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November 30, 2010


At the Tails on the Trail pet event this November, we met a woman who had recently been involved in a car accident.  Both she and her dog were in the car.  But thankfully, both were okay.

Her car was hit by another car, forced into a spin, then collided with another car.  This obviously was traumatizing for both her and the dog.  And it could have been more traumatizing for the dog if he had not been in his crate.  With the spinning and the impacts, the dog was tossed around a bit, but because he was in his crate, he had nothing more than a few bruises.  What would have happened if he hadn’t been in the crate?  He would have been thrown back and forth across the back seat of the car and possibly tossed onto the floor or into the front seat.  Any of these things could have caused the dog to break limbs, internal injuries, or could have even caused his death.

We applauded this dog owner for considering her dog’s safety.  And when she told us this story, she also asked us if a dog car harness would have been safer.  Our answer – Yes, the dog car harness could have been safer than an unsecured crate.  But if the crate is made secure with kennel straps, then this method can be just as safe as a dog car harness.  A dog who doesn’t like wearing the dog car harness might do better in a crate secured in the car with kennel straps.

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Twelve Hours of Drool and Dog Hair

Author: MayaAndPierson
November 27, 2010


We went to visit our family in Texas for Thanksgiving.  It is a twelve hour drive from Lawrence, Kansas to Kyle, Texas.  We could have flown but it would have been more expensive and we would have had to find someone to take care of our dogs while we were gone.  So, my husband and I put the dog car harnesses on the dogs and hopped in the car.

The drive from Kansas to Texas was rather uneventful.  We got stuck in traffic a few times while driving through Wichita, Oklahoma City, Fort Worth, and other towns where everyone was one the road trying traveling for the holidays.  We made lots of pit stops for gas, food, potty breaks, and just to stretch our legs.  Oh, we did have w few times where we had to stop suddenly.  Traffic was truely aweful!

Even though we took a relatively small car, the dogs had more room than we did.  The back seat floor was covered with the Extend-A-Seat so they had the seats and the Extend-A-Seat to stretch out on.  With the floor covered, Maya lay right in the center and had her head resting on the center console.  Sephi mostly lay off to the side and put her head near the window for fresh air.  Both had their dog car harnesses on, but they have the dog car harnesses with an adjustable strap so that they can sit, stand, and laydown without getting tangled in the dog car harness mechanism.

I’m glad it wasn’t so bad for the dogs.  Although I enjoyed the time with my family, I am not looking forward to the long twelve hour trip back home.  But, it was all worth it.  I bet Sephi and Maya would say the same.  We love the holidays!

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Give Thanks for Our Animal Friends

Author: MayaAndPierson
November 24, 2010


I am extremely grateful for my pets.  There have been many times in my life where things just weren’t going right.  But my pets always made those times better.  When I was a girl, I was picked on quite a bit on school.  I became somewhat of a recluse.  The only thing which could bring me outside my room and make me smile was my dog, Cassie.  When I was older, Smokey was there to help me adjust to the stressful change from college to work.  And when I was older still, Sephi helped me through a painful divorce.

Did you know that pets can actually help people live longer happier lives?  I can attest that they have definitely made my life happier.  And several studies have statistically shown that people with pets tend to live longer or recover faster from injury or health issues.  They make us smile, give us a reason to get up and move about, and let us do or say anything without judgement.

So keep your pets in mind this Thanksgiving holiday.  Put your pets in your prayers and give them a tasty doggie treat (no people food!).  Perhaps even consider giving a donation to your local animal shelter.  There is no other relationship like the relationship with people and their pets so be thankful for this miraculous wonder.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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November 21, 2010


“My dog just won’t tolerate a dog seat belt.”  That is what we hear from people all the time.  Most people think a dog wearing a seat belt is a great idea – just not for their dog.  We agree that it can be very difficult to get a dog used to wearing a dog seat belt.  So while you may or may not be working with your dog to get him used to the idea of wearing a dog seat belt, we have an alternative.

The Front Seat Pet Car Barrier made by Outward Hound is perfect for keeping your small to medium-sized dog in the back seat.  It is easy to use and a very inexpensive alternative to other pet car barrier products.

The Front Seat Pet Car Barrier by Outward Hound is attached using long nylon straps.  Simply unclip the straps.  Then wrap the top half shorter straps around the headrests of your front seats and the bottom half longer straps around the bottom of the front seats.  Lastly, tighten the straps for a snug fit.

*Please note, the Front Seat Pet Car Barrier by Outward Hound may not be enough to keep a big dog in the back seat.

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November 18, 2010

Once during a long road trip, we stopped at a hotel for the night so that we could take a rest before the next big driving day.  We were a long way from any big cities which provide a number of hotels to choose from so we didn’t have much of a choice when we finally found a place to stop for the night.  But when we went to this hotel with our dogs, we were appalled!  They turned us away because our dogs were too big.

So back on the road we go.  We drove for at least a half hour before we found another hotel.  And can you believe it, but the same thing happened again.  It was almost midnight and we were tired.  What a dangerous thing to be driving when you are tired.  But what could we do?  When faced with the decision to either sleep in the car or keep going, we chose to keep going.

Thankfully, we found another hotel within about 5 minutes.  And not only did they welcome our dogs, they gave our dogs treats and directed us to a designated doggy-potty-area.

So what is the big deal with a big dog in a hotel?  Our dogs are well-behaved and non-destructive.  I suppose a bigger dog can make a bigger mess, but in my experience, little dogs are more likely to make messes.  And I suppose that a bigger dog can have a bigger bite, but did you know that most dog bite cases are from small dogs?

