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Pet Auto has added a new pet car seat from Snoozer. This pet car seat, called the Roll Around Pet Car Seat, has been crash tested in a car seat position (with all zippers closed) for a 30 pound dog at 30 miles per hour. But safety is not its only feature. The Roll Around Pet Car Seat can also be used as a back pack, pet carrier, and pet bed. You can travel with your dog just about anywhere, whether by car or airplane, because the Roll Around Pet Car Seat can fit under most airline seats.

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October 13, 2009

This accident occurred in the UK but it could happen anywhere.  Bella, a mixed breed dog, was with her owner in the car when the accident occurred.  No person was killed but Bella died at the vet.  To read more about this tragic accident, check out this link:

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October 12, 2009

Your dog is your friend, right?  So wouldn’t you want them to be safe in the car, just like yourself, your chidren, and your friends?  A dog car seat belt is easy to use and relatively inexpensive.  And although there has not been much crash testing with a dog car seat belt, it only makes sense that your dog is better off being restrained in the event of a car crash, than they would if they weren’t restrained.  So please, make sure EVERYONE in your car is safely restrained, including man’s best friend.

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October 11, 2009




You want your dog to wear a dog car harness in order to keep him safe, but you are afraid he will chew on it. In fact, you’ve seen him try to chew on it when you went to the drive-through at McDonalds. You are planning a long road trip with your dog in November to see your family, but you are not sure what to do about your dog chewing on their dog car harness. Well, we have a few tips:

  • Get your dog used to wearing the dog car harness by allowing your dog to wear the dog car harness around the house. Only let them wear it when you are able to watch them. When you see them chewing on the dog car harness, say “no” or “eh eh”. Do fun activities with your dog while they are wearing the dog car harness. If you have a dog car harness in which the seat belt attachment can be removed, take them for a walk with their dog car harness on. Or play fetch with them.
  • Take your dog on short trips while they wear their dog car harness. If possible, have someone sit in the back seat with them to give them the “no” command or by distracting them with a squeaky toy. Be sure that your short trips are not to someplace where you would have to leave your dog alone in the car. You can go to a bank or fast food drive-through, to the park, or to a pet store where your dog is allowed to go inside with you.
  • Spray the dog car harness with bitter apple sprayor another anti-chew but safe spray. Or make your own spray by mixing water with cayenne pepper or peppermint.


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October 8, 2009

Pet Auto Safety now has a Facebook page.  If you ever wonder about the people behind the company, feel free to visit our Pet Auto Safety Facebook page.  Here we will post about upcoming dog events, upcoming sales, or just fun stuff.  Feel free to be our friend as well.  See you there!

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Introducing the American Dog Blog

Author: MayaAndPierson
October 6, 2009


Our site has a lot of informative information, but wouldn’t you want to have a little fun too?  Talking about pet safety is not always so fun, so we opened a new blog called American Dog Blog.  American Dog Blog has useful information too, but the information covers more than just pet safety and it has a lot more fun doggy stuff.  Visit the American Dog Blog and feel free to post!

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October 4, 2009

I have read various sources on the internet which state that AAA (American Automobile Association) reported 30,000 accidents a year are caused by dogs being a distraction inside of the vehicle. Every bit of research I have done with traffic reporting systems, such as NHTSA, have no statistics on how many car accidents are caused by dogs inside the vehicle. So I was curious about this supposed research done by AAA. After tedious searching on AAA’s site, I found nothing and contacted AAA directly. I received a reply a PR Manager with AAA who kindly advised that there is NO SUCH REPORT from AAA. If a car accident is reported as being caused by an animal, it is not generally reported as to whether the accident was caused from the driver swerving to miss an animal in the road, or whether the accident was caused from the driver being distracted by an animal inside the car. Not only that, the statistics report accidents caused by animals, and are not generally specific as to which kind of animal. For all the reports say, it could have been a deer in the road.

AAA was kind enough to send me a report which they did make on traveling with pets. To read more about their report, visit our Pet Auto Safety website.

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What Will a Dog in a Car Accident Do?

Author: MayaAndPierson
October 3, 2009

There are two major reasons a dog should wear a dog seat belt. The first is preventative. A dog wearing a dog sear belt is less likely able to distract the driver and cause a car accident. The second reason is for the same reason people wear seat belts – so they don’t get tossed about or thrown from the vehicle should a car accident occur.

Besides the obvious reasons your dog should wear a seat belt in the car, here is another. What if you get in a car accident and the dog is okay? The dog is still going to be terrified, right? And what do you think a terrified dog is going to do if there is an open window or door? They are going to escape run. They are confused, possibly hurt, and terribly frighted. They have no idea what happened or why. All they know is that something very very bad just happened. Here are a couple of articles we found of dogs escaping after a car accident. At least two of them are known to be okay after a long ordeal of being lost and alone. But one has yet to find their way home. If you live in the area of Bonaire, Georgia, please help Sam get home.

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October 1, 2009

Photo Contest Winner – Sandi the Shih Tzu

Say hello to Sandi the Shih Tzu. Sandi is sporting the small Tru-Fit Smart Dog Car Harness, and she is looking stylish. Shih Tzu’s love affection so Sandi was probably trying to ride in mom’s lap when she drove, so Sandi’s mom bought her the Tru-Fit Smart Dog Car Harness from Pet Auto Sandi’s mom loved the results so she sent us a photo of Sandi along with her proclamation of the product. We reviewed the photo and thought it was adorable! Since we didn’t have a good picture of a small dog wearing the small sized Tru-Fit Smart Dog Car Harness, we used the photo of Sandi on our website and refunded Sandi’s mom the full cost of the product (not including shipping). What a deal! Sandi is not only safer when she travels in the car, but now mom has more money on getting Sandi more treats and toys.

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