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July 30, 2008

Maya is at the new facility for Day Play and overnight boarding.  You can check her out on their video cam at  Just select the low resolution or high resolution public web cam.  There are several views to look at.  Maya has mostly been seen on the “Medium Dogs Inside 1” camera.

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Dog Auto Safety

Author: FidoIntheCar
July 28, 2008



Being safe in the car is of utmost importance for you and your loved ones.  New parents comb through products looking for the next big improvement to protect their children.  There are hundreds of child protective seats available that are designed for children of varying ages which help reduce the impact of any car accident.
It goes to reason that this same product should be available for dogs which obviously cannot be secured in a safety device designed for human use.  Having a special seat that can protect your dog is imperative for those that care about the safety of their most beloved pets. 
Dog car seats are an incredible innovation.


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July 27, 2008

woofsfacility.jpgWe loved the new facility at Woof’s Play & Stay. During our visit, we got to speak to the business owner and several employees. Everyone was obviously a huge dog lover. There was great food for both people and pets, fun games, and wonderful free prizes and spectacular door prizes.

We were greatly impressed with our tour of the facility. The day play areas were large and clean. An employee stood inside the play area to monitor the dogs. Cameras which can be accessed online were also monitoring the play area! We really liked this idea because we can watch our puppies online while they are having fun and playing. There were different play areas for different dogs. The dogs were put in different play areas based on their size, temperament, and activity level.

The night boarding kennels were well equipped and looked very comfortable. There were two types of rooms: The regular suites and the Penthouse suites. All the suites are private but the Penthouses offer a bit more home-like feel. The Penthouses had televisions, pet-themed wall paintings, more privacy, and luxurious bedding. One thing we liked about the night stay was that the day play was included in the cost of the overnight fee. We liked this because most boarding services charge extra for play time.

The full service grooming and spa services were also wonderful. It is a terrific way to really pamper your puppy at a reasonable cost. The Furminator de-shedding is also a great service that our own dogs could really use during those heavy shedding seasons.

Maya will be staying at Woof’s Play & Stay on Wednesday, July 30th. We will try to have a link to the online viewing so you can see her in action! For more information and pricing on the services offered at Woof’s Play & Stay, check out their website at

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July 27, 2008

Like a cell phone, a dog can be a major distraction in the car.  A phone call that distracts a driver has been statistically proven to cause car accidents and create cars of people more prone to injury and death.  This can be said for an unruly dog in the vehicle.  Even the best trained dogs can be excited in a car where anything can happen.  A loud noise or an interesting dog walking down the street could be enough to send a calm dog into a fit.  Avoid putting yourself and your dog in harms way by getting an inexpensive dog safety belt today.

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July 22, 2008

Taking your dog to the river for a swim is great summer fun. But getting the car wet and possibly muddy is not. Neither is soaking your car seats with the smell of wet dog very enjoyable. And smells like that can stay and stay and stay. Traveling with your dog can be convenient if you can find a pet sitter or dog hotel, but dog hair getting all over the car is not so convenient to remove. And your dog may love taking a short ride with you in the car but you don’t like the drool he leaves all over the vinyl or fabric door panel. There is a solution for people and pets who love to travel together. Several products are available which will help to keep your car clean and new looking.

Car Seat Covers
The most common protection you can get for your car is a car seat cover. You can purchase a back seat car cover or a front single-seat car cover. (Just remember if your dog travels in the front seat, passenger side airbags should be turned off or non-existent.) The car seat covers keep mud and pet hair off your seats and they are usually machine washable.

Cargo Liners
Cargo liners can be custom fitted for over 175 models of SUVs, station wagons, and mini vans. They will protect the back part of your vehicle from almost anything, including dog hair and muddy paw prints.

Door Guards
A fairly new invention from Kurgo is the car door guards. Car door guards are great for protecting your car doors from dog drool.

Pet Hammocks
Front seat and back seat hammocks will help to not only keep your dog off the floor, but they will help keep pet hair off your seats as well. Keeping your pets from getting thrown onto the floor can also keep your pet from being injured. They are not as safe as seat belts but some security is better than none.

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July 17, 2008



Hi, my name is Dawn and I am the primary owner of and the sole owner of Sephi and Maya. Sephi is a lab/shepherd/chow mix. She is over 7 years old now and a great dog. Maya is a yellow lab. She is almost a year old and growing fast. You can read more about Sephi and Maya at

I started the site in 2006 with Sephi in mind. Sephi always had a dog seat belt but I didn’t always use it like I should have. I mostly used it for when we traveled on the highway and tended to use it less when on city roads. Why? Because Sephi hated her seat belt and she would always get tangled up in it. The seat belt she used was the kind that had a loop attached to the pet car harness where the car seat belt would pass through. It was very inconvenient because whenever Sephi would turn around in her seat, the loop of the dog seat belt harness and the seat belt of the car would get twisted and sometimes Sephi would get her foot caught in it.

