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Why get Pet Insurance

Author: MayaAndPierson
July 31, 2011


When owning a pet it is seen as an addition to the family. This said the most important reason why pet insurance is vital is because it is impossible to predict whether at some point your pet will fall ill or have a serious accident. You simply wouldn’t take that chance when considering health insurance for any other family member but people don’t value pet insurance as highly. For these reasons alone getting pet insurance is one of the most important things to do when getting a domesticated animal, nearly as important as getting the animal itself.

One of the greatest benefits of pet insurance is that it doesn’t just cover your pet when it becomes seriously ill, it covers it for a wide range of other problems as well. Pet insurance covers everything from regular check-ups to advertising if your pet ever becomes lost or stolen. Some plans even cover bereavement counselling. These are just some of the benefits that are covered by policies and it genuinely shows how much the policies have progressed through the years to give you and your pet the best plan possible. Pet insurance therefore provides peace of mind and financial assurance.

Find cheap pet and cheap rabbit insurance quotes at

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Saturday Blog Hop

Author: MayaAndPierson
July 30, 2011

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The My Buddy Superior Pet Car Seat

Author: MayaAndPierson
July 29, 2011

The biggest and best pet car seat we have seen thus far is the My Buddy pet car seat from Snoozer.  Snoozer makes many great pet travel products including the Lookout pet car seat.  The My Buddy pet car seat is different from the Lookout pet car seat in that it is much bigger and it can hold two or more small pets.

As one of the biggest pet car seat brands, the My Buddy pet car seat can hold up to 30 pounds and it is about 30 inches by 17 inches on the outside and about 25 inches by 12 inches on the inside.  It gives pets a boost of about 7 inches and is a total of 19 inches tall.  Compare this to the Kyjen pet car seat which is about 15 x 15 inches square.  This is great for dogs who want to sit or lay down in a curled ball.  For multiple small dogs or a small dog who wants to stretch out, the My Buddy pet car seat may be best.

The My Buddy pet car seat is easily secured with the seat belt of the car.  And it comes with two connector straps so that two dogs can be secured in the pet car seat.  So the My Buddy pet car seat is not just for quality comfort, it is great for superior safety as well.

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Pet Auto Safety Article from AAA

Author: MayaAndPierson
July 26, 2011



AAA and Kurgo have conducted a survey of people who travel with their pets.  The statistics are staggering.  The two scariest are:

“More than two in five (42 percent) respondents stated they do not use a pet restraint because their dog is calm and they do not think he/she needs a restraint.”
Nearly one in five respondents to AAA/Kurgo survey admit to taking hands off the wheel to keep dogs from climbing in front seat”

It is not clear on how many people were surveyed.  But if these numbers are correct, we have a lot more work to go with pet auto safety awareness.  You can see more pet auto safety statistics from AAA at

Also, you may be wondering who Kurgo is who helped conduct this survey.  Kurgo has created many pet auto safety travel products including the Backseat Pet Barrier and the Tru-Fit Smart Dog Car Harness which are both available at Pet Auto

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July 23, 2011


My love for dogs started with Cassie.  Cassie was a Shetland Sheepdog who chose me to be her companion when I was 10 years old.  Although my mom always had at least one dog around (six at one time, I think), none of those dogs was truly mine until Cassie.  Cassie was given to my mom, but she chose me.  She slept with me, followed me around, and was by my side as often as she could be.

Cassie did not have a dog seatbelt but it was only because such a thing did not exist back then.  But she is my true inspiration for every dog thing I do.  Because of Cassie, I worked at an animal shelter and occasionally fostered dogs.  And because of her, I now volunteer at an animal shelter, am a certified dog trainer, share my love for dogs on my dog blogs, and promote pet auto safety and other products for dogs.

Cassie passed away when I was 23 years old but she is still in my heart.  I got Smokey when Cassie was 10 years old.  And after Cassie passed on, I got Becky Ann and Achilles.  It was when I had these three dogs that I discovered the dog seatbelt.  I bought a dog seatbelt for each so that it would be safer for them to ride in the car (and easier for me to drive without distractions).

