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February 26, 2011




If you are afraid that your dog might chew on his dog car harness, here are a few tips which might keep your dog from damaging the device which could save his life:

*Get your dog used to wearing the dog car harness by allowing your dog to wear the dog car harness around the house.  Only let him wear it when you are able to watch him.  When you see him chewing on the dog car harness, say “no” or “eh eh”.  Do fun activities with your dog while he is wearing the dog car harness.  If you have a dog car harness in which the seat belt attachment can be removed, take him for a walk with his dog car harness on.  You can also do other fun activities while your dog is wearing the dog car harness, such as playing fetch – just remember to help your dog learn to associate his dog car harness with fun stuff.

*Begin taking your dog on short trips while he is wearing his dog car harness.  If possible, have someone sit in the back seat with him to give him the “no” command or by distracting him with a squeaky toy.  Be sure that your short trips are not to someplace where you would have to leave your dog alone in the car.  You can go to a bank or fast food drive-through, to the park, or to a pet store where your dog is allowed to go inside with you.

*Another thing you might try is to spray the dog car harness with bitter apple spray or another anti-chew but safe spray.  Or make your own spray by mixing water with cayenne pepper or peppermint.

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February 23, 2011


Pampered Pug in the Padded Pink Plaid Pet Seatbelt – Perfectly Pretty in Pink!

Ok, enough with the P’s.  But what better way could I have told you that Pet Auto has recently added plaid pet seatbelts which match perfectly with the plaid pet car seat covers?  The pet seatbelts and pet car seat covers come in pink plaid for girl dogs and blue plaid for boy dogs.  The plaid pet seatbelts are slightly padded and fit across the dog’s chest for both comfort and safety.  The connecting strap buckles directly into the seat belt receptacle.  And the connecting strap can be removed so that you can walk your dog in their pet seatbelt.  The plaid pet car seat covers are also slightly padded and fit most standard-sized bench seats.

Please note that the plaid pet seatbelts do not fit dogs with a girth size between 15 and 20 inches.  Be sure to measure your dog around their girth (the chest area just behind their front legs).

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February 20, 2011


Have a tail-wagging time with your dog in Portland, Oregon.  Portland, Oregon has more dog friendly hotels than we can shake a stick at, several off-leash dog parks to roll over for, and a number of dog-friendly restaurants worth begging for.

Portland, Oregon is known as the City of Roses.  Take your dog to visit Portland’s first public rose garden, the Peninsula Rose Garden.  Dogs must be friendly, leashed, and picked up after.  Two other big rose gardens in Portland also allow dogs – the International Rose Test Garden in Washington Park and Ladd’s Addition Rose Garden.

Other dog-friendly places in Portland and the surrounding area to visit are the Cooper Mountain Vineyards and Oak Knoll Winery, the Grotto, and the Hoyt Arboretum.  The Grotto is a Catholic Shrine and botanical garden.  Dogs are not allowed on the upper level, but they are allowed outdoors in the plaza an botanical garden.  The Hoyt Arboretum is 185 acres of trees and has about 12 miles of trails.  The trees consist of over 1,100 species from around the world.  Your dog would love to check out those trees!

Portland also has a number of dog friendly restaurants where dogs are allowed on the outdoor patio.  You’d think that places like the Iron Mutt Coffee Company and the Lucky Labrador Public House would be dog friendly – and you would be correct.  Other dog friendly restaurants include Monteaux’s Public House, Berlin Inn German Restaurant and Bakery, Casa Colima, Goose Hollow at the Cove, Kells Irish Pub, and more.

You can’t go wrong with your dog in the City of Roses.  Come visit Portland, Oregon and be sure to bring your dog!

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February 17, 2011


Suppose you get in a car accident with your dog in the car.  And suppose he was not wearing his dog seatbelt.  Worst-case scenario, he is seriously injured.  If he’s lucky, he is not badly hurt – but he is terrified.  Let’s look at what could happen in either case.

If your dog was not hurt after a car accident where he was not wearing his dog seatbelt, he is still traumatized.  After such a terrifying experience, his instinct is going to tell him to run.  So if there is a broken window or other means of escape, he is likely to use it.  And he is going to run fast and blindly.  If he runs in the street, he might get hit by a car.  If he manages to avoid getting hit by a car, he is going to run a long way before he finally stops.  This means he is likely to get lost.  Being lost without his loved ones would be almost as terrifying as being in a car accident.

If your dog is hurt after a car accident, he is going to need medical attention.  But most likely, an injured dog is not going to let strangers touch him.  How are the police, firemen, or medics going to help him if he tries to bite them?  If he doesn’t try to bite them, he is going to try to struggle to get away from them.  Dogs don’t understand someone is trying to help them.  All they know is that they are hurt and strangers with an unknown intent are near them.

A dog wearing a dog seatbelt won’t be able to escape from the car. Just like a personwearing a seatbelt, a dog wearing a dog seatbelt can still be injured.  But an injured dog wearing a dog seatbelt will not be able to struggle as much and will be easier for emergency personnel to restrain and aid.  So a dog seatbelt isn’t just to protect your dog during a car accident.  It is also to protect your dog after a car accident.

