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April 11, 2009


Protect your car upholstery from pet hair, muddy paw prints, and dog drool with brown paw print seat covers from Guardian Gearâ„¢. It is large enough to fit the back seats of most cars. The paw print seat covers have attachment straps on the corners, top-middle, and bottom-middle. It also has two seat belt holes for your dog to wear their pet seat belt.

Don’t worry, the paw print seat covers are machine washable so protect your car as well as your dog. Brown paw print seat covers can be purchased at Pet Auto Just click “paw print seat covers” to visit that site.

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Pets Can Be Good For Your Health

Author: MayaAndPierson
April 9, 2009


I am happy to share that official studies have been done which prove that pets can be good for your health. Pets are great for aleiviating lonliness, reducing stress, and for helping to give you exercise. What better way to eliminate lonliness than by having a dog or cat for company. A loving dog or silly puppy can make you smile, reducing your stress. Taking your dog for a walk can give both of you exercise.

You can check out the article from Newsweek at the following link for more information on the official studies.

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Places to Go Traveling With a Pet

Author: MayaAndPierson
April 8, 2009


Do you want to take your pet with you when you travel but are concerned about having to leave your pet in the hotel because you can’t take them with you? You may have to leave your pet in the hotel some of the time, but we have some ideas of places you can go traveling with a pet. Now that Spring is here, you can consider eating outdoors at a park or on a restaurant patio. Lots of restaurants have outdoor patios and many will even allow you to have your dog there.

Other places you can go traveling with a pet include parks, bike trails, outdoor gardens, ranches, wineries, golf courses, lakes, rivers, and beaches. Activities you can do when traveling with a pet include biking, fishing, tubing, swimming, boating, camping, outdoor site seeing, hiking, golfing, etc. Also, you can find out about dog events in the area by calling the local animal shelters.

When traveling with a pet, make sure to call the places your are going to visit before taking your dog to them. For example, even though botanical gardens and golf courses are outdoors, many do not allow you to take your pet. Even some state parks may not allow pets.

Traveling with a pet can be fun so next time you go on a trip, consider taking your pet! Click “traveling with a pet” for great pet travel supplies.

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The Easter Egg-Stravaganza at Woof’s Play and Stay Pet Hotel and Groomer was a lot of fun and a great success despite the weather. Because it was raining and sleeting, the event was held indoors. But lots of dog lovers and dogs came anyway. Pet Auto was there and so was N2Paws, Precious Pets Memorial Center, Mariposa Veterinary, and Animal Haven.

Woof’s Play and Stay Pet Hotel and Groomer will be posting photos of the event soon at Check out their site and visit their facility. Our dog, Maya, goes there for the Pet Hotel Day Play and she absolutely loves it!

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April 4, 2009

Vehicle Door Bib

Surely you have heard of a dog seat belt harness and a pet car seat. But what about a window bumper or door bib? Pet Auto not only has a dog seat belt harness and pet car seat, but they also have some rather unusual pet travel products for your dog. Our unique pet travel products include:

1) Pet travel products like the Extend-A-Seat gives your dog more room in the back seat of your car. It also keeps your dog from getting thrown onto the floor should you have to make a sudden stop.

2) The vehicle door bibs protect your vehicle door panels from scratches, dirt, dog drool, and pet hair.

3) The automobile window bumper allows your dog to look out the car window with comfort. It is cushioned for comfort and clips easily to the car window.

4) Other unique pet travel products include a truck tether, portable water bowls, and pet ramps.

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April 2, 2009


The most obvious reason you should care for your pet is so that your pet lives a long and happy life and gives you happiness in return. But now there is another reason. Cities all over the US are cracking down on people who abuse or neglect their pets. Neglect includes leaving a dog chained in the yard day-in and day-out or letting a dog roam the neighborhood. Just because someone regularly feeds a dog, a dog constantly chained up or allowed to roam can eventually lead to a dangerous dog which is more inclined to attack or bite people than a dog who is properly cared for. Check out this fantastic article written by someone in a city who is issuing citations for dog owners who do not properly are for or restrain their dogs:

Citations Issued to Dog Owners Who Do Not Properly Care For or Restrain Their Dogs

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