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February 25, 2009

Dog car seat belts are not the only product out there that can help protect you and your pet travel in safety in the car. There are also pet auto barriers for vans and SUVs. These barriers keep the dog in the back of the vehicle. Should you stop suddenly, the dog may fly forward, but they won’t hit you and they won’t get thrown out the front windshield. Smaller dogs can use pet car seats. Most dog car seats have restraints like seat belts and they also provide your dog with comfort. And finally, you can always keep your dog in a crate.

Dogs can still enjoy a car ride with a dog car seat belt on. Both my dogs get so excited when I get their dog car seat belts to put them on. So help everyone and even your pet travel in safety. Dog car seat belts and other safety restraints are a great idea for every passenger.

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Imagine if you and a passenger were in a major wreck where your dog was sitting in the back seat without a restraint. No matter how small or how big the dog is, the dog could fly forward with tremendous impact. And if the dog is directly behind you or the passenger, the dog has become a deadly projectile.You never know when another driver is going to cause you to wreck your car. So if your dog is traveling with you, keep yourself and any passengers in the car safe by having your dog wear a dog car seat belt. By wearing a dog car seat belt, your dog has a better chance of surviving a wreck and so do the other passengers in the vehicle!

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I just recently got a new puppy named Maya. Like most puppies, she is full of energy. And because she is a puppy, we have had to make lots of visits to the vet for booster shots and other puppy issues. I can’t imagine being able to safely drive her to the vet if she wasn’t wearing her pet car restraint. She would be trying to lick me or climb all over me while I was driving. If you think cell phones are a distraction, a cute puppy is even more so.It is not just puppies who need a pet car restraint. You may have a hyper dog, a fearful dog, or a very loving dog who wants to try to sit on your lap. So keep yourself safe by having your dog wear a pet car restraint.

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You never know when you will have to make a sudden stop or make a swift swerve while driving because of another driver. Since your dog can’t brace themselves in the car as easily as a person can, they can get tossed around, sometimes even get hurt. I am a great driver but there have been a few times when I have had to stop quickly or swerve suddenly. Because my dog was wearing her dog car safety harness, she did not fly forward and land on the floor or hit her nose on the back of the front seat. I recently heard from a friend of mine whose dog had to have surgery on their foot because of a sudden stop which sent her dog crashing to the floor of the car. Needless to say, my friend’s dog also now wears a dog car safety harness.

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February 20, 2009

dog car seat

I really love my dogs and I’m sure you love yours. And if you are anything like me, you like to take your dogs with you when you travel, whether it be to the dog park, the pet store, or to visit family or friends. Or maybe you want to take your dog with you but your dog just won’t behave in the car. Well, there is a great solution which not only helps to keep your dog from distracting you while you drive, but also helps to keep your dog safe should someone or something cause you to get into a car wreck.

Using a dog seat belt harness is becoming more and more common. You can get them at pet stores or online. Even regular department stores are starting to carry them. And the dog seat belt harness is relatively inexpensive. My eldest dog has always worn a dog seat belt harness and now I have a new puppy who is also learning to wear one. I absolutely love the dog seat belt harness. I feel so much safer on the road with all of us wearing a restraint. I not only feel better for them, but for myself as well.

Part II of this article will be posted tomorrow and the other parts will follow.
Part II will address the Pet Safety Reasons for Dogs to Wear a Dog Seat Belt Harness.
Part III will address the Driver Safety Reason for Dogs to Wear a Dog Seat Belt Harness.
Part IV will address Driver and Passenger Safety Reasons for Dogs to Wear a Dog Seat Belt Harness.
Part V will address Other Solutions to Keeping Your Pet Safe While Traveling in the Car.

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Photo Contest Winner!

Author: MayaAndPierson
February 18, 2009


A recent customer from Soquel, California purchased the Small/Medium Black Dog Car Seat Belt from Pet Auto Shortly after her purchase, she submitted an adorable photo of her American Eskimo Dog wearing the dog seat belt. The photo was of excellent quality and we needed a dog wearing a dog seat belt of this size so we gave her a refund of her purchase (not including shipping) and posted her photo on our websites. Her dog is the dog on our Dog Car Seat Belts page wearing the Small/Medium Black Dog Car Seat Belt. The dog is also seen above and on our Nature by Dawn, Inc. website.

You too can win a free dog seat belt! Dog seat belts are great for keeping your pet safe while traveling in the car. But we understand that economic times are tough right now. So we are offering a way for you to win a free dog seat belt. Simply purchase a dog seat belt for your dog from Pet Auto, submit a quality JPEG photo of your dog in the car wearing the dog seat belt, and we will review the photo to see if we can use it on our sites. Purchasing and submitting a photo does not guarantee that you will win. Be sure to read the contest rules and regulations on our Win a Free Dog Seat Belt page for more information. This page will also tell you which sizes of which brands of dog seat belts we need a photo of.

