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Many dogs love to ride in the car. But a car ride doesn’t appeal to all dogs. Some dogs tend to get car sick which can lead to vomiting or voiding on your nice upholstery. So, in essence, to prevent your dog from vomiting or voiding in the car, you need to help keep them from getting car sick in the first place.

First and most importantly, make sure your dog can see out the window and have the window cracked open a bit for fresh air. If you have ever gotten an ill feeling as a passenger because you were reading a book or something, you have probably found that looking outside and cracking a window helps you feel better. It will help your dog too. If your dog is too small to look out the window, consider a pet booster seat.

Second, don’t give your dog anything to eat for an hour or two before going on the ride. And don’t allow them to drink too much water. You may consider exercising your dog after the car ride instead of before. Your dog will want to drink more water after exercising – and you should let them drink all the water they need after exercising. So save the fun and games for after the car ride.

And finally, make sure your dog takes a potty break just before going for a ride. Let them take care of all their business beforehand in order to decrease the likelihood of them doing it during the car ride. If you are taking a long car ride, make lots of stops for your dog. Let them out into the fresh air. Allow them walk around a bit. And let them take care of more business. Remember to keep your dog on a leash and to pick up after your dog. Having your dog off-leash and/or leaving their business behind may be illegal and could earn you a hefty fine.

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Tangle Free Seat Belts for Dogs

Author: MayaAndPierson
January 28, 2010


Have you ever used seat belts for dogs only to find that your dog gets tangled up in it? This is what generally happens if your dog moves around a lot while wearing the seats belt for dogs which uses a loop-system. What is a loop-system on seat belts for dogs? It has a loop on the back of the harness where the seat belt of the car goes through. But the seat belt of the car doesn’t lay flat against the seat unless your dog holds still – and many dogs don’t hold still. When your dog moves around, the seat belt of the car pulls away from the seat. If your dog tries to turn around, as some dogs will do, their legs get all tangled up in the seat belt of the car.

To avoid that, try using seat belts for dogs which uses a strap instead of a loop. Guardian Gear and Cruising Companion seat belts for dogs use a single strap which buckles directly into the seat belt receptacle of your car. The strap attaches to the back of the dog’s harness with a swivelled hook. So when your dog turns around, the strap doesn’t get twisted. The seat belt straps of the car are not even used so there is nothing to tangle your dog’s legs in.

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We found a very informative website for people who don’t want to leave their dogs at home when they travel. The website,, has lots of information on places you and your dog (or dogs) can go together. If you want a hotel which allows dogs of all sizes, Dog Friendly has it. If you want to know which beaches allow dogs, which parks allow dogs off leash, or which tourist attractions allow dogs, Dog Friendly has that information too. This website started over 10 years ago and is still going strong. They add more and more dog-friendly places all the time.

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January 24, 2010


We recently received correspondence from one of our customers who purchased the Skybox Pet Booster Seat. Pam from Rockford, Illinois wrote us a wonderful letter about her experience. With her permission, we are sharing it here. First, she wrote about why she purchased a pet car seat. Her little Chihuahua mix named Salsa loves to ride in the car and he loves to look out the window. She used to let him ride in her lap until one day, she had to make a sudden stop. Poor Salsa got tossed into the gap of the steering wheel. Pam couldn’t turn and ended up hitting a car in front of her which she might have avoided if she had been able to swerve. Salsa was terrified and yelped for several minutes. Pam couldn’t leave the scene to take Salsa to the vet, so she comforted Salsa as best as she could while she exchanged information with the other driver and waited for police. But thankfully, by the time Pam got Salsa to the vet he was okay.

The next day, Pam bought our Skybook Pet Booster Seat. Pet Auto had lots of car seats to choose from, but Pam chose the Skybox Pet Booster Seat because its orange color is close to the same color as Salsa. It works great, she said. At first, she thought Salsa wouldn’t like it because he was so used to sitting in her lap. But Salsa was far more interested in looking out the window than in sitting in her lap and the Skybox Pet Booster Seat allows him to do this in comfort. The Skybox Pet Booster Seat has a strap which attaches to the back of Salsa’s harness, so Salsa can look out the window in safety and Pam can feel comfortable knowing that Salsa is safe.

Thanks, Pam, for sharing this information with us! If you have a story about an incident with your dog in the car, share it with us. You don’t have to buy any of our products in order to share your story, but we would like to hear that your dog now rides safely in the car.

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Cute Dogs for Adoption

Author: MayaAndPierson
January 17, 2010

 Yellow Labrador Retriever Picture

Are you aware that after the holidays animal shelters get overloaded with pets?  Every year, puppy mill breeders work extra hard to have lots of dogs to sell for the holidays.  These dogs are then often given as gifts.  Sadly, however, it doesn’t work out and a many dogs get taken to the shelter.  Dogs who thought they were going to get a happy new home find themselves homeless.  If you are looking for a new dog, consider adopting.  Why buy a dog when you can adopt.

 We did some volunteer work this weekend at the Lawrence Humane Society in Lawrence, Kansas.  We had lots of adorable dogs and puppies to show.  One of my particular favorites was a Masen.  Masen is a three month old sheltie mix (not a lab mix like the website shows).  He is not only extra cute, as puppies tend to be, he is also very smart.  We were able to teach him to sit and lay down in a very short time.  But unless someone takes him home soon, he will forget what he learned.  He needs a new home with someone who has time to play with and train a new and energetic little puppy.

 Check out Masen and other adorable dogs up for adoption at

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Pet Auto has recently added two new products. Well, they are not really new as they have been on the market for some time. But this is the first time we are offering them on our website.

