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April 30, 2009


You would be surprised at home many things around your home can be harmful to your pet. If you have a puppy or a curious adult dog, please read this following article on the common houshold dangers to your dog:

Protect Your Pet – Common Household Dangers to Your Dogs
By: Guy Berg

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April 29, 2009

Extended road trips are not easy for the dog.  It helps to stop every couple of hours for him to be able to stretch his muscles and have a potty break.  Even when you are doing this, be sure to have enough supply of paper towels and other cleaning supplies, in case your dog does have an accident.  When in unfamiliar places, dogs tend to forget their potty habits. It is an added precaution to have him on a leash even when inside the car.
dog car booster seat will provide comfort and safety during a trip on the road. It will guarantee that even if he tries, he will not be able to jump out of the window. It will also prevent injuries in the event of sudden stops. There are a lot of variations and sizes available in stores. Be sure to check that straps lock securely and that it is convenient to put on the dog.

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April 28, 2009

Pet Car Seat - Deluxe Lookout

Let your dog travel with you in both safety and comfort with the Lookout Dog Car Seat. The Lookout Dog Car Seat comes in various colors and sizes. It has a seat belt slot for security. And there is a connecting strap which you can attach to your dog’s harness. The Lookout Dog Car Seat has confortable foam padding with a lambs wook interior. The Lookout Dog Car Seat is so comfortable, it can also be used as a bed in your home. The small Lookout Dog Car Seat is for smaller dogs, the medium Lookout Dog Car Seat is for small-medium sized dogs, and the My Buddy Lookout Dog Car Seat is for medium-sized dogs or multiple pets.

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Finding the Canine Compatible Car

Author: MayaAndPierson
April 26, 2009

This article is an excerpt from the April issue magazine, Metro Pet, reprinted with permission, MetroPet magazine copyright © 2009.

“Statistic show that 47% of dog owners think of their dog when purchasing a vehicle.”

Top Two Autos for Pet Lovers
“The top two autos for pet lovers are in the sport utility family.  One is the Honda Element and the other is the Subaru Outback.

“The Honda Element is four-wheel drive and comes with wide-open side doors, washable flooring and with its box-like style has configurable seating and a versatile cargo design.  The Element would certainly function as a Dog Taxi.

If you were looking for something a bit lower to the ground, more like a car, then you should consider the Subaru Outback.  The Outback is all wheel drive and comes with hooks in the back for attaching leashes or bungee cords (to crates).  Rubber matting and metal dog barriers are available as options.”

 Check out more of this article from the April 2009 issue of Metro Pet.  You can visit Metro Pet’s site by clicking  Metro Pet is free to readers.

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Dog Seat Belt

If you are fairly certain your pet can handle a long road trip, here are some pet travel tips you should consider while traveling:

1) Even if your pet rides well in the car, you should consider using a pet restraint for safety. You never know when someone will cut your off and force you slam on your breaks – or worse, get into a car accident.

2) Don’t let your dog ride in the front seat unless the vehicle has no passenger-side airbags or if the passenger-side airbags have been turned off. Air bags were not designed for children or dogs.

3) Don’t let your dog put their head out the window while the car is moving. Even a speck of flying debris can damage your dog’s nose or eyes.

4) Make lots of pit stops for your pet so that your pet can stretch their legs and take potty breaks.

For more pet travel tips, click “pet travel tips” to visit travel articles by Pet Auto

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If you are ready to go on your trip, don’t forget these important pet travel supplies:

1) Bring your dog’s pet safety restraint such as a dog seat belt or pet car seat. Or at the very least, install a pet barrier to keep your pet from distracting the driver.

2) Keep your pet’s leash handy. Don’t let your pet get out of the car without their leash on and their leash in your hands.

3) Bring a first aid kit for both you and your pet.

4) Make sure your pet is wearing their id tags for in case they wander off.

5) Bring plenty of water for both you and your pet.

For more pet travel tips, click “pet travel tips” to visit travel articles by Pet Auto Also, check out Part III our blog which will post in a few days.

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April 21, 2009

Lola Driving the Car

Before you and your pet go on vacation this spring or summer, make sure your pet is ready for the road trip. Take your dog on short rides in the car to see how they handle it. Do they get nervous? Do they get car sick? Do they get excited and move all around inside the car causing dangerous distractions? Of all the pet travel tips, this is the most important thing to know.

Pre- Pet Travel Tips:

1) If your dog is nervous in the car, take them on several short trips and take them somewhere fun so that they learn to associate the car with fun stuff. Also speak to your vet about using tranquilizers.

2) If your dog gets car sick, don’t feed them large amounts and give them lots of water. Also talk to your vet about medicine which will help settle your dog’s stomach.

3) If your dog is a distraction in the car, consider purchasing a dog seat belt or a pet auto barrier. If using a dog seat belt, let your dog get used to wearing it before taking a long trip.

4) Visit the vet to make sure your pet is healthy enough for the trip and that all their tags and other forms of ID are up to date.

For more pet travel tips, click “pet travel tips” to visit travel articles by Pet Auto Also, check out Part II our blog which will post in a few days.

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Pet Travel Netting

Author: MayaAndPierson
April 15, 2009


Pet Auto has a high quality flexible nylon-mesh pet travel netting designed to restrain your pet in the rear of your vehicle. This pet travel netting is made by Hatchbag ®. It uses a unique attachment system which requires no drilling. Instead, the Hatchbag pet travel netting uses a dual lock reclosable fasteners which that are five times stronger than hook and loop systems. The locking system is strong enough to restrain your pet but maintains your ability to remove the net when not needed. To get more information on this pet travel netting click “pet travel netting” to visit Pet Auto’s site.

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Introduce Your Dog To The Car

Author: FidoIntheCar
April 15, 2009

dogsafetybelttrufit-petautosafety.jpgYou want your dog to join you on your vacation but you’re not sure how he will behave in the car.  Dog experts insist that it is easy, if the dog is properly introduced to the unfamiliar moving vehicle.  He should associate the car with pleasant things that he enjoys.  When properly introduced, he will look forward to future rides.  And he will reward you with a loving bark and wag of his tail.

Teaching the dog to ride in a car does not stop there.  You have to make sure that safety precautions are in place. A dog safety belt will keep the dog in place while the car is running. Make sure that the construction is strong enough to restrain the dog when necessary.  At the same time, think about the comfort of the dog.  Is he able to move around in different directions?  Dogs are curious animals and they would like to see things on the road.

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Paw Print Design Pet Travel Supplies

Author: MayaAndPierson
April 13, 2009


Pet travel supplies just for your dog can be found at Pet Auto These particular pet travel supplies have a black paw print travel design. The first and most important of these supplies include the black paw print dog car seat belt. But our pet travel supplies do not just include items for safety. They also include pet travel supplies for convenience and comfort.

Pet Auto also has the black paw print travel bowl. The paw print travel bowl can hold more than two quarts of food or water. And it can be folded up for easy storage when not in use. The other paw print travel supplies include paw print car seat organizers. The paw print organizers hang conveniently over the headrest for easy storage of your pet’ leash, paw print travel bowl, treats, and more. Click “pet travel supplies” to visit Pet Auto’s site for the paw print designed products.

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