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Great Information on Basset Hounds

Author: MayaAndPierson
February 16, 2009


Thinking about getting a Basset Hound?  If so, check out the following for great information on Basset Hounds including description, temperament, and informative health information.

Description Information on Basset Hounds
Basset Hounds are well-loved for their adorable soft sad-looking eyes, short stature, and funny feet. They wrinkled skin falling over their brow when their head is lowered and their sensitive nose to the ground. The wrinkles are also seen on their forelegs. Basset Hounds have a short coat, long hanging lips, big long ears, and a gaily curved tail. Basset Hounds are short in stature but they’re sure not lacking in size. They are generally not more than 14” tall but can weigh 40-60 pounds! Like most hounds, they are the standard hound colors of black, tan, and white.

Temperament Information on Basset Hounds 
If you think the looks of the Basset Hounds are adorable, you will love their personality. Basset Hounds are quite affectionate, even-tempered, and friendly with everyone, including children. They are also good with other pets. Even though they have a great lovable personality, they can be stubborn and difficult to train. They enjoy sniffing and it is sometimes hard to distract them from an interesting scent. Because of their love for sniffing, they also have a tendency to wander as they track a scent. Baying is also a common issue the Basset Hounds as they are big communicators. Basset Hounds are not very playful, but their affectionate nature more than makes up for it.

Exercise & Grooming Information on Basset Hounds 
Basset Hounds can be great indoor dogs. They require only a little leisurely exercise and their short smooth coats need only minimal brushing. However, their face may need regular cleaning as they are inclined to drool. Also, their ears should be checked regularly and their toenails should be kept trim – especially if they are primarily indoors.

Health Information on Basset Hounds
Common health issues associated with Basset Hounds include elbow and hip dysplasia, ear infections, and eye problems such as misshapen eyelids and glaucoma. Gastric torsion which is a digestive problem can be an issue with Basset Hounds. If left untreated, gastric torsion, also called bloating, can lead to death. Another possibly fatal health issue connected with Basset Hounds is von Willebrand’s Disease. This disease is a blood disorder where the blood does not clot well and excessive bleeding can occur through even minor cuts.

Brief History Information on Basset Hounds
Basset Hounds originated in France with common ancestry with the Bloodhound. The word Basset comes from the French word bas which means low thing. Basset Hounds became popular in France after the French Revolution and were brought to England and America in the late 1800’s.

Cute gifts of Basset Hounds, click here.

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Great Pet Travel Magazine

Author: MayaAndPierson
February 14, 2009

We recently discovered a great magazine for dog lovers who love to travel with their pets. This pet travel magazine is called Fido Friendly. It has great information on pet travel tips for you and your dog, great dog-friendly places you can visit, and dog-friendly hotels and accomodations you can stay at. Visit for more information and to get a subscription.

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February 12, 2009
A Plastic Pet Carrier May Be Your Best Option

Who wouldn’t want to bring their dogs or cats with them wherever they may go? Whether you’ll just be out for a leisurely walk or go on a long vacation, it’s always nicer if you can be with your pets. After all, they’re part of the family. For this reason, a pet carrier is a good item to have. A pet carrier may be a designer carrier, backpack, stroller, or any devise used to transport pets.

Remember that pet carriers come in various styles, sizes and colors. They can be made from various materials and has different features so one has to be very thorough in selecting the best carrier to suit his needs. It will help if to take into account the kind of transport you’ll be doing with your pet. If it’s just a walk in the park, a backpack carrier will do. Strollers are suited for walks and car travels. But for air travel, you will need some specialized carriers. A plastic pet carrier might be a good option since they’re airlines approved and provides good ventilation for your animal fellow.

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Bring Your Pretty Pup Everywhere

Author: FidoIntheCar
February 12, 2009
Bring Your Pretty Pup Everywhere

A dog carrier is a great mobility solution for dog owners who wish to bring their dogs out. Of course nobody would want to leave their animal companion behind when they move to another house or go out of town, so this carrier is of great use for pet owners to transport their pets.

Is there anything we have to consider when buying a carrier? Certainly there are! Out of the many dog carriers offered in the market, pet owners should be wise enough to pick the right products and make the most of their money. A good dog carrier may not only be stylish for you, it should also be very comfortable for your pet to be in. That is why; one of the things you must consider is the space. Carriers should be spacious enough for your pet so he can move around and breathe freely while in it. Another consideration is the portability of the carrier. The more portable the carrier is; the better. A portable carrier is much more convenient to use.

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