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January 10, 2013

This may seem like a wacky idea from the get-go. Though, if you are already in a blog that talks about everything related to dogs, it must be because you, like me, love your furry friends and take great care of them; and there’s no harm in that! We are used to getting strange looks when we spend a lot of money getting the-best-of-the-best food, toys, snacks for our dogs, and we deal with it because at the end of the day, it’s your dog who is healthy and happy and it comes all comes down to that. That’s how you treat a member of your family, right? And that’s exactly what they are!

So, when it comes to unexpected situations, such as accidents or diseases, you wouldn’t think twice about getting the best care for your pet. However, this may set you way behind when it comes to footing the bill. That’s where dog insurance comes into place.

What is it and how does it work?
It’s the same concept as any regular insurance, where you sign up and pay a monthly fee (maybe every two months, depending on the company), you choose a deductible and you’re covered when/if an unexpected situation demands health care.
You pick a licensed vet, have your dog taken care of without worrying about what’s going to happen next. Then you take the invoice to your insurance carrier and, depending on the deductible you chose before, you will get a refund of between 70% to 100% of the total bill.

What does it cover?
That’s the beauty of it, many things can happen to your dog that you can’t even think of, ranging from a silly house accident, to allergies, poisoning, cancer or any serious illness. Getting a dog insurance allows you to rest assure that you will only have to rush to the vet of your choice and not worry about the bill.

Puppies or Adults?
This is a common question because you tend to compare it with regular insurance or health care, where the age of the person actually counts for the plan they end up getting. However, this is not the case. You can get your puppy insured (from 7 weeks and on) and you can get the same for an adult dog. This is a normal concern for many reasons: for one thing, many adult dog owners are only just now learning about this and want to get it; but also many people adopt rescue dogs that are adults and want to take care of them as well!
A thing to consider though, is that if you have a senior dog, you might want to get a plan that only covers cancer since adult dogs are less exposed to other illnesses and accidents. A puppy that’s only beginning to explore the world should be completely covered!

How much does it cost?
The plans will range according to the company, the deductibles and the coverage, but it won’t go higher than $25 a month. If you really think about it, you can probably fit that into your budget!

About the author:
Eugenia Sincovich is an Argentinean writer that can’t seem to stay in one place! She loves everything that reminds her that she’s alive and does her best to convey those feelings into her texts. She currently writes for iNetGiant.

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December 1, 2012

I’ve tried two new pet travel products recently that I would like to share with you. I purchased both of these products in anticipation of our family trip to Texas. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving, my husband and I, our two friends, and our two dogs took a road trip from Lawrence, Kansas to Kyle, Texas to visit my family. These two products were to help make our trip better.

Travel Calm by Earth Heart
I purchased Travel Calm from a company called Earth Heart in hopes that it would help keep my Maya from being so excitable during the trip. If you haven’t heard about how my Labrador can be in the car, watch this video of her on You Tube called “Cute Dog Whining in the Car“.

Travel Calm seemed to really work. Maya was relatively quiet the entire trip! There might have been a bit of whining at the very end of the trip when we were almost home, but that was nothing compared to her usual excited whine. Seriously, it was like the Maya in that video and the Maya on the trip to Texas were two different dogs.

I put Travel Calm on Pierson too because the product said it could help with car sickness. Pierson has been known to get sick in the car. But he didn’t get sick at all on this trip. He is good in the vehicle and always calm so it was difficult to tell if the Travel Calm helped him relax or not.

Petz on Board Sign from Extremely Boards
Because of my own delay in purchasing this product, I did not receive it in time for the trip. But I did receive it when we got back home and I did have a chance to try it. It was great! The sign attaches with suction cups. I put it on my car Wednesday, went to a coffee shop drive-through with my dogs, and left the sign on my car overnight. It never fell off but was easy to remove when I took it down the next day. The board is a thin 6″ x 6″ diamond and made of durable plastic.

And just look at the sign. It is not at all extremely boring. Extremely Boards is awesome! Maya & Pierson’s photos on the sign are perfect. You can’t see the bottom of the sign but it lists the phone numbers of emergency contacts for Maya & Pierson. Should we get into a car accident where we have to be rushed to the hospital, emergency personnel have the means to get help for Maya & Pierson too! I really love this product.

