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We have gotten some fantastic reviews on the car Pet Net (see our post on April 30th, 2011).  But it does have a couple drawbacks which you should be aware of.

1) Your car must have attachment points in order for the car Pet Net to work.  Look at the uppermost and lowermost interior of your car to be sure there are places for the bungee cords to attach.

2) The car Pet Net is not intended to keep a determined dog from climbing over, under, or around the sides.  The car Pet Net goes high up towards the ceiling but does not go all the way to the top.  It does not go all the way to the sides or all the way to the floor.  The car Pet Net’s sole purpose is to keep your dog from flying forward into the front seats in the event of a car accident.

The standard car Pet Net is for cars while the large car Pet Net is for SUVs.

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April 30, 2011


The Pet Net car barrier has become one of our most popular items.  We have received more testimonials on this product than on any other product.  Check out what these people have to say about the Pet Net car barrier:

“I love this product!” from Michelle in Seattle
I love this product! It’s easy to hook up and unhook if you don’t want it up, unlike all the other pet barriers. There are no bars or fussy gadgets, just loop and hook to wherever! It’s flexible for any car, truck, SUV, and any pet large or small because you can hook it as high or low to anything….I’m at peace now when I leave my 2 big dogs in the car (I have a Ford Explorer) No hair on the seats, it’s lovely in everyway. I also received it 4 days earlier than my “expected time of delivery”!!! When does that ever happen?!? The best thing about this company is the care & detail of my shipment & order from the owner herself. Quick, responsive, and the very best customer service I HAVE EVER HAD! I highly recommend this product AND company 🙂

“The VERY BEST Vehicle Pet Barrier EVER!” from Linda in Kansas
Look no further. This net is durable, easy, inexpensive, easy to hook anywhere and very easy to remove, you just unhook! There are no fussy bars that move, bend, break, or are a hassle to remove out of the car.  Easier than moving a kennel in and out. I can’t say enough about this product. But the most wonderful part of The Pet Net is the best customer service! In a day and age where great customer service is on the decline, the owner included a thank you, and a personal business card with my receipt and order. It came 4 days before I was expecting it too! I have the larger net for my dogs but it also comes in a smaller size. THE BEST! THANK YOU!

From Mary Beth in VA
Just wanted to let you know how much we and our dogs LOVE the Pet Net!  It was a great success on our recent road trip.  It was so easy to install, and it freed up a lot of room in the back of our minivan, unlike our previous metal pole pet barrier which took up a lot of floor space.   It also allowed for much clearer visibility when driving; the other barriers sometimes produced unsafe blind spots.  I think because the Pet Net is so lightweight and unobtrusive, the dogs didn’t feel as if they were cut off from us, and yet they still respected the Net.  Thanks again for such a great product! Dexter and Lena give your net 4 paws up!!!

There are two sizes of the Pet Net car barrier – Standard and Large.

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March 1, 2011


If your dog rides in the car without a restraint of some kind, what do you think will happen to him if you get in a car accident?  Depending on the severity of the wreck, he could be seriously injured or even killed.  But that is not the only danger.  Here is a list of some other things which could happen:

  • Your dog could become a flying projectile and hit other passengers in the car.  Again, depending on the seriousness of the accident, this could lead to anything form minor injuries to death.  If a box of Kleenex turned projectile can kill a person, imagine what a dog could do.
  • Your dog could fly through windshield of the car.  If this doesn’t seriously injure or kill him, he will be so traumatized by the accident that he will try to run.  He could run into traffic and get hit by a car, or he could run for miles and miles and get lost.
  • Your dog could escape out of a broken window.  After a car accident, your dog’s most likely instinct will be to run.  And if there is a broken window, he may try to get out.  Like above, he could then get killed by getting hit by a car or by running away and getting lost.
  • At the very least, your dog could develop a fear for riding in the car.  Your dog may have once loved riding in the car but after a traumatic incident in the car, he may never want to ride again.

So keep your dog safe when he rides in the car with some sort of pet auto safety device.  Have him wear a dog seat belt or put him in a crate and strap the crate into the car.  Another restraint method, which isn’t quite as effective but is better than nothing, is a pet car barrier.