That was a long time ago.  Now I have Sephi and Maya.  They each have a dog seatbelt and thanks to increasing awareness and safety concerns, their dog seatbelt is better made than the ones my other dogs used to have.

While Cassie was my inspiration for all things dog, my other dogs have played a part.  In a way, you can say that Cassie, Smokey, Becky Ann, Achilles, Sephi, and Maya were all inspiring.  If it wasn’t for them, I would not have started Pet Auto  In a way, they are the true founders.


Sephi (Persephone)

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July 20, 2011

Pet Travel Bowl

Outward Hound Port-a-Bowl and the Handi-Drink are great pet travel water bowl brands for your dog.  Whenever you take your dog out this summer, you want to make sure he stays cool and hydrated.  Many places don’t have bowls of fresh water lying around for your dog so you may want to bring your own pet travel water bowl.

The Outward Hound Port-a-Bowl pet travel water bowl fits easily in your pocket.  When your dog is ready to drink, simply unfold the pet travel water bowl, set it on the ground, and fill it with water.  When your dog is done, dump out the remaining water, shake it off, and put it back in your pocket.

The Handi-Drink pet travel water bowl comes with both a plastic bowl and a water bottle.  The bowl is long and fits around the bottle and both bowl and bottle clip on your belt for easy carrying.  When your dog is ready for a drink, simply flip open the pet travel water bowl and let the water flow.

Keeping your buddy cool this summer is very important.  Go swimming, boating, to the park, and enjoy the sunshine.  But help your dog stay cool and hydrated with a pet travel water bowl.

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July 17, 2011


We see it all the time – dogs riding in the back of a pickup.  We cringe when we see a dog standing on the pickup bed rails with his head hanging out.  We gasp when the pickup takes a sharp turn and the dog struggles to maintain his balance.  Some of us have actually seen a dog get thrown from the back of a pickup.  In some cases, the dog died instantly when he hit the pavement and in some cases he was killed when he was immediately struck by another car.  It is a tragic way to lose a beloved pet.

We here at Pet Auto prefer that dogs do not ride in the back of the pickup.  But if you must, please consider having your dog tethered in the back of the pickup with the K9 Truck Tether.  In some places, such a tether may even be required by law.

The K9 Truck Tether will allow your dog some maneuverability in the back of the truck, but not enough to allow him to stand on the rails or get thrown out.  It is made with nylon webbing and steel hardware.  And it has a swivel buckle which will help keep your dog from getting tangled in the webbing.

Because the K9 Truck Tether is made by Kurgo, it is a very high quality product.  It has been travel and strength tested.  While it would be safer for your dog to ride in the cab of a truck wearing his dog car harness, the K9 Truck Tether is at least safer than wearing no pet restraint at all.

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July 14, 2011


This is where I want to take my next vacation.  After checking around a bit for attractions in Colorado Springs, I found a lot of pet friendly places.  Now, Sephi and Maya can come too!

With so many pet friendly hotels in the nation, it will be easy for us to find a place to stay.  Best Western, La Quinta Inn, and Holiday Inn are just a few of the pet friendly hotels.  There are even pet friendly vacation rentals in Colorado Springs.  Check out

One such vacation rental is near the Garden of the Gods Park.  Garden of the Gods Park is a registered National Natural Landmark.  This is a scenic area with towering red rock formations (see photo above).  And guess what?  It is dog friendly too.  The park even has an off-leash area for your dog.  Check out for more information.

Other pet friendly attractions in Colorado Springs includes the Ghost Town Wild West Museum, Red Rock Canyon Open Space, Seven Falls, Manitou Cliff Dwellings Museum, and more!  There are even some outdoor restaurants in Colorado Springs which will allow pets.

