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December 22, 2012

Solo and Rocky chilling out on the porch.

By the time you read this, we are already on the road to visit my mom and stepdad in Missouri. It is a five hour drive so it is not as long as when we went to my dad’s in Texas. Sadly, Maya & Pierson are staying behind with our friends Sha Sha and Jinbo. We decided not to take them with us to Missouri this year for two reasons:

The Dixie Stampede
My mother has just finished all her treatments for lung cancer and she is now officially cancer free! To celebrate, we are going to take her to Branson, Missouri to see the Dixie Stampede. My mother is a huge Dolly Parton fan (she won 2nd place in a Dolly look-a-like contest when she was younger) and the Dixie Stampede is somehow associated with Dolly Parton. Branson, Missouri does not have very many pet friendly accommodations and the Dixie Stampede is no exception.

My Mom’s Dog Solo
Solo absolutely hates other dogs. The last time we came for a visit with the dogs, Rocky and Solo had to take turns with Maya and Pierson being outside because they couldn’t be inside together. And since Branson is about two hours away from my mom’s house, we would have to keep two dogs outside for several hours at a time while we are gone. I don’t want to do that to them. Sha Sha and Jinbo have taken good care of Maya and Pierson before and love them almost as much as we do so we are confident that they will be in good hands.

Are your pets going with you for the holidays or will they have to stay behind? We’d love to hear about how you and your pets are spending this week.

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December 17, 2012

Thank you to everyone who entered the dog car harness giveaway! Our winner is Janet K… Congratulations!!! Janet, you will receive an email shortly. Although this contest is over, we will start a new one in January. Please stay tuned to our blog, Facebook, and Twitter pages. In the meantime, feel free to use discount code holidaypet for 15% off! This discount is good on all our products except the BreezeGuard window screens.

Thanks again for entering! ๐Ÿ™‚

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December 3, 2012

Larrielle P, you are the winner of the Slumber Pet cargo / couch cover. Please reply to our email sent to you from

Thank you everyone for entering! We are considering another giveaway. Which products are you most interested in?

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Happy Holidays!

Author: MayaAndPierson
November 24, 2012

I meant to have more pictures posted form our trip to Texas this Thanksgiving but alas I am unprepared. I forgot the cord to plug my camera to the computer and so am unable to download all the great pictures we took. We will be back in Kansas Sunday evening so I will start posting pictures on Monday, or may possibly wait until Wordless Wednesday. In the meantime, feel free to use discount code holidaypet on PetAutoSafety.comย for a discount. That is holidaypet, all lowercase, all one word.

We are having a great time here in Texas visiting family and hope you are having a wonderful holiday weekend too! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Fun Dog in Car – Funny Video

Author: MayaAndPierson
October 24, 2012

I saw this commercial on TV and just had to share…

You can’t tell if this dog is wearing a car safety restraint or not but it is still a funny video! Here is another funny dog video. This dog isn’t wearing his seat belt either.

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Sorry, no Saturday Post this Week

Author: MayaAndPierson
August 11, 2012


See you next week!

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Lost Dog Reunited with Owner

Author: MayaAndPierson
July 11, 2012

We love happy endings! You know all the warnings sent about dogs and fireworks? Well, this dog Shiera was in her own yard when she escaped and ran off in fear. Her mom saw her one moment and the next Shiera was gone. Our friend’s friend found her at about 11pm and got in touch with me. I took her in that night. Then the next morning contacted the shelter, posted her photo on FB, Twitter, and Craig’s list.

I am happy to say that Shiera is now home with her family. It was a very happy reunion. Here are a few photos of Shiera’s short stay.


Shiera is the black dog. She is laying under my desk at my feet along with my Labrador Maya.


From the moment I learned and said Shiera's name, she perked up and knew it was time to go home. We are waiting in the car to meet her mom. Shiera wore my dog Pierson's car harness for the ride.


Mom and son are so happy that Shiera's safe. And Shiera is happy to be going home.


For other great photos of pets, check out the Wordless Wednesday blog hop.

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Any New Posts?

Author: MayaAndPierson
May 14, 2012

We generally post an article on Saturdays and Tuesdays or Wednesdays. However, due to a family emergency we missed Saturday’s post. We will likely miss the Tuesday and Wednesday post as well.

Pet Auto Safety is a family owned business. So when my mother had a medical emergency which put her in ICU, we rushed off to St. Louis to be there for her. I am home now but will likely be heading back soon. Please forgive the lack of posts this week. We may not be posting much on our FaceBook or Twitter pages either, but feel free to check out our friend atย All Things Dog Blogย who is currently hosing a pet auto safety giveaway of our products. She is also on Twitter @AllThingsDog.

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April 17, 2012

The Rumpy Dog Blog inspired this post. Blogging is fun but you’re not going to get many visitors if you don’t participate in social media. If you are on the internet, you have probably heard of social media. Social media includes Facebook, My Space, Linked In, Twitter, and more. It also includes photo sharing sites like Flickr, blogs like the one you are reading now, forums, and so on. Blogging is fun. But posting regularly then marketing it with social media can be very time consuming. If you want to work towards having a popular blog, be sure you are blogging about something you love.

My passion is dogs. Because the retail websites in my company are about dogs and cats, I find that the time I spend on social media is much more fun. Visit my social media sites. Follow my pages, like, add to your circle, subscribe, and join the fun!

If you are a social media junkie and post about pets, add your links in our comments and I will follow you in return.

Our Websites and Blogs:

Our Social Media Spots:

Thanks Rumpy Dog for being an inspiration! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Happy Easter

Author: MayaAndPierson
April 7, 2012

We here at would like to wish you a happy and safe Easter. Remember, if you take your dogs with you when you visit family this Easter be sure your dog wears a dog seat belt or other pet travel safety device!

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