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car barrier for dog 

Are you considering the purchase of a metal pet car barrier?  If so, it is very important that you consider all features before you buy.  A metal pet car barrier is expensive and would be a huge hassle to return.  Here are three important things to consider before you purchase a metal pet car barrier:

Dog Safety
The metal pet car barrier is pressure mounted into your vehicle.  What is pressure mounted?  It means that the barrier stays in place with pressure.  It is not screwed or glued in.  Although not permanently installed, the pressure mounting of a metal pet car barrier is very strong.  The manufacturer stands by its durability and says it will not slip out of place, even if force is applied.  This means that your dog is confined to the back of the vehicle, even in the event of a car accident.

Size and Determination of Your Dog
If you have a big dog, the space between the bars may not be too much of a concern.  However, if you have a small or medium-sized dog a metal pet car barrier, such as the Euro-Bar or T-Flex pet car barrier, may not keep your dog in the back as intended.  Also consider your dog’s temperament.  Will he try to climb through the pet car barrier?  Even if he is a big dog and won’t fit, this can still be an issue.

Size of Your Vehicle
The metal pet car barrier comes in various sizes.  But the manufacturer has not determined which pet car barrier will fit which type of vehicle.  There are hundreds of different types of vehicles and new models coming out every year.  So the only way to determine if a metal pet car barrier will fit your car is if you measure the inside of your car and compare to the size range of the pet car barrier.  For the wire mesh pet car barrier, you will need to consider the wheel humps and the curvature of the ceiling as well.

What happens if you purchase the metal pet car barrier and find that your dog gets through or it won’t fit?  You can send it back to the manufacturer but not for a full refund.  The manufacturer charges a 15% restock fee and will not refund shipping.  If you have to send the pet car barrier back to the manufacturer, then you will need to make sure to include all the parts and package it well.  Because if it is damaged or parts are missing upon the return to the manufacturer, the manufacturer will not give any refund.

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January 30, 2011


You want to keep your dog safe when they travel in the car, but you’re not sure which pet travel products are best.  There are several things to consider when looking for the right pet auto safety device for you and your dog, and we can help.  Review the list below along with a short description.  Feel free to review our blog further for more detailed information on the various pet travel products.

Dog’s Temperament: 
*Prefers Confinement – A pet travel crate is a good pet auto safety method, but a pet travel crate which is strapped in is even safer.
*Hates Confinement – You can use a dog seat belt which has a long tether or keep your dog in the back with a pet auto barrier.
*Likes to Look Out the Window – For small dogs, this may be difficult.  Your small dog can be strapped into a pet booster seat.  For bigger dogs, use a dog seat belt rather than a pet travel crate.
*Likes to Relax – For a dog who likes to relax, use a dog seat belt with a short tether which is safer than one with a long tether – or have them ride in a pet travel crate.  You can also consider a pet booster seat for a smaller dog.

Level of safety:  The safest pet auto safety methods are the dog seat belt or pet travel crates which are strapped in with a kennel restraint system.  Pet auto barriers are not as safe, although they do provide some level of protection in that they keep the dog from distracting the driver and they prevent the dog from getting thrown forward into the front in the event of a car accident.

What Kind of Vehicle and How Much Room:  Metal pet auto barriers are too big for a car.  However, there are canvas barriers and pet nets which are perfect for cars.  If you have a big dog, using a crate may not work, or if you have a big crate in the back of an SUV, you may have difficulty in strapping the crate in.  A dog seat belt will work in any vehicle with car seat belts.

Ease of Use:  Pet auto barriers may require installation.  A pet booster seat or pet travel crate may have some set up, but not as much as a pet auto barrier.  A dog seat belt has the lowest level of installation.  It may be difficult when you first put it on but once you get a hang of it, it is super easy.

Crate With Straps vs. Dog Seat Belt:  A study has not been done to see which method is safer.  However, a dog seat belt is safer than a crate which is not strapped in and a crate is safer than a dog seat belt which has a very long tether.  The shorter the tether on a dog seat belt, the safer it is for the dog.

