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October 31, 2010


For some time we have had the Pet Buckle brand dog seatbelt for large dogs.  Pet Buckle brand is a fantastic brand because their products have been crash tested, whereas other dog seatbelts have only been strength tested.  But we didn’t have a crash tested dog seatbelt for small dogs – Not until now, that is.

This Pet Buckle Dog Seatbelt fits most dogs under 20 pounds with a chest size of 10 to 20 inches.  Choose from the standard Pet Buckle Dog Seatbelt or the Pet Buckle Dog Seatbelt with a Kwik-Connect Tether.

The Pet Buckle Dog Seatbelt without the tether has a loop on the back in which the seatbelt of the car goes through.  This is great for dogs who don’t move around too much in the car.  However, if your dog is likely to try to struggle out of the harness or if your dog will want to move around a lot, it is best to get the Pet Buckle Dog Seatbelt with the Kwik-Connect Tether.  The Kwik-Connect Tether latches onto the back of the dog travel harness and to the Latch Bar between the seats of your car.  The Kwik-Connect Tether gives your dog more freedom to move around in the back seat and helps reduce the risk of your dog getting tangled in the dog seatbelt system.

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Funny Video of a Dog Driving a Car

Author: MayaAndPierson
October 28, 2010

Check out this hilarious video from Just for Laughs.TV of a dog driving a car.  The look on people’s faces as they watch the impossible happen is to die for!  Just watch the German Shepherd at the wheel of a car as he drives by and see for yourself.

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October 25, 2010


The Dogtoberfest at South Park in downtown Lawrence, Kansas was a huge success.  There were lots of vendors, events, and lots of people with their pets.

South Park was a beautiful setting for this wonderful event.  It was the perfect place for our doggie pals to visit.  There were plenty of flowers for doggies to sniff and lots of plants for them to mark.  There was an open area for play and the center of the park had a place for the fun doggie contests.  And best of all, there was a dog bowl full of fresh water at every corner.

Dog people are the best.  I thoroughly enjoyed talking with everyone who visited our booth.  I love hearing stories about dogs – about their quirky behaviors, their silly antics and lovable behavior, and how they brighten up our lives.

Sephi and Maya were pretty excited about it too.  They loved it when people praised or pet them and gave them treats.  Maya even had some people and dogs come to play with her!

If you weren’t able to make it to Dogtoberfest this year, be sure to come next year.  It’s free and it is super fun for every two-legged and four-legged member of your family!

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October 22, 2010


Taking a long road trip this holiday season?  If you are like me, you are taking your pets.  And if you are like me, you may have an older dog with a touch of arthritis.  Arthritis tends to get worse in cold weather and long road trips certainly don’t make it any better.  So when I found a heated car seat cover for dogs, I was overjoyed.

Since the car heater doesn’t heat the back seat area as well as the front seat area, the Guardian Gear® Heated Car Seat Cover for dogs will keep Sephi extra comfortable while we drive from Lawrence, Kansas to Austin, Texas this holiday season.  Thanks to the heated car seat cover for dogs, Sephi’s arthritis pain will be alleviated.

The heated car seat cover for dogs has a 12V adapter which can be plugged into most vehicle power outlets.  The power cord is 6 feet long so it will easily reach from the back seat to the front without stretching over the distance and being in the way.  Best of all, the heated car seat cover for dogs has seat belt so that Sephi and Maya can still wear their dog car seat belts.

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Interesting Pet Travel Products

Author: MayaAndPierson
October 19, 2010

There are a lot of pet travel products out on the market today.  We here at Pet Auto have a nice big selection of pet travel products.  But we can’t possibly keep up with them all.  If you don’t find what you are looking for at Pet Auto, check out Pet for some interesting ideas.

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October 16, 2010

We have recently posted a video about how to put on the dog car harness.  If you aren’t able to view videos or if couldn’t see the inserted photos in the video, we have posted them here for your review.


Dog Car Harness Photo 1 – This is a photo of the dog car harness when it comes out of the box.  It looks like a tangled mess and can be a bit daunting.  But putting on a dog car harness is easier than it first looks.


Dog Car Harness Photo 2 – First, find the metal D-ring.  The D-ring is on the top of the dog car harness.


