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June 29, 2011

(This is a manufacturer photo.  Mary has not sent us a photo of her pugs wearing the paw print dog seatbelts she bought)

“What great service!” Mary in Topeka, Kansas exclaimed when I hand-delivered her order.  She had ordered two dog seatbelts for her pugs from our website.  However, she didn’t realize that when she placed her order that we are located in a town just 30 minutes from her.  So I called her up and asked her if I could meet her in Topeka to give her the dog seatbelts in person.  By delivering in person, I was happy to refund the shipping cost charged by the website.  Needless to say, Mary was delighted.We here at Pet Auto Safety strive to provide the best customer service possible.  We have a lot of competitors who offer the same products for around the same price.  So the only edge we have is our great customer service.  We try to answer emails within 24 hours, we often forward our phones on evenings and weekends so that we can answer calls from our customers at all times of the day, we make returns and exchanges simple and easy, and we make sure our shipping prices are as close to the actual cost as possible.  Making shipping prices equitable includes refunding shipping charges when orders are local and we have the products in stock at our location.

But we don’t just have great customer service, we have great customers.  I was very happy to meet Mary and her husband in Topeka to give them the dog seatbelts.  They were both very nice people.  They even offered to pay the toll fee I had to pay for using I-70 from Lawrence to Kansas (of course I said no).  Meeting a fellow dog lover in person is a rewarding experience.

Thanks Mary for the compliment.  Enjoy the dog seatbelts and let us know if you have any issues with them.

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June 26, 2011


Are you going to the beach this summer?  Want to take your dog with you?  Here is a great website for a list of dog friendly beaches in the United States – also has a great article on beach safety for your dog.  So make sure your dog is safe in the car by having him wear a dog car seatbelt or ride in a pet car seat.  Then practice more pet safety by following the tips on this article – Dog Etiquette for the Dog Friendly Beaches.

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June 23, 2011


Perhaps you have heard of the pet brand, Outward Hound.  They make lots of great outdoor gear for dogs including dog backpacks, pet strollers, portable water bowls, and, of course, pet automobile gear.  Our favorite Outward Hound products are the pet car seats.  There are the standard small pet car seats and the larger and padded Kyjen pet car seats (Kyjen is the company who owns the Outward Hound brand).

The Outward Hound pet car seats provide three points of safety for your dog.  First, the pet car seats are secured with strong nylon straps.  The top straps hang from the headrest of the seat while the bottom straps wrap around the body of the seat.  These straps can be adjusted so that the pet car seats are secure.

Second, the Outward Hound pet car seats have a strap on the inside which can clip onto the back of your dog’s harness.  This strap will keep your dog from jumping or flying out of the pet car seats.

Third, since the Outward Hound pet car seats are hanging from the headrest of the car rather than sitting on the seat itself, the airbags will not deploy in that seat should you and your pet be involved in a car accident.  This is a good thing since you do not want the airbags where your dog is sitting to deploy.  Airbags are designed for adult humans, not children or pets.

As with all Outward Hound brands, the pet car seats are of quality make and design.  If your dog loves to ride in the car, they will enjoy the Outward Hound pet car seats and be safe at the same time.

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June 20, 2011


Do you love your pet? Is that the easiest question you have ever been asked? Of course you love your pet. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have bothered reading this article. A lot of people can’t understand the relationship between a human and a pet. This kind of incredible bond is common and usually happens when a pet is all-loving. You just can’t help loving them back. This does cause a dilemma, however. For instance, your traveling options become limited. You can stay at a pet-friendly hotel, but you will have to pay extra and the room you stay in will be dirty from previous pets. The smell is often not something you want to remember, either. A much better option is to look into pet friendly vacation rentals.

We could cover all kinds of locations to visit, but let’s focus on Florida. This one of the most popular vacation destinations in the United States and easily the most popular vacation destination for those who lives on the east coast. The reason Florida is so popular is because of weather and variety. As far as variety goes, you can find a middle-class party atmosphere in Daytona Beach, an upper class village in Palm Beach, an entertainment Mecca in Miami, the best family attractions in the world in Orlando, the most activity-filled beach in the U.S. in Clearwater Beach and the most relaxing atmosphere possible in the Florida Keys. Needless to say, regardless of who you are and what you’re looking for, you can find it in Florida. Now that we have that covered, let’s talk about Florida pet friendly vacation rentals.