The first one is the Kurgo Wander Dog Car Hammock in black. We have had the tan Wander Dog Car Hammock on our site for well over a year now. And it has been so successful that we have decided to add the black Wander Dog Car Hammock.

The second one is the Full-Size Lookout Perch Pet Car Seat. We have had the Half-Bench Lookout Perch Pet Car Seat was added to our site last year, but we did not add the Full-Size Lookout Perch Pet Car Seat until this new year.

Both the Wander Dog Car Hammock and the Lookout Perch Pet Car Seat are great pet auto safety devices for your dog. The Wander Dog Car Hammock keeps your dog in the back seat and from getting thrown onto the floor. They also have zipper openings for the seat belt of your car so that your dog can wear a dog car seat belt and be doubly protected. The Lookout Perch Pet Car Seat is great for larger dogs up to 70 pounds. It is the biggest pet car seat we have. Strapping your dog into the Lookout Perch Pet Car Seat provides as much protection as a dog car seat belt, but is much more comfortable.

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January 12, 2010

Nothing makes us happier than to hear that a dog was returned home after being lost. A couple and their three dogs were involved in a car accident just before Christmas. The three dogs left the scene, but luckily two of them were quickly found. Their German Short-haired Pointer, Kelso, was missing. Probably traumatized by an event which he couldn’t understand, Kelso had run off in terror.

Thankfully, ten days after the accident, Kelso was returned home. He had been on his own in very cold weather for nine days before a couple found him. Kelso was cold, tired, and very weak when he got home, but other than a bit of frostbite on his muzzle, he was in good condition.

To read more about this very happy conclusion to a tragic event, check out this article, “Dog in Car Crash Returns Home”.

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January 10, 2010


You give protect your dog and give them more room in the back seat with the Extend-A-Seat from Outward Hound. The Extend-A-Seat covers the floor of your car, giving your dog that extra space to stand, turn around, and move freely back and forth in the back seat. It also can provide some protection in that it keeps your dog from flying forward onto the floor should you have to make a sudden stop. Getting thrown forward an be a painful experience for your dog, even more so if they happen to twist or even break their let in the process. How would they break their foot, do you ask? Imagine your dog is looking out the window. He is standing perpendicular, right? Then you stop suddenly. If it is a big dog, two of his side feet will go to the floor while the two on the other side stay on the seat. With a sudden stop, the dog has no time to prepare and joints could be snapped. See how the Extend-A-Seat both helps to protect and gives them more room? Use the Extend-A-Seat in conjunction with a seat belt for dogs for added protection. A Guardian Gear or Cruising Companion brand seat belt for dogs have longer straps to give your dog more room to move around.

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Featuring the T-Flex Dog Car Barrier

Author: MayaAndPierson
January 7, 2010

car barrier for dog

One way to help protect your dog in the car is to keep them in the back seat with a dog car barrier. A dog car barrier helps to keep your dog or dogs from distracting the driver. A dog in the car can be as much as, if not more than, a distraction as talking on the cell phone or trying to text while driving. A dog car barrier can also keep the dog from becoming a dangerous projectile to other passengers in the car in the event of a car accident. If something as simple as a tissue box can turn into a deadly projectile, imagine what a heavy dog can do. There is still a risk of your dog being ejected from a side or back window, but since most ejections are through the front of the car a dog car barrier may help. There is also still a risk of your dog escaping from a broken window during a car accident. But if a dog seat belt is not an option, a dog car barrier provides some protection and is better than having no protection at all.

If you have a medium to large sized dog and you are considering a dog car barrier for your vehicle, consider the T-Flex dog car barrier. The T-Flex dog car barrier has a unique split seat extension to bar the space between the seats. This is extra useful if your vehicle has a small or non-existent center console. The T-Flex dog car barrier is also adjustable enough that it fits most SUV’s and station wagons. The adjustability and the effectiveness of the T-Flex dog car barrier has made it one of our most popular choices.

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January 4, 2010


Being a responsible pet owner doesn’t just mean keeping your dog’s vaccinations up to date or keeping your dog on a leash when outside, it also means cleaning up after them. Don’t be the neighbor who let’s the dog poop in every yard but its own. Don’t be the dog owner who left their dog’s poop in the kids play area of the park. It is a disgusting job, but is is not at all very difficult. You can find dog poop bags everywhere. There are the plain black ones at pet stores like PetsMart and PetCo. You can also get some pretty fashionable ones, if not at the pet stores then online. There are even biodegradable dog poop bags. One place places to get dog poop bags is at the dollar store. They are not labeled as dog poop bags but they work great and it is only $1.00 for 100 of them. They are labeled as disposable diaper bags. The ones we have seen are in a small blue rectangular box. Picking up after your dog is also a good idea when you travel. Some cities or hotels have very strict regulations about picking up after your dog. The last thing you want to do is get a fine in a distant city for not picking up after your dog. And think about how someone else would feel if they stepped in your dog’s stuff, then got in their car without realizing it until it was too late.

Pick up after your dog in the yard, too. This is a disgusting but necessary task if you want to have a nice yard for your kids to play in. If you don’t have kids, at least keep your yard clean so you can have people over for a barbecue. The best pooper scooper we have found is called Scoopy the Poo. It is a fantastic device, easy to use, and reasonably priced. This company has thought of everything in their design.

Picking up after your dog whether at home or in public is not only a concern about courtesy, it is also a concern about health. Dog poo can carry parasites and bacteria which can spread to people and other dogs. Scoopy the Poo has some good statistics at

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