A few years ago, when Sephi wasn’t wearing her seat belt, I had to swerve out of the way of a car coming into my lane. Sephi fell onto the floor and hurt herself. Thankfully, she wasn’t seriously hurt but I was bound and determined to not only make her wear her seat belt every time, but to find a better seat belt for her. And I found the perfect dog seat belt made by Guardian Gear. Instead of a loop that the car seat belt has to pass through, the dog seat belt made by Guardian Gear has a strap that buckles directly into the seat belt receptacle. With this strap, Sephi can turn around all she wants and she won’t get tangled up in it because it is a single strap. Not only that, Sephi doesn’t mind this seat belt at all. Because she can move around a bit more and not get tangled, she actually gets excited now when I put the dog car harness on her.

In 2006, I built a web site for my artwork called I had so much fun selling online that I partnered with others and expand my market to sell pet auto safety stuff, including the Guardian Gear dog seat belt that my own dogs use.

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July 13, 2008

soapydog.jpgTuesday, July 15th between 4 and 8 pm, we are going to participate in the Suds of Fun event at U-Wash Puppy in Shawnee, Kansas.  We are displaying and selling some of our products and donating 25% to the Humane Society of Greater Kansas City.  The U-Wash Puppy at 75th and Neiman Rd is giving dog baths for $5 and the first 50 dog washers get fun pack full of dog and people goodies!  Sheridan’s Frozen Custard will be handing out free pup cones to keep everyone cool, plus there will be some adorable dogs up for adoption.  Other pet vendors will be participating in the event as well and donating a portion of the proceeds to the humane society.  So if you live in the Kansas City area, give your dog a bath and help the Humane Society of Greater Kansas City help the homeless animals in your area.

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Weekend Road Trip with My Dogs

Author: MayaAndPierson
July 9, 2008
Finding Accommodations

Even though I only live four hours from St. Louis, I have never been there. So I made plans to visit this 4th of July weekend. The first thing I had to do was decide whether or not I was going to take the dogs. I considered a boarding kennel, a pet sitter, or leaving my dogs with a friend. But because it was a holiday weekend, these options were going to be hard to come by. So I decided to take them with me. Once this was determined, I needed to find a hotel that would allow my pets. After some research online at, I found that the Sheraton generally accepts pets.

Pre-travel Preparation
Once the hotel was booked, the next thing was to prepare for the trip. I had to not only pack for myself, but for the dogs as well. I packed their food bowls, water bowls, leashes, food, doggy biscuits, doggy poopie bags, crates, dog beds, and most importantly, extra water. I made sure they were in good health (both just had check-ups at the vet a couple weeks ago), that their tags were secure on their collars and up to date, and that my car was prepared for them. The back seat of my car has a car seat cover and I added the Kurgo Backseat Bridge which would give them extra room and keep them off the floor. My dogs wore their pet auto safety belts. The strap which buckles into the seat belt receptacle of the car was extended a little so that they had more room to move around but were still safe and secure.

While Traveling
On the way to St. Louis, we stopped at the rest stops along the way. There were three of them, each about 40-60 miles apart. Every interstate highway in the US has rest stops. I made sure the dogs only did their business in the pet area since the rest stops had a place designated specifically for pets. And I made sure I picked up after them. I also gave them water at each stop. Both dogs did great. No one got car sick. Maya was bored and tended to move around a lot, but because of her pet seat belt and the Extend-A-Seat, she was not able to bother me while I drove.

At the Destination
Both dogs were well-behaved at the hotel as well. Maya was a little hyper and wanted to greet everyone but I kept a hold of her leash and made sure she did not jump on or lick anyone. When I left the hotel and had to leave them behind, I kept them in their crates as required by hotel policy. I did not get any reports about them so I assume that they did not bark after I left. I did not always leave the dogs in the hotel when visiting St. Louis. I took them walking even went to a couple of nearby parks.

All-in-all it was a great trip. We all had a good time and we all kept safe. You and your pets can have a safe and pleasant time traveling as well. Just remember the four basics: Accommodation, Preparation, Travel, and Destination.

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July 7, 2008

callieincar2.jpgIf your vehicle has passenger side airbags that can not be deactivated, then your dog should not be sitting in the front seat. This is true even if your dog is wearing a pet car safety harness or is in a pet safety travel seat. There is a warning in your vehicle manual and sometimes even on the visor that states no children under a certain age and no children in car seats are to be in the front seat. The vehicle manual generally does not state anything about pets but the same applies. This is because airbags are designed to protect adults and rather than save your pet, an airbag may end up seriously harming or possibly killing your pet instead.

So before allowing your dog to sit in the front seat, make certain that the front passenger side of your vehicle does not have airbags or that those airbags are turned off. And make sure that your dog is wearing a pet car safety harness or is secured to a pet safety travel seat.

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