When you stay at pet friendly vacation rentals in Florida, you are going to be saving money. This might sound like a pleasant surprise, and it is, but do you know why you can find great prices for pet friendly vacation rentals in Florida? In most cases, it’s because most people who visit Florida stay in a hotel. A lot of travelers think Florida is too hot for their pet and they don’t want to go through the “hassle” of traveling with their pet. These people are misinformed considering there is air conditioning in a car and a plane. Any pet will be more comfortable than you would imagine. In addition to that, it will be more affordable than finding a pet sitter. As far as the rental prices for a vacation home go, they will be reduced due to low demand. This is a huge opportunity for anyone who is smart enough to rent a pet friendly vacation home in Florida.

Let’s not forget the most important advantage of them all. When your pet is with you, he or she is with his or her family. Why shouldn’t your pet be able to experience a vacation with its family? It’s a new experience that your pet will relish.

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The Hyper Dog
The hyper dog generally loves to ride in the car.  He wants to be everywhere at once.  This is how my dog Maya is in the car.  For her, I have her wear a dog seatbelt.  Her dog seatbelt has the strap extended so that she has some mobility.  The strap isn’t long enough to allow her to get in the front seat, but it is long enough for her to reach one of the windows.  I also have the Extend-A-Seat to cover the floor so that she has more room to move around and there is no danger of her getting thrown onto the floor in a sudden stop.

For the hyper dog you can also try a pet car barrier.  As stressed in the previous post, be careful because a determined dog may be able to circumvent a pet car barrier.

You may also be able to help a hyper dog by not just taking him to fun places like the dog park, but also taking him to boring places like the bank drive through.  Or just drive around the block and come back home.  Perhaps if your dog isn’t always going somewhere fun when he is in the car, he may become desensitized by car rides.  A good example of how desensitization works would be if you got out your dog’s leash often throughout the day but didn’t take him for a walk.  He would eventually realize that the leash does not mean getting to go for a walk.

Pet travel safety is important.  But so is your dog’s comfort.  Working with your dog by helping him be desensitized to car rides or helping him not be so anxious in the car can provide him with both comfort and safety.  Pet travel safety is provided by your dog not being a distraction to the driver.  A dog seatbelt, a car seat for dogs, or a pet car barrier can also help with both comfort and safety.

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Separation Anxiety
When I a say separation anxiety, I am not talking about the dog who gets nervous when you leave him alone in the car.  Don’t leave your dog in the car unattended.  By separation anxiety in the car, I am talking about the dog who insists on trying to get in the front seat while you’re driving.  He may even try to get in your lap.  This is a dangerous distraction.

You can try the dog seatbelt to keep him in place.  Work with your dog wearing the dog seatbelt at home first so that he doesn’t try to chew it off.  He can wear his harness around the house under your supervision.  Play with him while he is wearing it.  Take him for walks in it.  This way, by the time he gets in the car with it, he may not realize he has it on.  Take him for short rides at first just to make sure he doesn’t try to chew the strap which connects his dog seatbelt to the car.

You can also consider a pet car barrier.  Depending on the size of your dog and your car, you can use the smaller canvas pet car barrier called the Front Seat Barrier by Outward Hound, or you can use the larger more extensive pet car barrier like the T-Flex pet car barrier or the Hatchbag Pet Net.  Be careful because a determined dog may be able to circumvent these devices.

You may also be able to help a dog with separation anxiety by having someone sit in the back seat with him.  Or try giving him his favorite toys or something familiar like his dog bed.  Be careful about giving him toys he can chew apart.  Trying to seat something in a moving vehicle is probably not a good idea for a dog.  You wouldn’t want him to choke on something if you have to make a sudden stop or turn.