Please note, I was not compensated for these reviews in any way. These products are not available on our website, but I sure would like for them to be. 🙂

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October 10, 2012

Pet Auto Safety had a fantastic time this Sunday at the Dogtoberfest in Lawrence, Kansas. The event was huge and there were lots of activities. I tried to get as many photos as I could of the different events, but I was stuck at my own booth most of the time. So I asked Jim Sovanski with Sovanski Photography, who also had a booth at the event, to share some of his photos. As you can tell, his photos came out much better than mine. 🙂


This is a photo I took to show how crowded it was at Dogtoberfest despite the chilly weather. The Greyhound Rescue was right next to us.

This is the photo I took of the huge Irish Wolfhound. You can see how amateur the photo is by my shadow. That’s the Wolfhound’s friend the Corgi in the back and part of my Maya in the bottom right corner.


Compare my photo to this much better photo by Jim Sovanski. The Irish Wolfhound’s name is Quinn.


Here is a woman and her Dachshund sitting down and enjoying an event at the Dogtoberfest. They could be watching the stage where there were costume contests and other pet contests, they could be watching the dogs in the agility course, or they could be watching the disc dogs in action.


Here is an adorable dog dressed up for Dogtoberfest.


We had a tax man come by to make sure we had our sales tax permit. This dog is checking him out to make sure he dotted his i’s and crossed his t’s.


A beautiful Border Collie in front of Jim Sovanski’s booth. 🙂


If you like Jim Sovanski Photography, he does digitial paintings as well. Look how beautiful this dog digital painting is.


For more Wordless Wednesday photos, join the blog hop below!

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June 2, 2012


Maya Wearing a Coolie Dog Collar


We have great dog friends here in Lawrence, Kansas. Two such friends with Bow Wow Wow Gifts make fantastic dog stuff. They specialize in one-of-a-kind clothes for dogs but they also make this great dog collar called the Coolie dog collar.

The Coolie dog collar is a simple dog collar containing small ice packs. If you plan on having fun in the sun, help your dog stay cool by freezing the ice packs, inserting into the Coolie, then tying the Coolie around your dog’s neck.

The Coolie dog collars come in two color choices. Get the hot pink with doggy designs or the bright blue, also with doggy-themed designs. You can also choose from three sizes. Ice packs are included.

Bow Wow Wow Gifts made these specific Coolie dog collars just for Pet Auto Safety. You can’t get them anywhere else so get a Coolie dog collar for your dog while supplies last.

The collars are shown above in the two colors available. The collar’s straps are folded under in these photos. Notice the second blue one where you can see the straps a little bit more.

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Kurgo makes great pet travel products such as the Wander Pet Car Hammock, the Tru-Fit Smart Dog Car Harness, the Backseat Barrier, and the Backseat Bridge. They are well-made, very useful and safe, and best of all they have a lifetime guarantee. Since we like Kurgo so much, we have decided to expand from our pet auto safety base and have added the Kurgo Wander Back Pack for Dogs.

So what does a back pack for pets have to do with dog car safety?

Pet – This one speaks for itself.

Auto – Your dog has to ride in the car before he can get to his favorite hiking spot to use his new back pack.

Safety – This one is a stretch but the Kurgo Wander Back Pack for Dogs has four reflective strips (two on the top and one on either side) for just in case your dog is hiking in the woods at night.

So mostly the Wander Pack has to do with pet travel. Plus, we just wanted to order them so that our own dogs could use them! In fact, that is our dog Maya in the photo above wearing hers.

Like other Kurgo products, the Wander Back Pack for Dogs has a lifetime guarantee. So if you plan on going on a hiking trip with your dog to Colorado, Missouri, or other great hiking spots, consider a Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Dog Car Harness and the Kurgo Wander Back Pack for Dogs.

Be sure to check us out next week for another new pet auto safety product. We are adding a bunch of new pet travel products in May.

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Here is Maya and Griffon showing off the new hand-made Coolie Dog Collar from Bow Wow Wow Gifts.

This is my Maya

Griffon is the dog of one of the owners of Bow Wow Wow Gifts.


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Why get Pet Insurance

Author: MayaAndPierson
July 31, 2011


When owning a pet it is seen as an addition to the family. This said the most important reason why pet insurance is vital is because it is impossible to predict whether at some point your pet will fall ill or have a serious accident. You simply wouldn’t take that chance when considering health insurance for any other family member but people don’t value pet insurance as highly. For these reasons alone getting pet insurance is one of the most important things to do when getting a domesticated animal, nearly as important as getting the animal itself.

