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The Hyper Dog
The hyper dog generally loves to ride in the car.  He wants to be everywhere at once.  This is how my dog Maya is in the car.  For her, I have her wear a dog seatbelt.  Her dog seatbelt has the strap extended so that she has some mobility.  The strap isn’t long enough to allow her to get in the front seat, but it is long enough for her to reach one of the windows.  I also have the Extend-A-Seat to cover the floor so that she has more room to move around and there is no danger of her getting thrown onto the floor in a sudden stop.

For the hyper dog you can also try a pet car barrier.  As stressed in the previous post, be careful because a determined dog may be able to circumvent a pet car barrier.

You may also be able to help a hyper dog by not just taking him to fun places like the dog park, but also taking him to boring places like the bank drive through.  Or just drive around the block and come back home.  Perhaps if your dog isn’t always going somewhere fun when he is in the car, he may become desensitized by car rides.  A good example of how desensitization works would be if you got out your dog’s leash often throughout the day but didn’t take him for a walk.  He would eventually realize that the leash does not mean getting to go for a walk.

Pet travel safety is important.  But so is your dog’s comfort.  Working with your dog by helping him be desensitized to car rides or helping him not be so anxious in the car can provide him with both comfort and safety.  Pet travel safety is provided by your dog not being a distraction to the driver.  A dog seatbelt, a car seat for dogs, or a pet car barrier can also help with both comfort and safety.

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The Car Sick Dog 
If your dog is like the scared dog, it tends to also make his car sick.  He is already nervous and the movements of the car don’t help.  Try the same techniques as or the scared dog (previous post).  Take him on short trips regularly to places he likes to go.  Drive carefully and don’t take turns to fast or stop too suddenly (if you can help it).

But some dogs who get car sick are not like the scared dog.  They are not as intimidated by a car ride and may even seem to enjoy it.  You can help keep this dog from being car sick by making sure he has a good view out the window and that he has fresh air.  Don’t let him stick his head out the window as that can be dangerous too, but have the windows down a little or put the air in your car on high.

If your dog is a small dog and can’t look out the window, consider a car seat for dogs.  With a car seat for dogs, your dog can be strapped in for safety, and you can put the window down all the way without fear of him flying out.  If your dog is too big for a car seat but too small to see out the window, consider a dog seatbelt and the Lookout Perch.  The Lookout Perch is a car seat for dogs where you dog has a thick cushion to sit on.  The cushion is thick enough to give your dog a boost up.

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Pet Car Seat - Deluxe Lookout
Deluxe Lookout Pet Car Seat by Snoozer

Ever heard of the Lookout and My Buddy pet car seats?  These are quality pet products made by Snoozer Pet Products.  So are the Roll Around Pet Carrier and the Snoozer Console pet car seats.  If you are looking for a comfortable way to keep your dog safe in the car, Snoozer pet products are the way to go.

The Lookout pet car seats, My Buddy pet car seats, and the Roll Around Pet Carrier are all strapped into the car with the seat belt system in the car.  The Lookout pet car seats and the My Buddy pet car seats have connecting straps which strap to the back of your dog’s harness.  This way, your dog stays in their pet car seat.  The Snoozer Console pet car seats also have connecting straps.  But instead of being strapped into the car with the car seat belt, the Snoozer Console pet car seats have straps which wrap around your car’s center console.

The Roll Around Pet Carrier does not have this connecting strap.  But your dog is kept safe because they are sipped into the carrier which is in turn strapped into the car with the car’s seat belt system.  The Roll Around Pet Carrier also has additional features which allow you to carry the pet carrier on your back or roll it around town with your dog resting comfortably inside.

Snoozer pet car seats are not only safe but comfortable too.  These products are tested for both safety and durability.  Pamper your pet with a Snoozer pet product and keep your pet both safe and comfortable as they travel around town in style.

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March 25, 2011


Carrie, the owner of shares her experience with buying our products in a three part series called “Dog Safe Travel Around Town and on the Highway”.  On February 28th, she tells her experience about traveling with her pets.  She says about us, “After the beginning of All Things Dog Blog, I met a new friend through the blog. The owner of Pet Auto Safety, has introduced me to safer options that I never knew existed.”  Click here to visit her blog and read Part I of “Dog Safe Travel…”.

On March 8th, she posts Part II of her series and tells us a little bit more about her dog Oliver’s experience with his pet car seat (Oliver in his pet car seat pictured above).  Here is a partial quote from her blog, ” Transportation issues change when you risk a large dog stepping on a small dog in the back seat, so we’ve taken precautions to protect little Oliver.

Since Oliver’s inclination has always been to stay by my side (he is a ‘companion’ breed, after all), he’s much happier when in the front seat. There are only a few safe options for this scenario; we picked a raised car seat, pictured above. While there are different types, mine is a model that has 3 straps attaching it to the seat, so there’s a pretty fair backup system in place. An adjustable strap inside the seat area attaches to your dog’s harness with a clip. This gives you the ability to decide how much he can move around inside the seat.”  To read more, click here to visit her blog and read Part II of “Dog Safe Travel…”.

