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Author: MayaAndPierson
April 24, 2012

Ask our #DogTravelAdvisor any questions you have about pet travel safety.
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Me & My Pets
My name is Dawn Ross. I am the primary owner of and (owned under Nature by Dawn LLC (formally Inc.)). And I love animals… especially dogs. I grew up with dogs and have always had at least one in my life. Some special dogs you may see me blog about are Cassie, Smokey, Huckleberry, Becky Anne, Achilles, Sephi, Maya, & Pierson. Cassie was my childhood friend and has since passed on. Smokey, Huckleberry, Becky Anne, and Achilles were my dogs in my 20’s-30’s. They have also passed on. Sephi passed away recently in November 2011. I still have my yellow Labrador Retriever Maya who I adopted in 2007. And Pierson is a new addition as of January 2012. Pierson, an Australian Shepherd mix, has an interesting dog rescue story. Read about it on our AmericanDogBlog.

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My Experience with Animals
Not only have I always had dogs, but I’ve also worked with them. I’ve worked at an animal shelter, a veterinary clinic, boarding kennel and I am a certified dog trainer with the Animal Behavior College. I have also fostered dogs, volunteered at animal shelters, and volunteered for a wildlife rescue organization.

How Pet Auto Safety Began
At some point, I got caught up in the corporate world and away from animals. It was okay, it helped pay the bills, but I really wanted to do something I loved. I am an amateur artist and love to draw/paint wild and domestic animals as well as nature scenery. I thought, wouldn’t it be great if I had a website for my artwork? So was born. Building a website was so fun I considered building more sites, sites built around my passion for dogs. One idea started years ago when I had Smokey, Becky Anne, and Achilles. Taking the three of them in the car anywhere was a challenge. So I bought them dog seat belts. Since it was difficult to find such a product, I thought a website called would be perfect. was established in 2006.

What Pet Auto Safety Offers has a number of pet travel safety products including dog seat belts, pet car seats, pet car barriers, and more. It also has a number of pet travel accessories such as pet car seat covers and travel water bowls. There are four things which make Pet Auto Safety different than other pet supply stores:

1. Pet Auto Safety specializes in pet car travel.
2. Pet Auto Safety offers a variety of products and brands. This way you can compare and choose which product is best for you and your pet.
3. Since we are a small company, you can count on us for quality customer service. No annoying automated phone services, quick callback if our phone line is busy, email replies within 24 hours, and knowledgeable employees who also have pets and can share their experience with the products.
4. Pet Auto Safety has this blog (established in 2008), which provides lots of helpful information on pet travel products, pet travel in general, pet training tips, and lots of fun pet stuff.

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Persephone (Sephi) and Dawn