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Wire Mesh Pet Car Barrier

A pet car barrier to keep your dog from distracting the driver.

Traveling in a pet crate or dog seat belt would be safer for your best friend. But some dogs just don’t like riding in them. We advise training them to get used to it, but we understand that is not always so easy. And sometimes you just need a short term solution until you can get them used to it. That’s where a dog car gate can come in handy.

The best safety feature of pet car barriers is that they can help keep your dog from being a distraction to the driver. Your dog can no longer stand on the center console. And a dog car gate will deter your dog from trying to climb over and into your lap.

Pet car barriers may provide some protection in a car accident. With a dog car gate in place, your dog won’t fly to the front seat and hit you or crash into the windshield.

Metal Dog Car Barrier

A metal dog car barrier.

We have three different kinds of pet car barriers. There is a metal dog car gate. This tends to have the most coverage, but they are installed with pressure mounts which may leave indentations on the ceiling and floor. Small dogs may be able to get through the bar gates. And the wire mesh gate is not a universal fit so there may still be some gaps for your dog to go through on the sides.

The Pet Net Brand Car Barrier

The Pet Net Brand car barrier.

The next type of divider we have is called The Pet Net Brand. It is durable yet flexible, which means if your dog flies forward into it, the pet net will absorb some of the impact. But this divider does not go all the way to the top or the sides. So a determined dog might be able to climb over it or find a way over on the sides.

Maya Behind Outward Hound Pet Car Barrier

My Maya behind the Outward Hound pet car barrier.

The third type of divider is the cloth dividers. This is the simplest, and oftentimes the least expensive, of the pet car barriers to install. They only cover the center console area, though. So a determined dog can climb over it, just like with the pet nets.

If your dog doesn’t like riding in the pet crate or hates wearing a dog seat belt, consider one of the three different kinds of pet car barriers. A metal dog car gate generally works best in SUVs while the pet net and cloth dividers will work in both cars and SUVs. The metal ones generally work best for larger dogs while the net and cloth ones are better at keeping smaller dogs in the back seat. Take the size and the temperament of your best friend into account. Think about which product would work best for your vehicle. And, as always, have happy and safe travels.

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February 4, 2012


Customers have great things to say about the Pet Net Brand Safety Car Barrier. Check out their reviews below:

“Ready for the Road” from Jill B. in New York
The perfect product for us and for our new VW Sportwagon. Our dog is able to see through the net and doesn’t feel the need to crawl over. Since we leave it in place, other passengers appreciate the open feel and don’t feel like they’re in the doghouse!

“Traveling Safer…Love the Pet Net!,” from Jaline in Massachusettes
I love, love, love Pet Net! I have an Expedition EL and it is plenty big enough. I have it directly behind the driver/passenger seats, hooked around the handles in the 2nd row. I keep it a bit low so I don’t see it in the mirror, but it’s still enough to keep my two black labs from coming into the front seat. I like that when I need to remove it to accommodate human passengers it’s easy to remove and store! It’s nice not to have a bulky metal gate to deal with….and if I do have to brake quickly, my dogs don’t slam into a metal frame. Also, the Net was shipped and arrived quickly. The Net comes in a mesh bag and all bungees are included. Highly recommended!!!

The Pet Net Brand Safety Car Barrier comes in a standard size which works great in cars and the large size Pet Net Brand Safety Car Barrier which works in both cars and SUVs.

If you have used a pet travel product, feel free to share your review. You can post a comment on this blog post or send your reviews to It doesn’t have to be a pet travel product that you purchased from our website.

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January 16, 2012

We just posted about one of our new pet car travel products, the Auto Zip Line from Kurgo. But this isn’t the only one of our new pet car travel products. We have several. Keep checking us out for more reviews on pet travel products such as the Backseat Bridge from Kurgo, the Car Door Guards from Kurgo, replacement tethers from Bergan for just about any dog car harness brand, and the AngelGuard seat belt protector.

For years I used the Extend-A-Seat from Outward Hound. But after an incident with my new dog Pierson who got a severe bloody nose, I decided to replace it with the Backseat Bridge from Kurgo. It is a bit more expensive but it is well worth it. It is much stronger and does a much better job of acting as a barrier between seats. It also has those nice flaps against the seat so that my dog doesn’t accidentally step in the space between the bridge and the seat. I just added the Car Door Guards as well (not yet added in photo of my car above). It is the same khaki color as the Backseat Bridge and goes perfectly with my new car interior. I have not yet decided if I am going to use the Auto Zip Line. The Auto Zip Line gives more freedom for my dogs to move around, but that could be harmful in the event of an emergency car maneuver. The Auto Zip Line from Kurgo is great for dogs who MUST move around in the car or they will be anxious. I also don’t use the AngelGuard. It is not needed for the Bergan or PetBuckle dog car harness brands. And it won’t work with the Guardian Gear or Cruising Companion dog car harness brands. The AngelGuard is only helpful for dog car harness brands like the Tru-Fit Smart dog car harness which uses the entire seat belt system of the car to restrain your dog.

