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Take Your Dog to the Movies

Author: MayaAndPierson
July 26, 2010


Is your dog stuck at home most of the time while you enjoy your summer? Why not take him to the movies? But they don’t allow dogs in movie theaters, do they? No, dogs still are not allowed in movie theaters unless they are service dogs. But you can take your dog to a drive-in movie theater. Drive-in theaters used to be very common. They are not so much anymore. But there are still quite a few still in business. Check out to find a drive-in theater in your area. Your dog may not be able to enjoy the movie, but they will enjoy your company. Grab some lawn chairs, food, and drinks for yourself. Then get your dog’s water bowl, some doggy treats, a dog blanket or bet, and your dog’s leash. Pack up the car and head on out. Sit outside, socialize with your neighbors, and enjoy the warm summer air which has been subdued by the dark stary-speckled blanket above.

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How Do Pet Car Seats Work?

Author: MayaAndPierson
July 23, 2010


Pet car seats helps to protect your pet by keeping them secure in a nice doggy bed. Most pet car seats should have a strap which will clip onto the back of your dog’s harness for added security. And most pet car seats should easily be able to be strapped into your car. Pet Auto has numerous such pet car seats. The difference in them is in the way they strap into your car, how cushioned they are, and how much of a boost the seat gives your dog so he can look out the window.

Some pet car seats strap to the seat of your car. These have two sets of long straps – one which wraps around the headrest and one which wraps around the body of the seat. All these types of pet car seats give your dog a good boost so they can look out the window.  And all should have a shorter strap on the inside where your dog sits.  This short strap clips onto the back of your dog’s harness.

Some pet car seats are strapped into your car by using the seat belt of your car. The seat belt of your car loops within the pet car seats and buckles them safely in.  The seat belt also goes through a loop strap which will then clip onto the back of your dog’s harness.

And some pet car seats are strapped around the console of your car so that your dog can sit in the front with you. This is the safest way for your dog to sit in the front seat if you have passenger side airbags. Airbags are not safe for dogs so if you can’t disable your passenger side airbags, your dog should not be sitting in the front passenger seat of your car.  A strap is included on the inside of the seat where your dog sits.  This strap should be clipped on to the back of your dog’s harness.

A variation on pet car seats are pet hammocks. There are various brands and all of them work by hanging off the headrests of your front and back seats. If you don’t have both front and back headrests, then the pet hammocks won’t work.  Pet hammocks are more for preventing your dog from injury by keeping them from being thrown onto the floor of your car.  Most pet hammocks should have an opening to allow for seat belts so that your dog can also wear a dog car seat belt.

Visit Pet Auto to see photos of the different pet car seats and to compare prices.

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We recently stumbled upon a great magazine for dog lovers titled, Coastal Canine. Coastal Canine services the central coast of California and beyond. If you live in California and want to know some great places to take your dog, check out the Coastal Canine magazine. Find out which beaches, restaurants, and hotels allows dogs. Find out about local dog-related events in the area. And get some great tips on general training and pet care.

To find out more about this magazine, visit  

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July 17, 2010


Did you know that Sheridan’s Frozen Custard gives out free puppy cones with your purchase? If you live in the Midwest, chances are there is a Sheridan’s near you. They have delicious frozen custard. And if you bring your dog with you when you make a purchase, he can have a puppy cone and taste the yummy goodness as well.

I take my dogs, Sephi and Maya, there after a long hot afternoon at the dog park. I get a banana and caramel Concrete Custard and they each get a puppy cone with a small scoop of frozen custard. It is a refreshing treat and a great way to end the day.

Check for a Sheridan’s Frozen Custard near you. (Above photo courtesy of Sheridan’s Frozen Custard.)

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July 14, 2010



Both the Kurgo Cargo Cape and the Hatchbag Cargo Liner are at Pet Auto The Kurgo Cargo Cape is similar to the Hatchbag Cargo Liner in that it protects the cargo area of your SUV from dirt, muddy paw prints, and general wear and tear. And like the Hatchbag Cargo Liner, the Kurgo Cargo Cape is waterproof.

It is different from the Hatchbag Cargo Liner in that the Kurgo Cargo Cape comes in just one size. The Hatchbag Cargo Liner is custom made to fit your vehicle, whether you have a small SUV or a large one with both the 2nd and 3rd row seats out or folded down. Because the Hatchbag Cargo Liner is custom made to fit your vehicle, it takes some time before it is shipped out.

The Hatchbag Cargo Liner lines the interior edges of your cargo area. It lines the walls up to the windows and lines the back of the front seats. The Kurgo Cargo Cape simply lines the floor and has short edging to trap dirt.

Another difference in the Kurgo Cargo Cape is that it is made from durable canvas material while the Hatchbag Cargo Liner is made from durable Vinyl. Both materials are hardy and waterproof. But where the Hatchbag Cargo Liner can be wiped clean, the Kurgo Cargo Cape would need to be machine washed.