In Part III posted on March 16th, Carrie talks about Tanner’s experience with the Pet Buckle.  In her blog post, Carrie says, “My only surprise was that the buckles are as strong and secure as our human seatbelt buckles are. That loud click sent me a clear message: Tanner will be safe in this seatbelt. I liked that.”  Click here to visit her blog and read Part III of “Dog Safe Travel…”

Visit again for more great posts from Carrie.  She doesn’t just blog about pet auto safety, she blogs about All Things Dog! 

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January 30, 2011


You want to keep your dog safe when they travel in the car, but you’re not sure which pet travel products are best.  There are several things to consider when looking for the right pet auto safety device for you and your dog, and we can help.  Review the list below along with a short description.  Feel free to review our blog further for more detailed information on the various pet travel products.

Dog’s Temperament: 
*Prefers Confinement – A pet travel crate is a good pet auto safety method, but a pet travel crate which is strapped in is even safer.
*Hates Confinement – You can use a dog seat belt which has a long tether or keep your dog in the back with a pet auto barrier.
*Likes to Look Out the Window – For small dogs, this may be difficult.  Your small dog can be strapped into a pet booster seat.  For bigger dogs, use a dog seat belt rather than a pet travel crate.
*Likes to Relax – For a dog who likes to relax, use a dog seat belt with a short tether which is safer than one with a long tether – or have them ride in a pet travel crate.  You can also consider a pet booster seat for a smaller dog.

Level of safety:  The safest pet auto safety methods are the dog seat belt or pet travel crates which are strapped in with a kennel restraint system.  Pet auto barriers are not as safe, although they do provide some level of protection in that they keep the dog from distracting the driver and they prevent the dog from getting thrown forward into the front in the event of a car accident.

What Kind of Vehicle and How Much Room:  Metal pet auto barriers are too big for a car.  However, there are canvas barriers and pet nets which are perfect for cars.  If you have a big dog, using a crate may not work, or if you have a big crate in the back of an SUV, you may have difficulty in strapping the crate in.  A dog seat belt will work in any vehicle with car seat belts.

Ease of Use:  Pet auto barriers may require installation.  A pet booster seat or pet travel crate may have some set up, but not as much as a pet auto barrier.  A dog seat belt has the lowest level of installation.  It may be difficult when you first put it on but once you get a hang of it, it is super easy.

Crate With Straps vs. Dog Seat Belt:  A study has not been done to see which method is safer.  However, a dog seat belt is safer than a crate which is not strapped in and a crate is safer than a dog seat belt which has a very long tether.  The shorter the tether on a dog seat belt, the safer it is for the dog.

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January 15, 2011


Sandy from Colorado wrote to us about her dog’s experience with the Lookout Perch pet car seat:

“My dog loves the lookout perch car seat!  Bessie is too big for most car seats but since she has short legs I really wanted to find something for her.  I am so glad I found your website!  The lookout perch is perfect for her.  And I feel better knowing she is secure in the car.  I will send you a picture of Bessie in her seat soon.  For now, here is one of her at home.”

Our reply:

“Thank you Sandy and Bessie.  We are really glad you both like the Lookout Perch pet car seat!  Don’t forget that if you have passenger-side air bags to turn them off if Bessie is sitting in the front.  Happy New Year!”

The Lookout Perch pet car seat is strapped in and secured with the seat belt of the car.  There is an attaching strap which can clip onto the back of the dog’s harness.  Don’t clip it to the dog’s collar.  Purchase one of our dog car harnesses or get a regular walking harness from the pet store.

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Give Your Pet the Gift of Love

Author: MayaAndPierson
December 9, 2010


Pet travel safety supplies to keep your pet safe is a gift both to you and to your pet.  Some dogs really love their pet car seats.  Dogs may not care too much for the dog car seat belts, but if motivated properly they can learn to love it.  Sephi and Maya love their dog seat belts.  To them, the dog seat belts mean they get to go somewhere in the car.  And that is a special treat.

Pet car seats come in all sorts of types, styles, colors, and sizes.  They are better for smaller dogs and some pet car seats may even work for medium-sized dogs.  The two basic types of pet car seats are the kind which hang from the headrest of the car and the kind which sit firmly onto the seat.  Both types are secured either with straps or with the seat belt of the car.  And both types have clips which clip onto the back of your dog’s harness.

Dog car seat belts also come in various types, styles, colors, and sizes.  The two basic types of dog car seat belts are the kind which buckles directly into the seat belt of the car or onto the latch-bar of the car and the kind which uses the seat belt of the car which goes through a loop on the dog seat belt harness.  The styles vary from basic to slightly padded, to well padded.

Pet travel safety supplies are also great gifts to give before the holidays when you may be traveling.  Let your pet travel with style, safety, and comfort this Holiday Season.