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February 14, 2011


Sephi loves her dog seatbelt.  But if you think your dog will hate a dog seatbelt, consider the various other pet travel supplies available on the market.  Keep him safe by keeping him in the back seat with a pet barrier.  Keep him secure in a pet travel crate strapped in with kennel restraints.  Or keep him comfortable in a dog car seat.

Love your dog this Valentine’s Day and keep him safe when he travels.  Spring is coming soon and he will want to go to the dog park and enjoy the sunshine again.


Love is playing in the park. Love is expressed in a joyous bark.
Love is taking him to the vet. Love is when he is more than just a pet.
Love is good food that puts him in a happy mood.
Love his giving him a nice warm bed even though he will shed.
Love is a nice long walk and a wagging tail.
And love his keeping him safe, whatever that might entail.


Say “Happy Valentine’s Day” to your best friend.

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February 11, 2011


Why are so many dog car harness brands in plain boring colors?  Well, not all of them are.  Check out the houndstooth dog car harness.  It comes in pink and white houndstooth, brown and white houndstooth, and black and white houndstooth.

But the houndstooth style doesn’t just apply to the dog car harness.  There are houndstooth pet car seat covers in the same colors.  The houndstooth dog car harness and the pet car seat covers are not only stylish, but good quality.  The only thing with the houndstooth dog car harness is that it does not fit small to medium dogs very well.  It is a better fit for really small dog or for large and extra-large dogs.

Deck out your car and your dog in comfort, safety, and houndstooth style.  Get them while supplies last.  These dog car harness colors are being discontinued by the manufacturer.

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car barrier for dog 

Are you considering the purchase of a metal pet car barrier?  If so, it is very important that you consider all features before you buy.  A metal pet car barrier is expensive and would be a huge hassle to return.  Here are three important things to consider before you purchase a metal pet car barrier:

Dog Safety
The metal pet car barrier is pressure mounted into your vehicle.  What is pressure mounted?  It means that the barrier stays in place with pressure.  It is not screwed or glued in.  Although not permanently installed, the pressure mounting of a metal pet car barrier is very strong.  The manufacturer stands by its durability and says it will not slip out of place, even if force is applied.  This means that your dog is confined to the back of the vehicle, even in the event of a car accident.

Size and Determination of Your Dog
If you have a big dog, the space between the bars may not be too much of a concern.  However, if you have a small or medium-sized dog a metal pet car barrier, such as the Euro-Bar or T-Flex pet car barrier, may not keep your dog in the back as intended.  Also consider your dog’s temperament.  Will he try to climb through the pet car barrier?  Even if he is a big dog and won’t fit, this can still be an issue.

Size of Your Vehicle
The metal pet car barrier comes in various sizes.  But the manufacturer has not determined which pet car barrier will fit which type of vehicle.  There are hundreds of different types of vehicles and new models coming out every year.  So the only way to determine if a metal pet car barrier will fit your car is if you measure the inside of your car and compare to the size range of the pet car barrier.  For the wire mesh pet car barrier, you will need to consider the wheel humps and the curvature of the ceiling as well.

What happens if you purchase the metal pet car barrier and find that your dog gets through or it won’t fit?  You can send it back to the manufacturer but not for a full refund.  The manufacturer charges a 15% restock fee and will not refund shipping.  If you have to send the pet car barrier back to the manufacturer, then you will need to make sure to include all the parts and package it well.  Because if it is damaged or parts are missing upon the return to the manufacturer, the manufacturer will not give any refund.

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February 5, 2011

Check out these adorable videos at  Click the small Dog Tested Videos button on the middle left of their screen and enjoy videos of dogs test driving the Subaru.  Our favorite is the one above. 

Do we have any readers who have dogs and let them ride in their Subaru?  We’d love to hear a review!

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Looking for a cozy resort in the Florida Keys?  Looking for one which will allow you to bring your dogs no matter how big they are?  Then you are looking for the Lookout Lodge Resort in Islamorada, Florida.

he Lookout Lodge Resort is a waterfront hotel with a private “sandy beach area that steps into the waters of Florida Bay”.  There are other nearby public beaches including Anne’s Beach and Founder’s Park.  Anne’s Beach has a boardwalk, a sandy beach, and ocean swimming.  Founder’s Park has a fishing jetty, tennis courts, Olympic-size pool, playground, and a dog park!

Their private marina is certified Clean which means that it has minimal impact to the environment.  If you have your own boat and it is less than 30 feet, ask about their limited docking.  If your boat is bigger, there are several other nearby marinas.  Or if you don’t have a boat you can hire a charter boat or rent a kayak.

Nearby are great places for fishing and diving.  You can do a little offshore fishing, back-country fishing, or reef-based fishing.  Or you can do a little sport diving, reef diving, or even explore a ship wreck.  Nearby diving spots include Cheeca Rocks, Chonch Reef, Crocker Reef, and Hens & Chickens Reef.

The Lookout Lodge Resort has cozy rooms for individuals or groups.  You will have access to a private swimming area.  And if you insist on doing work while on vacation, the Resort has high-speed Internet access.

If you are visiting the Florida Keys, don’t leave your dog at home.  The Lookout Lodge Resort welcomes dogs of all sizes.  All parts of the property are open to them with a special doggie restroom area in the front.  And it is only an extra $20 per night.  For more information, visit their website at and take a virtual tour at

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