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The pet net for cars is used to keep your dog in the back seat.  Keeping your dog in the back seat means that your dog won’t distract the driver and your dog will not fly forward in the front seats in the event of a car accident.  There are many pet net brands for cars, but two stand out as the best – The Pet Net Brand and Hatchbag Pet Net.  While both provide the same protection for your dog, both differ in size, price, and installation.

Size Comparison of The Pet Net Brand and Hatchbag Pet Net
The Pet Net Brand comes in two sizes – standard for cars and large for SUVs  The Hatchbag Pet Net for cars, however, has five different sizes and are more customized to fit your vehicle.  The Pet Net for cars will block above the seats almost to the ceiling and the center between seats.  It does not block the sides, very top, or very bottom.  If your dog doesn’t try to climb over, under, or on the sides, then this pet net will work perfectly.  However, if you have a more persistent dog, the Hatchbag Pet Net offers more coverage.  The gap on the top, bottom, and sides is much smaller – about an inch or two.

Price Comparison of The Pet Net Brand and Hatchbag Pet Net
The Pet Net for cars is currently priced at $29.99 for the standard and $39.99 for the large.  The Hatchbag Pet Net is currently priced at $74.99 for all five sizes.  Why the price difference?  That is something you would need to ask the manufacturers.  Both pet net brands are made of strong and durable material and are safe to use.  Other than sizing and installation differences, we see no differences in the quality.

Installation Comparison of The Pet Net Brand and Hatchbag Pet Net
The Pet Net for cars has a bungee attachment system which is super easy to use.  It also makes it easy to remove and place back in without any hassle.  The Hatchbag Pet Net for cars uses a dual lock fastener system.  This system uses barrel locks and non-permanent adhesive backing which you stick onto the interior molding of your car.  The adhesives are super strong and can only be removed with adhesive remover.  The adhesives and adhesive remover will not damage the interior of your car.  While the adhesives stay, the Hatchbag Pet Net barrel locks allow for easy placement and removal of the pet net.  Sounds complicated but it is easy to use than it is to describe.

Protect your dog with a pet net for cars.  Whether you choose The Pet Net Brand or Hatchbag Pet Net, you can be assured that your dog is safe.  If you get into a car accident, your dog will not fly forward and hit the front passengers, or fly forward and out the front windshield.  The pet net for cars is not the ultimate safety method but it is a good alternative for dogs who won’t wear their dog seat belt or won’t tolerate being confined in a pet travel crate.

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November 21, 2010


“My dog just won’t tolerate a dog seat belt.”  That is what we hear from people all the time.  Most people think a dog wearing a seat belt is a great idea – just not for their dog.  We agree that it can be very difficult to get a dog used to wearing a dog seat belt.  So while you may or may not be working with your dog to get him used to the idea of wearing a dog seat belt, we have an alternative.

The Front Seat Pet Car Barrier made by Outward Hound is perfect for keeping your small to medium-sized dog in the back seat.  It is easy to use and a very inexpensive alternative to other pet car barrier products.

The Front Seat Pet Car Barrier by Outward Hound is attached using long nylon straps.  Simply unclip the straps.  Then wrap the top half shorter straps around the headrests of your front seats and the bottom half longer straps around the bottom of the front seats.  Lastly, tighten the straps for a snug fit.

*Please note, the Front Seat Pet Car Barrier by Outward Hound may not be enough to keep a big dog in the back seat.

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November 15, 2010


We here at Pet Auto have found the most fantastic pet net for cars – The Pet Net.  In the past, we have sold the Hatchbag pet net for cars and SUVs.  While this product is great, the new pet net for cars is even better.  Not only does The Pet Net have the same high quality as the Hatchbag pet net for cars, but it is also easier to use and less expensive.  And now, no more confusing sizes to deal with!

The Pet Net comes in only two sizes – Standard and Large.  The Pet Net standard size will fit most cars and small trucks while the large is better for large trucks, SUVs, and minivans.  The Pet Net for cars attach with an easy-to-use bungee system as pictured below.