Don’t worry, I am not trying to discriminate against little dogs.  I’m just saying that to discriminate against big dogs is unfair.

Visit to sign a petition protesting the hotels who discriminate against big dogs.  Stand up for your big dog so that he gets treated the same as a little dog.

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November 15, 2010


We here at Pet Auto have found the most fantastic pet net for cars – The Pet Net.  In the past, we have sold the Hatchbag pet net for cars and SUVs.  While this product is great, the new pet net for cars is even better.  Not only does The Pet Net have the same high quality as the Hatchbag pet net for cars, but it is also easier to use and less expensive.  And now, no more confusing sizes to deal with!

The Pet Net comes in only two sizes – Standard and Large.  The Pet Net standard size will fit most cars and small trucks while the large is better for large trucks, SUVs, and minivans.  The Pet Net for cars attach with an easy-to-use bungee system as pictured below.



This pet net for cars also has some great testimonials.  Although it is safer for your dog to wear a dog seat belt or be crated, some dogs simply won’t tolerate it.  One person says, “I tried the car harness for my golden retriever and she was just miserable! I’m so happy I found The Pet Net. I love that I can get it on and off in a snap and that it’s so easy to store.”

Another person who had trouble with the metal barriers says, “I wanted something to keep my lab in the backseat after he nearly caused me to run off the road. I really didn’t want a metal barrier because I’ve heard they rattle. The Pet Net was so easy to install in my Explorer I couldn’t believe it, and no rattling!”

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Advertise with Pet Auto Safety

Author: MayaAndPierson
November 12, 2010

We have a new advertising program for you other pet-related businesses.  Pet Auto, Animal Figurine, this blog, and our American Dog Blog would like to invite pet-related businesses a chance to advertise on our site for as low as $5 per month.  For $5 per month for three months, you get your logo/banner on the home page of either Pet Auto or Animal Figurine  And you get one free blog post* about your product during that three month period, either on this blog or the American Dog Blog.  Blog post and logo/banner will link to your web page.

* Note to our blog readers – blogs posted by advertisers will be labeled as guest bloggers.  We will review all blogs and make sure they are informative and helpful to you.  For example, if someone advertises with us for their dog grooming products, their blog will be something helpful such as which dog brushes work best for each kind of dog hair type.  This way, you will not need to be concerned about our blog site being full of blatant advertising.

Pet Auto and Animal Figurine have a Google Page Rank of 3.  Pet Auto gets about 4,500 visitors per month while the Animal Figurine gets about 2,500.  Our blogs each have a Google Page Rank of 2 and get about 2,000 visitors per month each.  Check out for more information.

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November 9, 2010


It was cold!!  Or at least it was to me.  The dog walkers and runners at the event probably got warmed up a lot quicker than I did.  Perhaps next year I will run, but not with Maya.  If I take my dog Maya running, I will likely be dragged instead.

The Tails on the Trail event was a dog-friendly 5k run/walk held as a fundraiser to help the Helping Hands Humane Society of Topeka.  The runners got there early and began their run/walk while we set up our booth.  After the 5k run, there were other races, an obstacle course, dog demonstrations, and judged contests.  Oh, and did I mention the free food and coffee for the walkers/runners… and booth vendors?  Yummy!

For anyone who didn’t have a dog to run/walk with, a dog could be “rented” for the race.  The “rented” dogs were dogs up for adoption and were eager to be free to run.  What a great way to promote adoptable dogs.

As part of the judged contest, we vendors got to put in votes on dog runners/walkers who came to visit the booths.  One of the entries was for the friendliest dog.  There were lots of super friendly dogs and I loved them all.  But my favorite had to be the beagle mix pictured above.  He not only welcomed my petting and love with glee, but he invited himself on my husband’s lap and kept him warm.  Isn’t that sweet!   J

If you weren’t able to make it this year, join us next year.  Visit the Helping Hands Humane Society in Topeka for more information.

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November 6, 2010

Bark Buckle Up is on a campaign to promote pet auto safety.  Take the pledge and Be Smart Ride Safe®.  It is simple to do.  All you have to do is give your name and the city and state in which you live.  You can also sign up with Bark Buckle Up to get a free pet safety kit.  I signed up for Sephi and Maya, now it’s your turn!

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November 3, 2010


We here at Pet Auto don’t just sell pet auto safety supplies, we use them too.  In fact, Sephi has worn a dog car seatbelt ever since she was a puppy.  That was nine years ago and Pet Auto has only been around for four years.

Sephi is the reason I started this business.  Maya is the reason why I keep doing it.  Without their safety harnesses, traveling with them would be a hassle and potentially dangerous for both them and me.

But I don’t just have them use a dog car seatbelt.  Since starting Pet Auto, I have found lots of great pet auto safety travel supplies.  One thing which I love is the Extend-A-Seat.  The Extend-A-Seat covers the floor of the car so that Sephi and Maya have more room to move around.  We have gone to Texas and back a few times and having more room really makes the long trip more comfortable.  I wish I could have that much extra space!

I also really like the pet window barriers.  The Breeze Guard pet window barriers are great for letting in fresh air without allowing my dogs to stick their heads out the window.  The Breeze Guard pet window barriers keep my dogs from being hurt by flying debris and they prevent my dogs from being able to jump out or fall out of the window.

The dog car seat cover is also a blessing.  Maya loves to get wet at the dog park but the last thing I want is a wet dog getting the seats of my car soak and wet.  Without the dog car seat cover, that wet dog smell would be absorbed into the seat cushions forever.  The dog car seat cover also keeps mud and dog hair off my seat cushions.

Does your dog ride in the car?  If so, do you have any pet travel supplies in your car?  What works best for your dog when he travels in the car?

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