We are really excited about our trip.  We all love the outdoors.  It is a bit of a drive (9 hours), but thanks to the Extend-a-Seat and Sephi and Maya’s dog car harness, it will be a comfortable trip for all.

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July 11, 2011


When it is time to take a family vacation, don’t forget your pets.  If you’re travelling too far, leave your pets with a friend, a good boarding kennel, or hire a pet sitter.  But if your destination is a drive away, take your dog with you when you travel.  Here are some great reasons why:

Pet Friendly Hotels
Numerous pet friendly hotels make it easy.  Hotels all over the United States are opening their rooms to people traveling with their pets.  Some charge a nominal fee, some no fee at all.  And many have no restrictions on size or breed.

No Worries
There is no need to worry about whether your dog is being taken care of by your friend, the boarding kennel, or pet sitter.  If your dog travels with you, there will be no need to call anyone to see how your dog is doing.  You can enjoy your vacation together.

No Separation Anxiety or Depression
Your pet being left along for long hours waiting for your friend or pet sitter to come by can be a very depressing situation for your dog.  Some dogs get severe separation anxiety and tear things up.  Boarding kennels can be very stressful to your dog with all the barking going on and the strange smells and strange people.  If your dog travels with you, you will not need to worry about your dog having separation anxiety issues or going into depression.

Easy-going Companion
At least one of your traveling companions will not complain and be willing to do anything and go anywhere you want to go.  If you want to relax by the beach, your buddy is there.  If you want to go hiking or swimming, your dog will most likely want to go too.  If you ever get bored on your vacation, just take a look at your dog.  He is enjoying all the simple pleasures whether it is just taking a nap, enjoying the special time with family, or sniffing the fresh air and seeing the new sights.

Traveling with your dog can sometimes be a chore.  Some dogs don’t do well in the car.  But there are plenty of remedies to help.  Be sure he is secure in a dog car seatbelt or other dog car safety product.  If your dog tends to get car sick, be sure he has a good view out the window.  Small dogs can see out and be secure in a pet car seat.  And the more you take your dog with you when you travel, the more he will get used to it and look forward to more vacations!

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July 8, 2011

The Hatchbag Pet Net is installed in your vehicle with a dual lock hardware kit.  The kit includes six each of 1″ mounting squares, dual lock circles attached to a black cord, and spring loaded barrel locks (pictured below).


The mounting squares have adhesive on one side and a very strong velcro-like material on the other (pictured below).  Be assured that this is no ordinary velcro.  It is very strong and cannot be pulled apart once attached to the dual lock circle.  Please note the special cleaning instructions.  The silicone or oil cleaners used on vinyl will prevent the adhesives from sticking.  Sot the vinyl must be cleaned with lacquer thinner.  The adhesives must be put in place and pressed for about 20 seconds, then left to cure for about 24 hours.


Once the mounting squares are in place, take the dual lock circle and firmly press it onto the velco-like material on the square (pictured below).  Pull the cord to make sure the two pieces are strongly attached.  These two pieces will always remain in your car until you permanently remove the adhesives with adhesive remover.


Now you are ready to attach the Hatchbag Pet Net.  The Hatchbag Pet Net has six eyelets.  There is one at each corner and two one either side in the middle.  Take the cords from the dual lock circles and thread it through the eyelet twice.  Then take the barrel lock and press it down so that it reveals another hole (pictured below).


Lastly, pull the cord of the dual lock circles through the hole of the barrel lock until the barrel lock is snug against the Hatchbag Pet Net.  Release the barrel lock and the cord will stay in place (pictured below).


To remove the Hatchbag Pet Net, simply release the barrel locks.  Leave the dual lock circles with the dangling cord in place.

Please note, the Hatchbag Pet Net is designed to keep your dog from being thrown into the front seat in the event of a car accident.  The Hatchbag Pet Net will also deter most dogs from trying to jump or climb into the front seat.  However, a determined dog may be able to circumvent the Hatchbag Pet Net at the sides.

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