One of the greatest benefits of pet insurance is that it doesn’t just cover your pet when it becomes seriously ill, it covers it for a wide range of other problems as well. Pet insurance covers everything from regular check-ups to advertising if your pet ever becomes lost or stolen. Some plans even cover bereavement counselling. These are just some of the benefits that are covered by policies and it genuinely shows how much the policies have progressed through the years to give you and your pet the best plan possible. Pet insurance therefore provides peace of mind and financial assurance.

Find cheap pet and cheap rabbit insurance quotes at

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July 20, 2011

Pet Travel Bowl

Outward Hound Port-a-Bowl and the Handi-Drink are great pet travel water bowl brands for your dog.  Whenever you take your dog out this summer, you want to make sure he stays cool and hydrated.  Many places don’t have bowls of fresh water lying around for your dog so you may want to bring your own pet travel water bowl.

The Outward Hound Port-a-Bowl pet travel water bowl fits easily in your pocket.  When your dog is ready to drink, simply unfold the pet travel water bowl, set it on the ground, and fill it with water.  When your dog is done, dump out the remaining water, shake it off, and put it back in your pocket.

The Handi-Drink pet travel water bowl comes with both a plastic bowl and a water bottle.  The bowl is long and fits around the bottle and both bowl and bottle clip on your belt for easy carrying.  When your dog is ready for a drink, simply flip open the pet travel water bowl and let the water flow.

Keeping your buddy cool this summer is very important.  Go swimming, boating, to the park, and enjoy the sunshine.  But help your dog stay cool and hydrated with a pet travel water bowl.

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Snoozer SUV Pet Cargo Liner / Pet Bed

Author: MayaAndPierson
July 5, 2011


Snoozer makes very high quality products for pet car travel.  Most of those products include different variations of the Lookout pet car seats such as the Lookout Deluxe, My Buddy, Lookout Perch, and pet console seats.  Snoozer makes another great product as well – The Snoozer SUV Pet Cargo Liner and Pet Bed.

Like all Snoozer products, the Snoozer SUV Pet Cargo Liner and Pet Bed is designed for comfort.  Your dog can ride comfortably in the back cargo area.  Not only is your dog comfortable, but your cargo area is protected from muddy paw prints and such.  The Snoozer SUV Pet Cargo Liner and Pet Bed is made from nylon fabric which is water and hair resistant.  The fabric cover can be removed from the foam padding and washed as needed.  The Snoozer SUV Pet Cargo Liner and Pet Bed can also be used in the house (or hotel room) as a pet bed.

The Snoozer SUV Pet Cargo Liner and Pet Bed does not provide safety like the other Snoozer products do.  For safety, we recommend wither having a pet car net in place or using the Pet Buckle dog car harness with the attached Kwik Connect Tether clipped onto the metal rings which may be located in the cargo area of the SUV.

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October 1, 2010

Feisty Fido: Help for the Leash-Reactive Dog 

As a certified dog trainer, I read a lot of dog training books.  One particular book I bought specifically in order to get help with my dogs.  That book is called, “Feisty Fido, Help for the Leash-Reactive Dog”.  My dogs, Sephi and Maya, walk pretty well on a leash until they see another dog.  I struggle to keep a hold of them as they pull.  Sephi is pulling because she doesn’t like other dogs and she wants to go after them.  Maya is pulling because she loves other dogs and she wants to go play with them.  This book has been very useful in helping me understand why my dogs are behaving this way and what I can do to correct their behavior.  Check out my review of the book at the American Dog Blog.  Then visit our new Dog Lover’s Book Store in order to purchase it from

 Because I love dogs, I also read a lot of stories about dogs.  I recently read a fantastic fictional story by W. Bruce Cameron titled, “A Dog’s Purpose”.  This story is told from a dog’s perspective.  The dog describes his different lives as a stray, as a family pet, as a working dog, and as a backyard dog.  Although there were parts in this book that made me cry with sadness, there were also parts that made me cry with joy.  I thoroughly enjoyed this book.  You can read the review of this book at the American Dog Blog as well.  And this book is also available at the Dog Lover’s Book Store.

The Dog Lover’s Book Store is an affiliated store so you can trust its integrity, security, and service.  We will be adding more books to the Dog Lover’s Book Store as we read and buy them.  (Our book reviews will go on the American Dog Blog.)  

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