Dog Car Harness Photo 3 – Unclip the strap from the D-ring.  There are four straps coming off the top of the dog car harness where the D-ring is.  The two closest to the D-ring come off perpendicularly on either side and connect into a big circle.  This will go around the dog’s chest behind their front legs.  The next two straps also come off perpendicularly on either side and connect into a circle.  This circle is smaller and will go around the dog’s upper chest in front of their front legs.


Dog Car Harness Photo 4 – Unclip the straps making the large circle.

seatbelt5.jpgDog Car Harness Photo 5 – With the D-ring at the top, slide the smaller circle over the dog’s head.  The long padded strip goes down the dog’s chest.  Even though you unclipped the large circle, there is a place for you to put the dog’s right leg.  Once you get the dog’s leg through there, clip the two straps of the big circle together behind the dog’s front legs.Adjust the lengths of the straps so that the dog car harness is snug around the dog’s body.  Don’t make it too tight.  The dog car harness should be as loose and as snug as you would make their dog collar.

As the final step, clip the strap back onto the D-ring, put your dog in the car, and buckle the other end of the strap into the seat belt receptacle.

Hopefully these pictures and instructions will help you put your new dog car harness on your dog.  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.  We are happy to help!  J

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October 13, 2010

[youtube aX8bFehjhkU]

Our new How to Video is finally here!  Thanks to the help of my uncle, we were able to put together a pretty darned good How to Video showing you how to put on the dog car harness.  I try to explain each step as clearly as possible while giving you a demonstration at the same time.  Thanks to my dog Persephone, or Sephi for short, she makes it look simple as she is laying there looking so cute.


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car barrier for dog

At Pet Auto, we have a lot of great metal pet auto barriers for hatch back cars, SUVs, and mini vans.  These pet auto barriers are durable and sturdy.  And they are great for keeping your dog in the back area away from the driver.  This is also safe for you if you are in a car accident because your dog won’t become a lethal projectile.

But there could be one issue with these pet auto barriers.  Because the pet auto barriers are set up using a pressure system, there is a small possibility that the pet auto barriers could slip out of place.  Check out our September 4, 2010 post titled, Advantages and Disadvantages on the Euro Bar and T-Flex Pet Car Barrier.

Most of the time, the slipping is not an issue.  In fact, we have never had a complaint about one slipping until recently.  And it wasn’t really a complaint so much as a solution to the slipping problem.  Check out this comment from our customer, Joyce, who ordered one of the Euro 6-Bar pet auto barriers.

“The installation as we did it (following the instructions) seemed to slip on the carpeting of the back-seat-down type situation. OK. We are inventive people. What we did was just get a 2″ x 6″ board, carved out a circular hole fitting the lower cup dimension about 1/4″ deep, and reinstalled the barrier. Good. Doesn’t slide on the carpeting any more. Just this last weekend, I and the 90# shepherd had a 4-hour ride (twice), and although he leaned against the barrier it did not slip. It seems to work well. But keep our “invention” in mind in case you have other customers with the same problem. Perhaps that solution would help them, too.”

This is a great solution!  However, not all customers will have the means to carve a circular hole into a board.  So if you have carpeting which you think might be slippery, consider all types of pet auto barriers before buying.  If one of the Euro Bar or T-Flex pet auto barriers is the best solution for your dog, understand that if it is slipping, you may end up either returning the item or you may need to implement Joyce’s solution.  If you don’t have a way to carve a hole, a hardware store may be able to do it.

Thanks, Joyce, for the very helpful information!  J

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October 7, 2010

funny dog pictures-Hey , speed it up! 

This cute photo with a funny caption is from  This website has lots of adorable photos of dogs with hilarious captions added.  Check it out, have a good laugh, and make sure your dog is wearing his seat belt like the dog in this photo is.

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Great Article on Cat Travel Safety

Author: MayaAndPierson
October 4, 2010

If you are considering traveling with your cat, check out this great article on Paw Nation’s blog titled, “Cat Travel – 5 Things to Know Before Going on the Road or in the Air“.  This article has a lot of helpful information for cat owners who are considering flying or driving with their cat.  The most important cat travel safety tip which they share for both car and airline travel – get your cat used to a carrier before you travel.

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