Visit us again for more information on these great pet car travel products, new to Pet Auto in 2012!

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New Bergan Pet Travel Barrier

Author: MayaAndPierson
November 12, 2011


As you may have learned from our previous posts, we have a new dog car harness from Bergan. But did you know that we also have a new pet travel barrier from Bergan? It is like our Backseat Pet Travel Barrier from Outward Hound in that it covers the area between the seats. Like the Backseat Pet Travel Barrier it goes as high as the shoulders of the seat and as low as the bottom of the seats. This keeps small, medium, and sometimes even large dogs from climbing over the console to the front seats.

The Bergan Pet Travel Barrier is like the Front Seat Pet Travel Barrier from Kurgo in that it has a netted view window so that the dog can still see in the front seat. However, the Bergan Pet Travel Barrier does not go as high as the Kurgo pet travel barrier which goes as high as the top of the seat headrests.

The Bergan Pet Travel Barrier is easy to install and secure. It is made from a dual layer of 600D polyester which is very durable. The netted section of the Bergan Pet Travel Barrier not only allows your dog to see the front, it also promotes circulation between the front and back seats. In extreme cold or extreme hot situations, the circulation of cool or hot air will make a big difference for your dog.

Reduce driver distractions by keeping your dog in the back seat. The Bergan Pet Travel Barrier can help you do this. Please note that some large dogs may try to circumvent the pet travel barrier.

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September 28, 2011

Sadie behind the BreezeGuard Window Screen.

Visit other great dog blogs for the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop:

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September 24, 2011


Distractions cause over a million car accidents each year. These distractions include anything from talking on the cell phone, grooming, tending to a baby, and pet distractions. Keeping a dog in the back seat is an important pet auto safety feature which helps reduce the distraction a pet could cause. The Outward Hound Pet Car Barrier is the simplest way to achieve this.

The Outward Hound Pet Car Barrier is a piece of sturdy canvas which attaches easily by wrapping around the headrests of the front seats and around the bottom half of the front seats. Once attached, the canvas part of the pet car barrier blocks the center console area. This keeps most dogs from being able to put their head between the seats, from standing on the center console, and from jumping into the front seat.

Notice that we said ‘most dogs’. As you can see from the photo above, the Outward Hound Pet Car Barrier is only as high as the seats of your car. It does not go all the way to the ceiling so some dogs may try to jump over it. Therefore, the Outward Hound Pet Car Barrier works best for small to medium sized dogs. It can work for large dogs too if your large dog is not inclined to try to jump over it. If my dog Maya (the dog photographed above) was not wearing her dog car harness, she would probably try to jump it.

The Outward Hound Pet Car Barrier could help protect your dog in the event of a car accident. For small to medium sized dogs, your dog is not as likely to get thrown through the windshield in a front end car accident. But since the Outward Hound Pet Car Barrier does not go all the way to the ceiling, this is still a possibility. While other pet auto safety products exist for protecting your dog, the Outward Hound Pet Car barrier is relatively inexpensive and it is easy to use. Just remember that while it may be effective in keeping your dog from being a distraction, it does not provide the same safety as a dog car harness, pet car seat, or secured pet crate.

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August 14, 2011

GMI PetShield Standard Mesh Travel Barrier 

Since most manufacturers of the pet car barrier do not state which barriers fit into which vehicles, finding the right metal pet car barrier for your can be difficult.  This is true for the manufacturer who provides the metal pet car barrier products on our website, Pet Auto

If you are not sure if the metal pet car barrier products on Pet Auto are right for you, we welcome you to check out other pet car barrier products on other sites. has a selection of pet car barrier products from various manufacturers.  You can visit our a-Store for more metal pet car barrier products to choose from.

* Always be sure to measure the inside of your vehicle to make sure that the pet car barrier you want to purchase will fit within those dimensions.

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August 4, 2011


Many people like to take their pets with them when they travel.  But what will you do with your dog when you have to go inside a building, such as a grocery store, where he does not belong?  You may have to leave him in the car.

