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November 10, 2011


Check out our interview with Edie Jarolim at Animal regarding why Pet Auto was started and what types of products we have. Read Edie’s article and listen to the podcast interview. Let us know if you have any questions about Pet Auto or its products.

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November 7, 2011

Photo credit from SC 

Help Find Cooper

Driving with your dog unrestrained in the car is extremely dangerous, as your dog, the driver and any passengers can get hurt if there’s an accident, but here’s a sorry tail from last Sunday and we are hoping you can help find Cooper the silver Yorkie.

Deborah Gandy was driving in the car on her way to a business appointment with her two dogs Cooper and Ricky, both loose in the car in Hartsville. Ricky was in the front passengers seat (very dangerous as if air bags are fitted and an accident happens and they come into action, a dog could be severely injured) and Cooper was in the back.  Was in the back until he decided to jump out of the open car window…he’s been missing since Sunday.  Cooper jumped out near the First Baptist Church in Hartsville.

The owner had taken his dog collar off and had it with her in the car but Cooper not only jumped out of the car, but is also unidentifiable regards ownership, without collar and dog ID tags or chipped. Sadly Cooper is also blind, on meds and has food allergies so it is imperative he is reunited with his owner and medications asap.

Sightings have reported that a woman was seen picking him up and put Cooper in her car, probably concerned for his welfare, as he appeared to be limping – this was reported happening near the Sonic Drive In on last Sunday, the same day Cooper jumped from the car.

A good friend of Deborah’s kindly made flyers which are posted up all over Hartsville and other friends have posted Cooper’s pic on Facebook in the hope that someone can help find him and get him back home. Facebook people are doing their utmostin the bid to find Cooper and bring him back home.

Deborah Gandy is certain her little dog is still alive and has pleaded for help to have her dog home safe.

“He’s my baby, and I want him back,” Deborah Gandy said.

If anyone knows anything about his whereabouts, Deborah asks that they call 843-229-9736 or they can drop him off at Coldwell Banker on E. Carolina Avenue or Allstate Insurance Company on S. Fifth Street in downtown Hartsville.

Make certain your dog has a collar and ID at all times and keep your dog safely restrained in the car.

Gandy is optimistic that Cooper is alive. She is offering a reward for his safe return. She said she feels like it was someone who cares about animals that stopped and picked him up, but they just don’t know how to reunite him with his owner. She is worried because he is overdue for his medicine, and she and Ricky miss him terribly.

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October 22, 2011


Dogs are amazing. Not only do they make our lives better by giving us unconditional love, they eagerly and loyally serve our country, contribute to law enforcement, provide therapy and guidance for special needs, assist in search and rescue, and more.

The American Humane Association is honoring these incredible animals with the Hero Dog Awards. You can watch this powerful celebration on the Hallmark Channel on Friday, November 11th at 8/7 central.

Eight remarkable dogs will be honored for their bravery and devotion in eight different service categories. These categories are military, guide, therapy, law enforcement, search and rescue, service, hearing, and an emerging hero award for an ordinary dog who accomplished a courageous feat.

Don’t miss the Hero Dog Awards extraordinary ceremony on the Hallmark Channel.

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September 19, 2011

If you are in the Westport, Wisconsin area, be on the lookout for a black and white pit bull dog missing after a car crash. Her name is Pepper. Both her and her owner were injured in a car accident but Pepper got out of the car and ran off. Sorry, no photos available. The accident occurred on Sunday, September 18th on County M at Corner Court. This information comes from a Madison, Wisconsin news article at If you live in this area and have found this dog, please contact the information provided on this article.

Pepper was probably terrified from the accident and ran as far and as fast as she could in order to get away from it. This is a common reaction for dogs and happens all too frequently after a car accident. Pepper is hurt, confused, and frightened so if you see her, contact someone right away. If you choose to approach her yourself, be cautious. We are not certain of Pepper’s personality but a hurt dog, no matter how sweet, may be inclined to bite out of fear.

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