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The Car Sick Dog 
If your dog is like the scared dog, it tends to also make his car sick.  He is already nervous and the movements of the car don’t help.  Try the same techniques as or the scared dog (previous post).  Take him on short trips regularly to places he likes to go.  Drive carefully and don’t take turns to fast or stop too suddenly (if you can help it).

But some dogs who get car sick are not like the scared dog.  They are not as intimidated by a car ride and may even seem to enjoy it.  You can help keep this dog from being car sick by making sure he has a good view out the window and that he has fresh air.  Don’t let him stick his head out the window as that can be dangerous too, but have the windows down a little or put the air in your car on high.

If your dog is a small dog and can’t look out the window, consider a car seat for dogs.  With a car seat for dogs, your dog can be strapped in for safety, and you can put the window down all the way without fear of him flying out.  If your dog is too big for a car seat but too small to see out the window, consider a dog seatbelt and the Lookout Perch.  The Lookout Perch is a car seat for dogs where you dog has a thick cushion to sit on.  The cushion is thick enough to give your dog a boost up.

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It’s not just about pet travel safety.  It’s can also be about comfort for your dog.  If you dog is not comfortable in the car or in his pet travel safety device, he may cause problems in the car.  A dog who does not do well in the car may be a dangerous distraction to the driver.  Every three days we will post an article about a specific behavior a dog may exhibit in the car.  Today, we have outlined possible solutions for dogs who are scared to ride in the car.  There will be three more posts after this for the car sick dog, the dog who has separation anxieties in the car, and the hyper dog.

The Scared Dog
Some dogs just don’t like to ride in the car.  They are terrified.  When the car turns or stops, the dog feels out of control because he can’t keep his balance.  The movements of the car may make his stomach upset.  What can you do to help him?

Start by taking him on short trips to places your dog loves to go.  When you need to turn your car down another street or needs to stop, take it slow.  The less abrupt the stop or turn the better.

Another thing you can do to help him is make him feel more secure.  Having him wear a dog seatbelt or being confined in a crate may make it easier to keep his footing during sudden car movements.  A dog seatbelt will keep him secure in the seat so that he doesn’t get tossed around as much when the car is moving around.  Keeping him in a crate may make him feel more secure – especially if he is crate trained.  A crate for a domestic dog is like a den to a wolf.  The crate or den provides a place of security.  Be sure to strap the crate into the car with kennel restraints so that the crate doesn’t get tossed around.

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June 5, 2011

This dog must really love to ride in the car.  I’m sure if I thought it was a good idea, I’d teach it to Sephi and Maya.  But I am afraid I’d find them in the car a lot when I didn’t want them there.  Sometimes you just got to be careful with what you teach your dog.  🙂

Enjoy the video from the funniest dog website,

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Pet Car Seat - Deluxe Lookout
Deluxe Lookout Pet Car Seat by Snoozer

Ever heard of the Lookout and My Buddy pet car seats?  These are quality pet products made by Snoozer Pet Products.  So are the Roll Around Pet Carrier and the Snoozer Console pet car seats.  If you are looking for a comfortable way to keep your dog safe in the car, Snoozer pet products are the way to go.

The Lookout pet car seats, My Buddy pet car seats, and the Roll Around Pet Carrier are all strapped into the car with the seat belt system in the car.  The Lookout pet car seats and the My Buddy pet car seats have connecting straps which strap to the back of your dog’s harness.  This way, your dog stays in their pet car seat.  The Snoozer Console pet car seats also have connecting straps.  But instead of being strapped into the car with the car seat belt, the Snoozer Console pet car seats have straps which wrap around your car’s center console.

The Roll Around Pet Carrier does not have this connecting strap.  But your dog is kept safe because they are sipped into the carrier which is in turn strapped into the car with the car’s seat belt system.  The Roll Around Pet Carrier also has additional features which allow you to carry the pet carrier on your back or roll it around town with your dog resting comfortably inside.

Snoozer pet car seats are not only safe but comfortable too.  These products are tested for both safety and durability.  Pamper your pet with a Snoozer pet product and keep your pet both safe and comfortable as they travel around town in style.

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