Both the Kurgo Cargo Cape and the Hatchbag Cargo Liner are great high quality products. If you needs something quick, relatively inexpensive, and/or just for the covering of the floor of your cargo area, then the Kurgo Cargo Cape is for you. However, if you need something to custom fit your vehicle and to protect the entire cargo area, then the Hatchbag Cargo Liner is best.

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July 11, 2010


Pet Auto has recently added a new product from Kurgo. Kurgo is a brand which represents high quality pet auto safety products including the Skybox Booster Seat, the Wander Hammock, and the Tru-Fit Smart Car Harness. If you have had any experience with Kurgo products, then you know that the Kurgo Cargo Cape is also going to be a durable and first-rate item.

Protect the interior of your vehicle with the Kurgo Cargo Cape. Protect it from dirt, dog hair, muddy paw prints, and other possible doggy messes. The Kurgo Cargo Cape is made from waterproof durable canvas-like material which is machine washable. The Kurgo Cargo Cape comes in just one size and fits most average sized SUVs.

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July 8, 2010

Take a vacation in luxury at the Resort at Paws Up. Located in the wild county of Montana, the Resort at Paws Up provides a vast array of activities including horseback riding, fly fishing, spa treatments, hiking, golfing, and more. But this resort isn’t just for you. The Resort at Paws Up also caters to your dog. While there is a fee for each welcomed dog, it is well worth having your dog with you while you explore the same magnificent countryside as Louis and Clark did when they traveled through.

Being able to have your dogs with you while on your family vacation is only one of many great things about this resort. Visit for more information.

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July 5, 2010

Pet Auto is joining U-Wash Puppy for the annual Suds of Fun event to benefit the Humane Society of Greater Kansas City. This is our third year at the event and we love it. For just $5, you can utilize the facility of the self-service dog wash at U-Wash Puppy. 100% of your money goes towards the animals at the Humane Society of Greater Kansas City. You can also check out great dogs for adoption and the products of some local pet vendors, including dog car seat belts from Pet Auto Check out the Suds of Fun event at 4pm – 7pm on July 7, 2010 at U-Wash Puppy located at 75th and Nieman in Shawnee, Kansas. For more information on this event, visit the Humane Society of Greater Kansas City.

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July 3, 2010

Today, I saw no less than three different people over a 5 minutes time period leave their dog in the car while they went inside the grocery store!  It was an overcast day but 80 degrees outside.  Can you imagine how hot it was inside the car?  I am absolutely appalled that despite all the media information given out on TV, in the newspaper, and online, that people still leave their dogs in the car.

According to the Humane Society of the United States, “…the inside of your car can reach 120 degrees in a matter of minutes, even if you’re parked in the shade.”  Since dog’s don’t sweat, they cool down by panting.  And if they are panting hot air, they are not getting cool.  Every year, thousands of pets die because they were left alone in the car.  Most owners claim that it was “only for a few minutes”.  Sadly, it is too late for them to realize that a few minutes is too long.  So PLEASE don’t leave your dogs alone in the car.

 And do your part to educate the public.  Don’t confront anyone.  You can call 911.  That is what I did.  Or you can slip a flier in through the car window.  There are some great fliers at  My favorite is the one that says, “”A Hot Oven or a Hot Car… It’s the Same Thing”.

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July 2, 2010


Yes, his name is Lester – Don’t laugh. It is a name passed down from his mom and dad through his AKC registration papers. Although Lester is a pure-bred Cocker Spaniel with papers, his current owners did not buy him. He was adopted from the local shelter. Lester was given up by his previous owners because he had separation anxiety issues and they had no time to keep up with his grooming. The shelter said that when Lester was turned in to them, his hair was so long and matted that when it was shaved off, they found a batch of maggots living in his fur.

But Lester is a happy dog now. He has a great home with people that love him and take care of him. It was a trial helping him to get over his separation anxiety, but he was worth it. His owners love Lester very much. But they never thought about him wearing a dog seat belt until it was almost too late.

One day when Lester and his family were on their way to the dog park, another car ran a red light. The family car was right in the intersection when it happened and they got t-boned. The passenger side of the car was smashed in and glass went flying everywhere. The human passengers were jostled and bruised, but poor Lester was thrown across the back seat of the car. He was terrified and in awful pain. Medics came and was able to tend to the human passengers and lift them into stretchers. But it was some time before anyone could help Lester. Because he was so scared, he would try to crawl away every time someone came near him. The police were afraid he would get out of the car and try to run so they stopped trying and called animal control for assistance.

Lester was eventually taken to the vet. He suffered a broken paw and bruised ribs, but he was otherwise okay. His owners realized the close call he had had and immediately began searching for a dog seat belt. They found us and ordered the Pet Buckle brand dog seat belt. The Pet Buckle brand dog seat belt is the best on the market. It is strong, durable, and easy to use. And it is the only dog seat belt which has been crash tested. If you know of another brand of dog seat belt which claims to have been crash tested, ask them for proof. The Pet Buckle Brand dog seat belt will not hesitate to provide you proof. In fact, you can find a link to the actual crash test video on this blog site. Just put “crash test” in the search field.

Thank you, Lester’s Family, for sharing this story.

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