This pet net for cars also has some great testimonials.  Although it is safer for your dog to wear a dog seat belt or be crated, some dogs simply won’t tolerate it.  One person says, “I tried the car harness for my golden retriever and she was just miserable! I’m so happy I found The Pet Net. I love that I can get it on and off in a snap and that it’s so easy to store.”

Another person who had trouble with the metal barriers says, “I wanted something to keep my lab in the backseat after he nearly caused me to run off the road. I really didn’t want a metal barrier because I’ve heard they rattle. The Pet Net was so easy to install in my Explorer I couldn’t believe it, and no rattling!”

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November 3, 2010


We here at Pet Auto don’t just sell pet auto safety supplies, we use them too.  In fact, Sephi has worn a dog car seatbelt ever since she was a puppy.  That was nine years ago and Pet Auto has only been around for four years.

Sephi is the reason I started this business.  Maya is the reason why I keep doing it.  Without their safety harnesses, traveling with them would be a hassle and potentially dangerous for both them and me.

But I don’t just have them use a dog car seatbelt.  Since starting Pet Auto, I have found lots of great pet auto safety travel supplies.  One thing which I love is the Extend-A-Seat.  The Extend-A-Seat covers the floor of the car so that Sephi and Maya have more room to move around.  We have gone to Texas and back a few times and having more room really makes the long trip more comfortable.  I wish I could have that much extra space!

I also really like the pet window barriers.  The Breeze Guard pet window barriers are great for letting in fresh air without allowing my dogs to stick their heads out the window.  The Breeze Guard pet window barriers keep my dogs from being hurt by flying debris and they prevent my dogs from being able to jump out or fall out of the window.

The dog car seat cover is also a blessing.  Maya loves to get wet at the dog park but the last thing I want is a wet dog getting the seats of my car soak and wet.  Without the dog car seat cover, that wet dog smell would be absorbed into the seat cushions forever.  The dog car seat cover also keeps mud and dog hair off my seat cushions.

Does your dog ride in the car?  If so, do you have any pet travel supplies in your car?  What works best for your dog when he travels in the car?

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car barrier for dog

At Pet Auto, we have a lot of great metal pet auto barriers for hatch back cars, SUVs, and mini vans.  These pet auto barriers are durable and sturdy.  And they are great for keeping your dog in the back area away from the driver.  This is also safe for you if you are in a car accident because your dog won’t become a lethal projectile.

But there could be one issue with these pet auto barriers.  Because the pet auto barriers are set up using a pressure system, there is a small possibility that the pet auto barriers could slip out of place.  Check out our September 4, 2010 post titled, Advantages and Disadvantages on the Euro Bar and T-Flex Pet Car Barrier.

Most of the time, the slipping is not an issue.  In fact, we have never had a complaint about one slipping until recently.  And it wasn’t really a complaint so much as a solution to the slipping problem.  Check out this comment from our customer, Joyce, who ordered one of the Euro 6-Bar pet auto barriers.

“The installation as we did it (following the instructions) seemed to slip on the carpeting of the back-seat-down type situation. OK. We are inventive people. What we did was just get a 2″ x 6″ board, carved out a circular hole fitting the lower cup dimension about 1/4″ deep, and reinstalled the barrier. Good. Doesn’t slide on the carpeting any more. Just this last weekend, I and the 90# shepherd had a 4-hour ride (twice), and although he leaned against the barrier it did not slip. It seems to work well. But keep our “invention” in mind in case you have other customers with the same problem. Perhaps that solution would help them, too.”

This is a great solution!  However, not all customers will have the means to carve a circular hole into a board.  So if you have carpeting which you think might be slippery, consider all types of pet auto barriers before buying.  If one of the Euro Bar or T-Flex pet auto barriers is the best solution for your dog, understand that if it is slipping, you may end up either returning the item or you may need to implement Joyce’s solution.  If you don’t have a way to carve a hole, a hardware store may be able to do it.

Thanks, Joyce, for the very helpful information!  J

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