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July 17, 2013

Do you ever wonder why we don’t post every day? Maybe we shouldn’t have put our CEC in charge of the work schedule.

Dog Maya CEC Working Too Hard

Maya, CEC (Chief Executive Cuteness)

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Thanks for stopping by our blog for the Wordless Wednesday blog hop. For more great pet photos from other fantastic dog blogs, check out the links below.

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July 10, 2013

When we purchased some Outward Hound products (a Kyjen company) for Pet Auto and for our new site eDogLifeJacket (coming soon), I also ordered an extra item for Maya and Pierson. That was the Invincible Gecko (from Kyjen), which I read about on Gizmo’s Terrier Torrent blog.

Dog Maya Invincibles Gecko Toy

You can’t hear it, but Maya is squeaking away at her dog toy!

Pierson Kyjen Invincibles Gecko Dog Toy

Pierson is squeaking away at his new Kyjen dog toy too.

Invincibles Gecko Dog Toy and Maya

Maya gets into all sorts of wierd positions when she plays with her dog toys.

Maya is a chewer so I’m always excited about trying out dog toys that say they are invincible. I must say, this gecko dog toy is holding up very well. Not only has she not torn it to bits, but the squeaker still works too. Oftentimes, when squeakers in dog toys get a hole punctured in it from sharp doggy teeth, it stops working. But not this squeaker! Both the toy and its stuffings are invincible!!!

We didn’t buy any invincible gecko’s for resale on our Pet Auto website. But you can get them on Amazon. Stop by our Amazon a-store for yours.

To check out a video I did of me drawing Mos the dog, visit my blog. Also, for more great Wordless Wednesday pet photos, check out the blog hop below:

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Do you know Maya and Pierson? The beautiful yellow Labrador pictured at the top of this blog isn’t just some random puppy. That is my Maya! She’s been pictured on this blog a number of times, along with my Australian Shepherd mix Pierson. They aren’t just models for pet auto safety products, they have other talents too. Check out some non-travel pet photos of them below:

Maya & Puddle of Mud @ Dog Park

Maya finds a big puddle of mud along one of the dog park nature trails.

Labrador Maya Young's Pool

Maya, bottom right, waiting for me to throw the tennis ball. Lots of other dogs in the background are having a good time.

Labrador Maya Sleeping on Back

Maya likes to sleep on her back.

Pierson Sleeping on His Back

Pierson too.

Dog Pierson Jumping Hula Hoop

Pierson loves agility. Jumping through the hula hoop was the first agility trick he learned.

Dog Pierson Dog Agility Tunnel

Pierson goes through the dog agility tunnel.

Dogs Maya Pierson Sprinkler

Last summer, playing in the sprinkler was Maya and Pierson’s favorite activity.

Do you want to get to know Maya and Pierson even more? Sign up for our other blog – At the top right of our blog is where you will find the email sign up. We post about twice a week. Check out today’s post for Wordless Wednesday to see how Maya and Pierson help out at work. Then check us out on Saturdays where we post about dog training, Maya and Pierson antics, pet health, or other fun dog topics.

For more fun pet photos, check out the Wordless Wednesday blog hop below.

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May 29, 2013

I’ve been in a creative mood lately and have taken a few photos of Maya & Pierson and added some captions. If you like them, Pin and share!

Are We There Yet Dogs

Maya Pierson Vet Captions

Maya Vet CaptionHere are a couple that are not pet travel related, but I think are my funniest memes yet:

Sporting Dog Caption

Pierson Belly Rub Caption

For more fun pet photos, check out the Wordless Wednesday blog hop below:

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May 8, 2013

Our contest winner for the month of April has shared a photo of her Dachshund dog Daffy with her new prize.

Daffy the Dachshund in the Thundershirt

Daffy the Dachshund in her new Thundershirt!

Isn’t Daffy absolutely adorable!?! I just love that look on her face. It’s like she’s saying, “You seriously expect me to wear this… in public?” LOL!

The prize was actually a Bergan pet car barrier, but we saw in the comments that Daffy’s mom Amy made and thought perhaps she could use another prize instead. In Amy’s comments, she said her dogs rode in crates and that they bark and whine in the car. Since they are already riding safely in crates and can’t get to the front seats, what use is a pet car barrier? Perhaps the Thundershirt will help keep her dogs calm and quiet when they ride in the car.

Important note:  Our winner Amy did not ask us to exchange the prize. It was an offer that we made. In general, the prize in the contest is the one that is given away. It is solely at our discretion to offer an exchange for another product of comparable value. This month’s contest giveaway will likely be a dog car harness. If there is a different prize that you’d like to win, please let us know in comments here. We will be hosting the giveaway soon, so stop by again soon! 🙂

For other great pet photos, visit the blog hop below. Be sure to specifically check out the one of Pierson’s New Agility Kit. That’s my boy and he is showing off his new agility skills.

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March 13, 2013

I love my Maya, but she sure can be a handful. ❤

Maya Angel Devil

My, oh my, oh Maya. I love Maya’s zest for life. And it really shows when she rides in the car. It can be very distracting so I make sure she wears a dog seatbelt. If your dog is crazy, or even nervous, in the car, visit our post from March 8th so you can enter to win a bottle of Travel Calm… and see a video of my crazy Labrador in the car. Also, be sure to check out the Wordless Wednesday blog hop below.


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