Leaving a dog along in the car is unsafe for two major reasons.  First, the car heats up quickly even if it is not hot outside and the windows are down.  Second, someone could steal your dog.  When people see our Breeze Guard Window Screens, they hope that they have found the solution to these two major problems.  However, this is a common misconception.

Here is a good question often asked by our customers for the Breeze Guard Window Screens:
“The two top fitting around the door frame on the outside looks like cloth… Is it safe to leave valuables in the car? (Like my dog) …can’t they just cut the straps?”

Our reply:
“Thank you for contacting us regarding the Breeze Guard Window Screens. The pieces fitting around the door frame are strong velcro-like pieces. They are much more durable than regular velcro. Someone could cut the straps but it wouldn’t be any more difficult or easier than jimmying the car open or breaking a window. Non-professional criminals are looking for an easy-in such as an unlocked door while more professional criminals have the same tools for unlocking car doors as tow truck drivers or lock smiths. Because of these criminals it is never safe to leave your valuables, especially your pet, in the car.

“The Breeze Guard Window Screens are not intended to be theft guards. They are intended to keep your dog from putting his head out of the window and getting hit by flying road debris, from jumping out the window while the car is in motion, or from accidentally getting tossed out the window in the event of a car accident or emergency car maneuver.

“We hope this information has been helpful.  Thank you for considering us for your pet auto safety needs.  Please let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns.”

Another thing we could have replied to this customer was that even with the Breeze Guard Window Screens, the car can still get very hot inside.  Leaving the windows down in your car can alleviate the heat a little bit, but it is no substitute for air conditioning or a nice fast breeze coming through an open window when the car is in motion.

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The Hyper Dog
The hyper dog generally loves to ride in the car.  He wants to be everywhere at once.  This is how my dog Maya is in the car.  For her, I have her wear a dog seatbelt.  Her dog seatbelt has the strap extended so that she has some mobility.  The strap isn’t long enough to allow her to get in the front seat, but it is long enough for her to reach one of the windows.  I also have the Extend-A-Seat to cover the floor so that she has more room to move around and there is no danger of her getting thrown onto the floor in a sudden stop.

For the hyper dog you can also try a pet car barrier.  As stressed in the previous post, be careful because a determined dog may be able to circumvent a pet car barrier.

You may also be able to help a hyper dog by not just taking him to fun places like the dog park, but also taking him to boring places like the bank drive through.  Or just drive around the block and come back home.  Perhaps if your dog isn’t always going somewhere fun when he is in the car, he may become desensitized by car rides.  A good example of how desensitization works would be if you got out your dog’s leash often throughout the day but didn’t take him for a walk.  He would eventually realize that the leash does not mean getting to go for a walk.

Pet travel safety is important.  But so is your dog’s comfort.  Working with your dog by helping him be desensitized to car rides or helping him not be so anxious in the car can provide him with both comfort and safety.  Pet travel safety is provided by your dog not being a distraction to the driver.  A dog seatbelt, a car seat for dogs, or a pet car barrier can also help with both comfort and safety.

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Separation Anxiety
When I a say separation anxiety, I am not talking about the dog who gets nervous when you leave him alone in the car.  Don’t leave your dog in the car unattended.  By separation anxiety in the car, I am talking about the dog who insists on trying to get in the front seat while you’re driving.  He may even try to get in your lap.  This is a dangerous distraction.

You can try the dog seatbelt to keep him in place.  Work with your dog wearing the dog seatbelt at home first so that he doesn’t try to chew it off.  He can wear his harness around the house under your supervision.  Play with him while he is wearing it.  Take him for walks in it.  This way, by the time he gets in the car with it, he may not realize he has it on.  Take him for short rides at first just to make sure he doesn’t try to chew the strap which connects his dog seatbelt to the car.

You can also consider a pet car barrier.  Depending on the size of your dog and your car, you can use the smaller canvas pet car barrier called the Front Seat Barrier by Outward Hound, or you can use the larger more extensive pet car barrier like the T-Flex pet car barrier or the Hatchbag Pet Net.  Be careful because a determined dog may be able to circumvent these devices.

You may also be able to help a dog with separation anxiety by having someone sit in the back seat with him.  Or try giving him his favorite toys or something familiar like his dog bed.  Be careful about giving him toys he can chew apart.  Trying to seat something in a moving vehicle is probably not a good idea for a dog.  You wouldn’t want him to choke on something if you have to make a sudden stop or turn.

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