe.

“He’s my baby, and I want him back,” Deborah Gandy said.

If anyone knows anything about his whereabouts, Deborah asks that they call 843-229-9736 or they can drop him off at Coldwell Banker on E. Carolina Avenue or Allstate Insurance Company on S. Fifth Street in downtown Hartsville.

Make certain your dog has a collar and ID at all times and keep your dog safely restrained in the car.

Gandy is optimistic that Cooper is alive. She is offering a reward for his safe return. She said she feels like it was someone who cares about animals that stopped and picked him up, but they just don’t know how to reunite him with his owner. She is worried because he is overdue for his medicine, and she and Ricky miss him terribly.

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November 5, 2011

Sephi wearing Independence Day bandana
Sephi (Persephone) 4-1-2001 to 11-2-2011

Sorry, I’m not up for writing a post today. I had to let Sephi go on Wednesday. The treatment that she was given Monday evening only helped for half a day. And even then, she still wasn’t doing all that well on that half day. By Wednesday morning, she looked absolutely miserable. It was time to say goodbye.

I really loved Sephi. I remember when I got Sephi that it was right around an ugly divorce. She was my constant companion and comfort during that time. As a puppy, she needed a lot of care and this helped to keep me from falling into utter misery.  Her cute little puppy antics helped me to.

Then about one year later I had the opportunity to work for a company in Kansas. They even offered to move me there. Well, I couldn’t fly, I said, because I wanted to take my dog Sephi. So we drove and my company put me and Sephi up at the Marriott in downtown Kansas City for two weeks while I found a place to live.

While I got to know everyone at my new job, they got to know me and they got to know about Sephi. I had photos of her at work and I talked about her a lot. Some people even got to meet her.

Sephi and I have had a lot of good happy times since then. She is an aloof kind of dog. She loved to play but she didn’t demand a lot of attention. When I would come home, she let me pat her on the head then she went back to do whatever it was she was doing. She was the same with strangers. She barked viciously at a knock on the door or a ring of the doorbell. But once I opened the door and greeted the person, she let down her guard. Sometimes she would let them pet her and sometimes she would just walk away and pretend they were never there. Although Sephi wasn’t too concerned about being petted, she always liked to be in the same room as I. She didn’t, however, like it when I got on the couch or the bed with her. She would always get down if I joined her. I don’t think it was because she felt I was the alpha and she was giving me my space, I think it was because she just didn’t like it when I moved around and disturbed her sleep.  :0)

When it comes to the alpha-thing, Sephi had to be the alpha with other dogs. But she always accepted me as the alpha. She was very well-mannered and very well behaved. She learned quickly, although she wasn’t very smart in figuring things out for herself. Example, I put a dog biscuit at the bottom of her toy box. She could not figure out how to get it out and quickly gave up. Sephi was food-driven, but not that food-driven.  :0)

There are a million other good things and memories I could share about Sephi. But I don’t want to make this blog too long and bore you. Suffice it to say that I loved Sephi very very much and I will miss her terribly.

Read this nice poem about dogs and heaven that this friend of mine sent me. The poem is on my other blog, American Dog Blog.

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November 1, 2011

Persephone (Sephi) 2001-?

Lately have been posting on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Well, today is Tuesday but I just don’t have it in my heart to write a pet safety article, product review, or pet travel destination article. Today I am going to be selfish and write about my dog Sephi.

Sephi, short for Persephone, is a ten-year-old Chow/Shepherd/Labrador/Border Collie mix. And she is not doing very well right now. I took her to the vet yesterday because she was suddenly not eating and too weak and dizzy to move around. The vet suspected vestibular disease which has a variety of causes including an ear infection, cancer in the inner ear, or just some neurological problem that some older dogs tend to get for no medically known reason.

But after some blood tests, the vet found even more trouble. Her red blood cell count was extremely low. He recommended that I take her to an emergency clinic right away. I took Sephi to the closest clinic about 45 miles away. They ran more tests and provided some treatment which may help Sephi feel comfortable for a short time. The vet said that there could only be three reasons why Sephi’s red blood count was so low – bone marrow disease, cancer, or an auto-immune disease. None of these have simple treatments and none of them guarantee success. At Sephi’s age, her chances at any one of them is pretty low.

So I am faced with a very difficult decision. I have three choices. I can spend thousands of dollars running tests and hoping treatments work, I can put Sephi to sleep now, or I can try to make her as comfortable as possible until it is obvious that putting her to sleep is the right decision. Some people say you should do whatever it takes, spend whatever it takes, and do everything you can to help your dog get better. Other people don’t think it is a good idea to put themselves into serious debt for something that may or may not help. This is a difficult decision to make and I won’t begrudge anyone who chooses one way or the other.

I want to spend whatever it takes but the reality is that I don’t have whatever it takes. And there is the very real possibility that treatments won’t work or at best will only extend Sephi’s life for a couple of months. If I hope for the best and do whatever it takes to give Sephi a couple more month, am I really doing it for Sephi’s benefit or my own?

The first thing I would need to do is subject Sephi to a bunch of tests which will cost hundreds of dollars and she would have to spend most of her time in a strange place around strange people. Sephi is not at all comfortable in strange places and prefers to stay at home. It is likely that making her go through all this will stress Sephi out and make her illness progress faster.

If I do the tests and find that Sephi has bone marrow disease, then the only chance for possible success is to get a blood transfusion every few days or possibly weeks. It really depends on how fast her red blood cells are being depleted. This process is almost a thousand dollars each time. If Sephi has cancer, she will have to be subject to cancer treatment which probably won’t make her feel very good. And again, the chance for success is very small depending on the extent of the cancer. If Sephi has an auto-immune disease, then she will need to be put on steroid treatment which will suppress her immune system. This will make her very susceptible to any other kind of sickness. Even something as small as a skin infection can get out of control and turn deadly. Even then, the steroid treatment is not guaranteed to work for long.

Considering the extent of Sephi’s symptoms and behavior, the chance of her being recovered from any of these three things is extremely low. And treatment for any of these three carry risks and side affects which will likely make Sephi very uncomfortable. And all this is on top of the vestibular disease problem which may or may not correct itself. Do I try anyway and hope for the best? Or do I let her go to keep her from suffering? I wish she could tell me what she wants. And I wish I could explain her options to her so could understand what is happening to her.

When we were at the veterinary hospital last night, Sephi sort of helped me make the decision. She showed interest in the things going on around her and and perked up her ears when I said the words “cookie” or “outside”. So I have done one test and some treatment which seemed to help a little bit. She has some medications which will hopefully make her more comfortable. And in order to avoid the stress of being in a strange place, I took her home last night. Depending on how she does, I can take her in form more tests and more treatments later and only a little bit at a time so that she doesn’t have to spend days in strange company.

I will keep you posted on how things go. Please pray for my girl and hope that her last days are good ones.

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