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September 25, 2010

(Back view of the Roll-Around Pet Carrier)

The Roll-Around Pet Carrier is an all-purpose dog carrier made by Snoozer.  You can easily tote the Roll-Around Pet Carrier like a suitcase.  The handle extends and it has wheels for easy tug-along.  Or you can carry it like a backpack.  Then secure it in your car as you drive to the airport.  With the smaller pet carrier, it will fit under most airline seats for airline travel.  When you get to your hotel, keep the dog in the Roll-Around Pet Carrier for use as a pet bed.

To secure the Roll-Around Pet Carrier in your car, simply slide the seat belt of the car through the straps in the back as pictured above.  Then snap the seat belt into the seat belt receptacle.  Sudden stops or car accidents will keep your pet in the pet carrier and the pet carrier secured to the seat.  Snoozer says that the buckled in Roll-Around Pet Carrier in the car seat position with all zippers closed has been crash tested at 30 pounds at 30 mph.

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August 16, 2010


You may already be familiar with Outward Hound pet supply brands.  The Outward Hound brand provides products which combine quality with affordability.  Their products are well made and relatively inexpensive as compared to other brands.  Outward Hound makes dog backpacks, dog toys, water bowls, dog life vests, pet strollers, and more.  But did you know that they also make pet travel supplies too?

Pet Auto provides a number of pet travel supplies with the Outward Hound brand.  Both the Kyjen Pet Booster Seat and the Outward Hound Pet Booster Seat are Outward Hound brands.  Both of these pet booster seat styles provide security for your dog when he travels in the car while at the same time giving him a “boost” so he can see out the window.

Other pet travel supplies from Outward Hound include the Front Seat Barrier which keeps your dog from climbing over the console to the front seat, the Window Bumper which provides padding for the dog who likes to put his head out the window, the Extend-A-Seat which covers the floor of the back seat to give your dog more room, and the Port-A-Bowl which is an easy carry food and water bowl for when you take your dog for long walks or long travel trips.

Check out these and other great pet travel supplies at Pet  Feel free to use discount code, petblogger, to get 10% off your order.

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Compare Dog Car Seat Brands

Author: MayaAndPierson
August 7, 2010


Pet Auto provides a number of selections of dog car seat brands and styles. All the dog car seat brands are good brands but some have more features and higher quality than others. In order to help you decide which dog car seat brand and style is right for you, please review the below information which is first organized by style then by price.

Dog car seat brands which hang from and wrap around the seat of your car:
1.  Kyjen Dog Car Booster Seat – Features air cushioning comfort and a high boost, for dogs up to 18 pounds, $39.99.
2.  Outward Hound Dog Car Booster Seat – Features a flexible bottom for comfort but no cushion and a high boost, for dogs up to 20 pounds, $39.99.
3.  Designer Elevated Dog Car Booster Seat – Features air cushioning comfort and a high boost, for dogs up to 30 pounds, $44.99.
4.  Skybox Dog Car Booster Seat – Features a thin cushion and a high boost, for dogs up to 30 pounds, $59.99. This dog car booster seat is very well made and has the highest quality of the dog car booster seat brands which hang from the headrest of the seat.

Dog car seat brands which strap in using the seat belt of the car:
5.  Guardian Gear Sightseers Dog Car Seat – Features no cushion and no boost, for dogs up to 20 pounds, $29.99.
6.  Roll Around Pet Travel Carrier – Features no cushion or boost. It has no strap to attach to your dog but your dog is zipped inside for safety. The Roll Around Pet Travel Carrier comes in three sizes – Small for dogs up to 7 pounds, $69.99; Medium for dogs up to 15 pounds, $79.99; Large for dogs up to 30 pounds, $89.99.
Lookout Perch Dog Car Seat – Features very good cushioning and a moderate to high boost. The half-bench is for dogs up to 35 pounds and costs $79.99. The full-bench is for dogs up to 70 pounds and costs $139.99.
Lookout & Lookout Deluxe Dog Safety Car Seat – Features very good cushioning and a moderate boost. The small is for dogs up to 20 pounds and the medium is for dogs up to 25 pounds. The small standard Lookout Dog Car Seat is $74.99 and the small Deluxe is $99.99. The medium standard Lookout Dog Car Seat is $109.99 and the medium Deluxe is $119.99.
My Buddy Dog Safety Car Seat – Features very good cushioning and a moderate boost, for dogs up to 30 pounds, $149.99.

10. Dog car seat brands which wrap around the console of your car feature very good cushioning and a moderate boost depending on how high your console is. The small console brand is for dogs up to 7 pounds and costs $64.99. The medium console dog car seat brand is for dogs up to 12 pounds and costs $84.99.

11. Dog car hammocks are also on the dog car seat page. But dog car hammocks are better for larger dogs while a dog car seat is generally better for smaller dogs (with the exception of the Lookout Perch Dog Car Seat).

Visit Pet Auto to see photos of the different dog car seat brands.

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